Oh, Track Star Saturdays….how I love thee.


You know you’ve got something good going on when people will wake up at 7:15 for you on a WEEKEND morning.


They don’t complain. 

They show up on time.

They show up consistently. 

And they look up to ME for motivation and instruction.

I love all of that. 


Most of all, I love having people around me who are willing to WORK.  My typical clientele at the gym are 60 year old women who want to lose weight.  While I LOVE those women, they can’t do all of the things that I love to teach. 

But my Saturday Track Stars…..they’ll do anything asked of them, and then some! 


The “then some.”

Since you guys probably live way too far away to join us (anybody within a 2 hour drive better come!), I thought I’d share some of the workouts we’ve been doing so far.  Feel free to pin these, use them for yourself or start up a Track Star group in your own hometown! 

It’s just too good not to keep pushing one another!!  Engaging others to become a better, fitter version of themselves?  YES.  Let’s do that.


These workouts are FREE to anyone who wants to come!  I think this one was the second one we did.  I was honestly surprised that anyone came – but I’m so glad they did!



Most of these workouts take, on average, 40 minutes to perform.  But this particular one took us what seemed like FOREVER.  A goodie for sure!



It rained one Saturday, so we moved the show from the track to my gym.  Combined these two workouts, minus the 20 minute run.



And here’s the one we did two days ago….the “Baton Pass”…You’ll need at least FIVE people.  If you have more, just double up at some of the 100m. marks.  It seems complicated, but it’s not.  It’s just puketastic.


I’ll keep organizing this event as long as people show interest.  It’s so much fun to exercise.  Even better when you do it with other STRONG WOMEN!029

**Don’t forget to have your Tuesday Trainer submissions to me by 8pm EST tonight!!  Yoga/Stretching!**

QUESTION:  Have you ever done a track workout?  What’s your favorite body-weight exercise?


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  1. During my 5 1/2 mile run yesterday, I ran past my old high school track and it made me think of your track star workouts. Sadly, they lock up the high school track but if I choose to run 1 1/2 miles away, I can use the middle school track. ;)

  2. Awesome! Great track workouts, thanks I’ll have to one of them out!

    A really fun movement to do on tracks in groups (I’m an instructor for an outdoor boot camp in Orlando) are INDIAN RUNS! Basically runners line up single file and run one in front of the other at a consistent pace and the last in line steps out and sprints up to front of group and becomes leader, then you just keep running like that for however many laps around the track. Works great to push a big group, and if it’s too big you can break them up into “teams” and make it competitive.

    Favorite body weight exercises definitely have to be squats (all different kinds! I like mixing it up sometimes and throwing a calf raise with a squat or doing plie squats, etc) and lunges. LOVE them. And they get the job done, which I love.

  3. Michelle and I used to do track workouts a lot during high school. our volleyball coach loved doing workouts out there, and I remember them being killer but also helped get me in bette shape ;)

  4. I absolutely LOVED the one that I did last week — your first track-star workout. I’m eyeing the second one for tomorrow … looking forward to it!! (As long as it’s not too cold/frosty, in which case I might save it for another morning and just go for a middle-distance run. We’ll see, but I have my fingers crossed for the track!)
    These are actually SO great, Linds! I just wish I lived closer so I could join in!!

  5. i love track workouts! I used to do them all the time with my bootcamp/run club. Ahh, good days. You’ve got one good looking crew! Bring them to BLEND!