Dear gosh.

I’ve found something on YouTube that NEEDS to be seen.  Actually, my sister alerted me to this fantastical channel.

Have you heard of, “Bad Lip Reading?”

I couldn’t find a lot of info on the people behind BLR, but I’m imagining that they’re geeks like Travis.  Soo…..super hot.

I seriously could not stop laughing through these.  How do they do it?!?!

This shouldn’t really be enough content for a post, but maybe you need to laugh today. - Remember that one time that Lindsay did a whole post on silly videos from YouTube? Yeah. I stopped reading too.

Heck, I needed to laugh when I saw these, so I’m just doing my part in spreading some happiness.

Enjoy.  Laugh.  Lip Read.


Mitt Romney


More Mitt Romney (my favorite!)


Romney/Obama – Eye of the Sparrow




The Hunger Games


Happy Thursday, guys!  We’re almost to the weekend!

P.S.  Have you entered my PBAW giveaway yet?  Ends tonight!

QUESTION:  Your turn – give me links to any YouTube videos that I simply MUST see!!  GO!


  1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen says:

    OK. So I DID stop reading, but only because once I saw you had made your own quirky someecard, I remembered I had seen one once that I wanted to find again, and when I couldn’t find it initially I realized maybe someone else had made their own, too. So that led me to search AND FIND (!) the image of “When I see someone running faster than I am, I assume they aren’t running as far.” Which is what I say to myself because I am slow.

    The end.

    Thank you.

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh my gosh these are the greatest. I honestly don’t understand how they figure all these out and how they make that work? I wonder how much time it takes! Gosh knows it would take me years to do that in any way! Thanks for the cheer up this morning!

  3. Calee (@chimes) — life + running says:

    oh man. these are the greatest.

    related: even though you’re super conservative and for romney, you might get a kick out of “mitt romney style”. It’s like Gangnam style, but with Mitt Romney … but some of the bad things people say about him (it’s clean though I think). It’s like “hey wealthy ladies …” and “hey, kissing babies …” :)

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