I’ve already done like two “Friday Fings” posts, so I thought a “Friday Foughts” might win you guys over.  If you’re clueless (<-great movie), foughts rhymes with thoughts.  And is a real word.

In Lindsay-ville.

My Friday Foughts:

1.  Travis’ brother got married this past Sunday.   It was extravagantly beautiful.  I am most certainly a wedding crier.








Being there, seeing all the hustle and bustle of the big day reminded me of that one time, on a day far, far away, when I, a lovely innocent bride, burned my face with a curling iron minutes before walking down the aisle.

2005-06-04 18.58.36

Oh the glorious hicky-like thing that I walked around with on our honeymoon.  It’s a good thing I was taken – no one else would have had me.

2.  Pumpkin things have taken over my life.  And I’m ok with it.


My second pumpkin bread in just 2 weeks.  Made with spelt flour!


Black coffee + One pump pumpkin syrup.

 Mello-crème pumpkins….so glad they’re seasonal – I have no self control.

3.  Blend 2013 announcements will be made NEXT MONDAY (check here and here and, well this blog)!  We’ve had some conflicts on the road to finding a venue, but now it’s all straightened out and I CAN’T WAIT to tell you guys all about it! #gethype

4.  My sister-in-law Camila and I are planning a Winter trip to NYC!  Ever since falling in love with (and being able to quote word for word) Sex and the City, I’ve wanted to walk around NYC and do all the touristy things and spend money.  Come to think of it, some of my favorite movies are set in the Big Apple – You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless In Seattle.

Come to think of it, maybe I don’t like NYC…. just Meg Ryan.

5.  Lately, exercise has come in the form of daily stroller runs (pushing 75+ pounds) and the few classes that I teach (plus TWO workouts with my sissy since she’s on Fall break from teaching!!)



I kinda don’t want to be inside.  I want to FEEL Fall – listen to leaves crinkle under my feet, feel the crispness of the typically humid-NC air and soak up all of these days before it turns cold.  You can find me on the Greenway.

6.  I’m slightly turned on/disturbed/annoyed by the use of “ooooo’s” and “aoaoaao’s”/intrigued by the outfits in this video.  Who knew that Ryan could sing?!?!

7.  This one’s for you, Janetha.  Or is it “ones”?  <-And should the question mark have gone inside the parenthesis like a period would have?  Gah!

8.  I got my teeth cleaned on Wednesday.  Oh, I love that feeling – CLEAN, MINTY TEETH!  PLUS, my momma is my dental hygienist (has been since I was four), so I get to sit in the chair and stare up at her the whole time.


She still pets my cheeks and doesn’t have to ask whether I want bubble gum or orange because she already knows what I’ll pick (orange….duh.)  I’ve never been frightened of going to the dentist and it’s all because of her.  Thanks, momma.


9.  One last video just to send you off into the weekend with thoughts of pre-pubescent kids lip-synching to midi-style music whilst gyrating.

Hey.  It’s Friday!  I’ll take you there.

QUESTION:  I shared my randoms…..YOU’RE TURN!  <-did that hurt, Grammar Nazis? :) ;)


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  1. Hurt? Omg, I had to quit reading halfway through…it was making my eye twitch! LOL

    Monday?! I have to wait until MONDAY?! You’re (notice I used the right one) KILLING me!! Can’t wait for Blend 2013!!

    Love the old wedding pic! Just as gorgeous then as you are now m’dear!

    Holy CRAP! Britney could sing better back in the day! What happened?

    Have a great weekend love!! xoxox

  2. I have been crazy with pumpkin too. I love that about Fall. That is great you are planning a trip to NYC in the winter. It gets a little cold but it is so nice to walk around. I don’t know if you are coming during Christmas time but if you can you should. IT is so beautiful during that time. Everything is so full of lights and the windows displays are amazing. My favorite is always Macy’s. They have such cool window displays and the Santa Claus village is so cool. They have two lines. One huge line for all the kiddies who want to see Santa and another for everyone who just wants to walk through and get a peak and still see the whole setup. They do a really nice job.

  3. Love all the pics in this post! Such a beautiful family!
    And me? I’m totally a wedding cryer too. I used to watch those wedding shoes on TV, but always got choked up when the bride (somebody I didn’t even know) walked down the aisle. Thank goodness I don’t have time for that anymore…

  4. When I had hair, I burned my face using a curling iron two days before I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. Good times. I’ve only heard good things about Blend!

  5. You’re kids are adorable! They look so much like your husband – you’ve got a good looking bunch right there ;D

  6. My foughts:
    1) You have the cutest family ever
    2) I really want one of those pumpkin candies now (okay, I want more than 1)
    3) Yeah i’m a grammar nazi and that hurt a little BUT
    4) You brought on the Brit and JT so all is forgiven

    Happy Friday!! :)

  7. You and your family are just GORGEOUS! Love the pic of your wedding day too, so pretty!!

    ALSO? DYING to hear about Blend…I hope I can go next year!!

  8. I wish I could have a pocket you making commentary about my Fridays. I think it would be half as entertaining as this post (meaning that this post was super entertaining, not that your commentary would be lackluster).

    HAPPY FRIDAY! And yes. This grammar nazi is hurting. ;)

  9. There was such innocent joy and beauty to all those wedding photos. The emotions I felt caught me by surprise! Wow.
    I agree about the thought of being outdoors — I haven’t been to the gym in a few weeks and couldn’t be happier about it. Being outside has been incredibly soothing and totally grounding.
    I’ve wanted to visit NYC since falling in love with (and being able to quote) SATC as well!! I’m SO excited — I think I’ve pretty much decided (85% sure) that I’m going to enter the NYC marathon next year with my 1/2 marathon qualifying time. Here’s to seizing every opportunity. :)

  10. Ahhahaaha. That curling iron sentence made me laugh so dang hard. Dying. (it’s only funny because I’ve done it a thousand times. But actually it’s funny because of the timing. Sorry. I wish I could have been at your wedding.)

    Also, spelt flour? 2 loaves of bread in a week? I think you’re turning into a foodie.

  11. First off, you look SO gorgeous! Second off, don’t feel bad about the curling iron incident – 2 days before my wedding the girl who waxed brows BURNT the crap out of my eyelid. It was bad. Luckily, I was having dark, smokey eye makeup so it went unnoticed but yeah, it wasn’t pretty. Thirdly, I really hope I can come to Blend!

  12. You and your family are beautiful, Lindsay!! LOVED your dress for the wedding!!!

    If you and your sis-in-law come to NYC, please let me know! I’d love to come in one night for dinner and meet you =) I would definitely recommend coming in after the tree goes up – it’s just too beautiful in person to miss !

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I’m going to a wedding this weekend too! One of my best friends from high school is getting married and I haven’t’ seen him since my wedding, which was 2.5 years ago.

  14. “7. This one’s for you, Janetha. Or is it “ones”? <-And should the question mark have gone inside the parenthesis like a period would have? Gah! "

    Lindsay has always struggled with the difference between parenthesis and quotation marks don’t make fun of her, it’s a real disease.

  15. can you mama clean my teeth if I come visit? I need one bad and i kinda LOVE it!
    Tell travis he married one sexy thang… YOU! Looking smokin hot there Lindz. Love the outfit, love you, and LOOOOOOVE the big news come monday. YIPPPEEE!