Dear gosh.

I’ve found something on YouTube that NEEDS to be seen.  Actually, my sister alerted me to this fantastical channel.

Have you heard of, “Bad Lip Reading?”

I couldn’t find a lot of info on the people behind BLR, but I’m imagining that they’re geeks like Travis.  Soo…..super hot.

I seriously could not stop laughing through these.  How do they do it?!?!

This shouldn’t really be enough content for a post, but maybe you need to laugh today. - Remember that one time that Lindsay did a whole post on silly videos from YouTube? Yeah. I stopped reading too.

Heck, I needed to laugh when I saw these, so I’m just doing my part in spreading some happiness.

Enjoy.  Laugh.  Lip Read.


Mitt Romney


More Mitt Romney (my favorite!)


Romney/Obama – Eye of the Sparrow




The Hunger Games


Happy Thursday, guys!  We’re almost to the weekend!

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QUESTION:  Your turn – give me links to any YouTube videos that I simply MUST see!!  GO!


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  1. OK. So I DID stop reading, but only because once I saw you had made your own quirky someecard, I remembered I had seen one once that I wanted to find again, and when I couldn’t find it initially I realized maybe someone else had made their own, too. So that led me to search AND FIND (!) the image of “When I see someone running faster than I am, I assume they aren’t running as far.” Which is what I say to myself because I am slow.

    The end.

    Thank you.

  2. Oh my gosh these are the greatest. I honestly don’t understand how they figure all these out and how they make that work? I wonder how much time it takes! Gosh knows it would take me years to do that in any way! Thanks for the cheer up this morning!

  3. oh man. these are the greatest.

    related: even though you’re super conservative and for romney, you might get a kick out of “mitt romney style”. It’s like Gangnam style, but with Mitt Romney … but some of the bad things people say about him (it’s clean though I think). It’s like “hey wealthy ladies …” and “hey, kissing babies …” :)

  4. Oh, Lindsay…thanks so much for this! I’m down the rabbit hole and these are hilarious!