I’m incredibly thankful for all of the comments from yesterday.  You guys made me AGAIN remember why I love blogging so much – it’s the people!

So yesterday was serious….today, I’m putting on a little fashion show.

That’s right – we’re talking CLOTHES!!!  Workout clothes to be precise!

I recently paired up with a company called Palm Beach Athletic Wear to review some of their clothes.  If you’ve seen me in real life, you know I LIVE in workout attire (and if you’ve seen me in real life, those workout clothes are usually drenched in sweat – I apologize.  I also apologize if you’ve seen me in Bilo snagging all of the free samples.  Specifically, if I ran past you to snag the last one.  My elbows are bonier than they appear .).

I own other clothes, but they never get worn.  In fact, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans before going to Fitbloggin’ – I’m pretty sure skinny jeans have been in style for like 3 years now.  (I catch these fashion waves on the downslope.) So when Fitfluential and Palm Beach Athletic Wear offered to send me an outfit OF MY CHOICE, I jumped up off the couch at the chance!

PBAW owner, Kristen, hand picks each and every outfit that is sold on her site.  She currently sells 13 different manufacturer’s designs – this way any shopper should find something that they like.

Upon browsing the site, I had a really hard time picking just one outfit.  There were some really cute (and fashion FORWARD) designs.  I was like a kid in a lycra candy shop.


Destinations Capri Outfit


Bluefish Kiwi Blouse


Funky Blue Yoga Bag


Pocket Sports Bra with Ethnic Green Shorts

Cute stuff, right?!?!

I ended up going with a Shoulder Ring Bra Top and the Miami Capri Pants, both from the Body Angel Activewear line.



(side story – I actually ordered a different outfit, but when it came, the pants were too long and top didn’t fit right on my long torso.  When I asked Kristen if I could send it back, she was AMAZING with the exchange – very kind and professional!  I can attest to PBAW’s claim to making customer service a priority – I certainly felt like a priority!)

Now for the “fashion show”!


The whole ensemble.


Top- Front View


Top – Back View


The asymmetrical design is not something I would normally get (which is precisely why I chose it!), but I LOVE the way it fell on my back and shoulders!


The main reason that I picked the Miami Capri pants was this special heart design.


It actually matches perfectly with the top and again, is SO not me.  When I wore these pants to Bootcamp, I had like 5 people come up and compliment me on them!  Everybody loved the heart.


All in all, a very successful outfit!


Thank you, Kristen and Palm Beach Athletic Wear, for allowing me to feel a little trendier.  I need to remember that I’m not a grandma yet.

If only I could remember things.



**Kristen has offered to give away this super cute Yoga Hand Towel to one lucky reader!  Two ways to enter: comment below and tell me what your typical workout look consists of.  2nd entry – tweet the following:

Win a @PBAthleticWear #yoga hand towel today on @lindsays_list!!  http://wp.me/p1Mp21-3ge #giveaway #pbathleticwear

You can also receive 20% off your purchase AND FREE SHIPPING by using the code “LLIST20” upon checking out at the Palm Beach Athletic Wear store!  Go shop!**


*I received this outfit free of charge from PBAW.  All opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. I usually like to wear a long sleeve tee and capri pants (with compression socks of course) when I run. I never get too hot, but I do love to wear tanks too!

  2. You know what my typical workout looks like. The same in all of my videos and blog photos!
    Lulu Power Y Tank and either Wunder unders or Groove Crops.
    Think I need a change of clothes???

  3. Just found your blog today and I am really enjoying it! Super cute outfits! I am usually in a tshirt and running shorts. I twitted too:)

  4. My workout wardrobe is pretty sad: usually a race tee or a wife-beater tank with a pair of running shorts or mesh basketball shorts that I’ve had since the 8th grade (either they were really big on me then or I somehow haven’t grown at all since then? I’m going with the first assumption).

  5. Really cute top! My typical workout gear consists of running shorts or capris with a t-shirt or long sleeve. I need some tanks and colors….I’m so not stylish.

  6. My typical wardrobe attire could use a re-vamp. I usually sport 4 year old yoga capris or running shorts and a race T shirt. It’s the workout that counts, not the level of cuteness, right?

  7. I LOVE PBAW! Seriously their stuff is SO dang cute and functional. My workouts are only every power yoga and spinning so I’m a hige fan of capri leggings (um helloooo can I have the ones you posted? love. ) and a tank top. Plus a towel for the sweat haha.

  8. All of those clothes are so adorable! My typical workout look is cropped leggings (usually black) and a tank top and/or sports bra. Since I’m ALWAYS wearing workout clothes, I try and keep it cute by choosing fun colors or patterns.

  9. You look adorable! These clothes are so trendy! My workouts vary so drastically, but I like to walk on the treadmill at 15% incline while reading a book and finishing with some free weights or some yoga. Now that winter is creeping up, my “workout” will consist of snowboarding! :)

  10. I LOVE that top — so unexpected :) I like working out in cute clothes, it just makes me feel good!! But, my usual workout attire is a long tank top from Old Navy (I think I have them in EVERY color) and some capris — all my “cute workout clothes” (that acutally match) have been gifts

  11. I definitely don’t have any cute workout outfit–I just throw on a pair of shorts and a dry-fit tank or t-shirt! Especially when I’m at the gym at 5am during the week, I don’t worry too much about how I look since it takes all I have to just be awake and alert :)

  12. I almost always wear some sort of capris (unless it’s really cold and I wear pants) and then usually a running t-shirt that I’ve gotten from a race. I’m definitely not the best dressed in the gym. Oh well.

  13. oh, really cute stuff! i’ll have to check that store out. my typical workout gear? i love racerback tops and running shorts with good pockets. in the winter, i need running jackets that have little holes for your thumb in the sleeve!