I recently paired up with Under Armour to help spread the word about their “What’s Beautiful” campaign.  Have you guys heard of this or seen some of the fun things UA is doing for women lately?  It’s pretty cool.

The What’s Beautiful Campaign:

Under Armour Women set out to redefine the female athlete by creating What’s Beautiful, a program that encourages women to share their fitness journeys and receive motivation, free gear, and support from Under Armour along the way.


Rooting for each other to set and obtain fitness goals?  I’m in!

This partnership got me thinking about what is beautiful in MY life/surroundings.  So I did a little pinning and thought I’d show you my new board – “#whatsbeautful” (you can follow it here or follow Under Armour’s board!)


I’ve really only JUST gotten started with the board….I think so many things are beautiful and beauty is really SO subjective – what one might dislike, another can thing is amazing.


I kind of love that about life – God made it so that so many things are beautiful.

Here’s what I’ve pinned so far…#WHATSBEAUTIFUL:



Dainty Tattoos….

Source: google.com via Lindsay on Pinterest













Source: fanpop.com via Lindsay on Pinterest







Source: google.com via Lindsay on Pinterest


Clara Kathleen….




Henry Cole….


Strong Women….


So that’s all I’ve got so far, but since pinning stuff feels so awesome, I’m sure that board will fill up in a flash.  Plus, you guys know I never give up.


The Under Armour What’s Beautiful community is growing by the minute!  I know that I’m getting involved because I want to give myself a little bit of incentive during these winter months!  As you know, I don’t have a problem staying committed to fitness – it’s actually quite opposite.  BUT, when it gets cold, I usually let my walks outside suffer.  I NEED these walks for my sanity and my kids love to get outside in the stroller.

So my goal is to keep walking during the Winter – I’ll just have to go mid-day instead of early morning.  Easy peasy.

Will you join me in this What’s Beautiful campaign??  The 10 women with the most epic journeys will win a trip to Florida to the Under Armour Women’s Camp Sweat where you will train with the best.  Go now to get started!


*Fitfluential LLC compensated me for this campaign with Under Armour.  All opinions on what is beautiful are mine – because seriously, who else would think that George Clooney is beautiful?!?!  Oh yeah….that’s right…every single person, ever.

QUESTION:  What’s beautiful in YOUR life?? 


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  1. Love all the pins…well, except…erm, I’m sorry, but you can keep George. #donthateme ;)

    But I WILL tell you there was a BEAUTIFUL specimen of a man in the weight room with me today at the gym! I seriously could NOT keep from staring…I was a bit embarrassed by my lack of restraint! I swear I almost reached out and touched his bicep once! #truestory LOL

  2. Soooo I’ve made this paleo cake like 4 times in 5 days. Sometimes for breakfast with a little greek yogurt and maple syrup on top. Sometime for dinner. Sometimes after dinner. Needless to say…I. Love. It.

  3. I love that you threw George in there haha. I love this idea!! There are so many beautiful things out there that we really need to appreciate. Love the board idea and I want to start immediately!!

  4. I made it on your beautiful list?! Um, I’m crazy flattered.

    I think “Lindsay’s Heart” should be on that list too. You are a beautiful person, my dear.

  5. oh woww I’m loving that board of yours!!! It’s filled with so much fun stuff~and something about fitness ads these days! They look so cool and classy that they make me want to jump in the picture :) ps: i’m sorrry! But I’m not a george clooney fan! don’t know why :P don’t kill me please haha.

  6. Would you believe I’ve met George Clooney? AND Mark Wahlberg? *SWOON* Met them when they were shooting “Perfect Storm”. Hehe.

    Your beautifuls would absolutely be my beautifuls, Linds. There’s so much joy in our children, our marriages, our “blends”…I wish people would learn to embrace the joy in those things when they’re finding they’re forgetting what’s beautiful about life. (I have a lot of negative nancies for friends recently…been trying to lift them up!)

    Great post, momma. I love it…as always.

  7. What a great campaign! I love it.

    What’s beautiful in my life? My husband. The inquisitive freshman in my Algebra class this year. My parent’s new puppy. Time spent relaxing and enjoying life with friends. And Colorado. Of course.

  8. So much is beautiful. SO much. Pumpkin Spice Coffee in the morning. Cards from kids that say I’m the best teacher ever. Moments of laughter with my roommate. Apples. T-Shirt + Jeans weather. A feel-good run. Being ABLE to run.

    Shall I keep going?

  9. I love all of your “beautifuls.” Well, except for one… boo Tim Tebow! Sorry, I’m a Gator-hater. ;)

    Seriously, good call on the mini tatts, the blends (hooray for Blend 2013!!!), and strong women (and everything else).

    Now I have “I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty” stuck in my head…

  10. Maybe this is the motivation I’ve needed as my workouts have fallen way off lately – pinning it!!

    Today especially, God’s GRACE is most beautiful to me.

  11. We’ve had strong, athletic women since the 1800s-read about the first English Channel crosser or some of the early Olympians. I started a track/x-country team at my school before Title XI. Since then I have competed in over 100 tris, mare than a dozen marathons and a few Ultras and a dozen ocean/lake open water swims, plus many century rides. All while raising my family and working full-time as a speech pathologist for public schools. (still working) I don’t know why some women think the “athletic woman, exercising to be strong and competitive” is a new thing. It’s not. Maybe for you I guess.

  12. I LOVE the What’s Beautiful campaign! I joined when they first started it several months ago and sadly just fell off the bandwagon but got back on with this new campaign and I’m trying to go strong. It’s such a wonderful idea and that brings about a great community of women cheering for each other. I love it.