As part of my Ambassadorship with fitmixer*, we were charged with sharing an inspirational quote or saying that is related to fitness and/or healthy living and then say WHY we find it so inspiring. 

That was the assignment.

Oh dear.

You see – I don’t really LOVE quotes. 

I know.  I know. I know!

How on Earth do I make it through the day without some words or phrases to prompt me forward.  Make me push.  Dig deep.  Just Do It.


Your mom works it.


Uhhh…not really all that much.  I’m eating ice cream right now.

The truth is:  the best quotes I know of come from The Princess Bride or my kids.  They’re the funny ones…quotes that have absolutely nothing to do with anything relative to the conversation you were just having.  THOSE are my favorite words.  THOSE are my favorite quotes**.


I just so happen to be in looooove with Pinterest (follow me!) and while I don’t think that any quote is life changing or THAT impactful, I have pinned a few fitness-related quotes that made me stop and think (enough to pin them at least).

Fitness + Inspiration = Fitspiration!

Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest



Source: via Lindsay on Pinterest





I think the biggest thing that ALL of these quotes have in common is that they are highly personalFitness isn’t a “one size fits all” endeavor.  I feel like we should know that by now.  Just like with food, what works for one, might be disastrous for another.  I can’t go on diets – I don’t allow myself to go there.  But some people THRIVE on diets and food challenges. 

Fitness is very similar.  YOU set the goals.  YOU do the work.  If you’re overweight, it’s probably not because of what someone else is doing.  If you want to gain strength, YOU start lifting weights. 

YOU.  Very personal.

Finding what works for MY body has been one of my biggest challenges.  RIGHT NOW, it’s HIIT and Bootcamp classes.  A year ago, it was running. 

I see great beauty in that adventure.  That very PERSONAL journey is what keeps me motivated! 

I actually can’t wait to see where I land.

The journey is my inspiration.


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QUESTION:  Do you have a favorite “fitspirational” quote?  How do you keep yourself motivated when it comes to working out?

*This post is part of my ongoing sponsorship with fitmixer as one of their Ambassadors. All opinions are 100% mine.

**Actually, my favorite quote is from Star Wars V when Leia is being a B and Han yells back at her, “You could use a good kiss!” Gets me every time!

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  1. I am the total opposite- I LOVE quotes- I have a bunch hanging up over my treadmill so that when I have to run on there I am seeing them and they remind me to keep going! Sometimes they are the kick in the pants I need to get my rear in gear!

    Oh, and I agree with the Bible verses comment as well!

  2. Quotes never got me through my 13 marathons, 112 triathlons (two Ironman), a dozen century rides, seven swims from Alcatraz and running three Grand Canyon Crossings (or up and down Pikes Peak for that matter). It’s all play and fun. Fitness just comes if you enjoy what you do. You can quote me on that.

  3. My favorite quote is by Teddy Roosevelt, called “The Man in the Arena.” Google it, if you have a chance, it may be familiar to you because it’s very famous, but it still brings my blood to a boil.

    Until then, have fun storming the castle!!

  4. That last quote bugs me because it doesn’t have a question mark at the end. What’s stopping you. Arggh, I can’t look at it again.

    But I love you!! I’m not much of a quote person either. Bible verses? Those are some words I can get behind, though.

  5. I actually love motivational quotes; I guess in that way I fit in with the majority. One of my favorites is not just fitness related for me, but rather LIFE: “what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” I know I allow fear of failure to prevent me from moving forward in some aspect of my life or career ambitions.