Happy Monday, friends!  I hope this post finds you with a cup of coffee in one hand and donut in your mouth.  And not the healthy kind of whole wheat/agave sweetened/”ohmygoshthistastesJUSTlikearealdonut”-kind of donut.  But a real one.

Because life is too flippin’ short.

Just ask Susan.

I had the great privilege of MEETING and HUGGING Susan this past May at Blend, but I felt like I had known her for much longer.  Some of you might remember when last Summer, Janetha held an online fundraiser for Susan, called the “Great Fundraising Act.”  (Susan’s blog used to be called, “The Great Balancing Act.”  She stopped blogging a few months ago but is back at it again with her new blog, “Air Heart.”)

As you’ll read below, last year, Susan was diagnosed with Lymphoma and with her medical bills skyrocketing, Janetha and a TON of other bloggers stepped in to help.  I remember reading about it and LOVING this idea of a community coming together to help someone out – isn’t that what we are called to do!?! 

The live auction opened on July 25th, 2011.  I remember bidding on and winning some Picky Bars (donated by HEAB) and some homemade deodorant (donated by Allie).  Bloggers and readers alike bid on all sorts of stuff (go here for the list).  When it was all said and done, Susan was afforded $30,000 to put towards her medical bills.


That’s huge.  I was so honored to be a part.  Shortly after that auction, I started Lindsay’s List.

And now, over a year later, I’ll have another chance to help Susan.  And you can too.  Read below!


Hi List Lovers!  I’m Susie from Air Heart and I’m hosting an online auction from Nov. 14 to Nov. 16 on my blog.  All proceeds will go towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma society.

me n buster

I am almost one year into remission from lymphoma myself and am running a half marathon in Scotland to raise $6000 for this charity.  It is a ridiculously challenging undertaking for so soon out of treatment, but incredibly important to.  Here are some stats, in list form:

1. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is considered to be an integral supporter and funder of blood cancer research.

LLS canada_H 2c

2. The mortality rate for blood cancers is improving, due in part to the discovery of drugs that LLS helped fund, such as Gleevac and Rituxan.

3. Blood cancer research is paving the way for other cancer research, including one LLS-funded drug being approved for use with solid tumors.

4. Some LLS-funded research is also being used to help with other blood diseases, such as AIDS.

5. If it wasn’t for the advances in blood cancer research over the last decades, I would not be alive today.

I know there are a lot of causes out there to support, but anyone who has been affected by cancer will tell you that treatment and detection NEEDS to get better. Cancer is slowly turning into an epidemic. I myself was a completely healthy 25-year-old when the doctors found a grapefruit-sized mass in my chest.


Plus! You get nifty items in time for Christmas. Come check out the auction and thank you!


I hope you’ll all join me at the auction!!  Travis has about 20 million brothers and sisters to buy Christmas presents for, so I know I’ll find something.  Plus, I’m sure you’ll have your pick of those too-good-for-words cardboard donuts if you look around.  Love you, Susan!!

QUESTION:  Does anyone you know have/had cancer??


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  1. LOVE HER!!!! Susan’s got such a bright soul.

    I’m absolutely checking it out…and man…I shared the fund raiser on my site (and FB) and it STILL holds the title number one post to bring hits. Can you believe that? She’s certainly loved.

  2. What an awesome idea! I love this!!! Such an awesome community to raise that much for her the first time! What a survivor she is, and now doing her part to give back! Sounds like an amazing lady! Will definitely be checking out the auction! Hope I can help out in someway! Thanks for sharing the story Lindsay, I’ll be sure to try and help spread the word!