Ooh, that’s why I’m easy.


I’m easy like Sunday morning.


That’s why I’m easy.  <-with LOTS of vibrato.  Sing it out, girl.


I’m easy like Sunday morning.


Hope you’re having an easy Sunday morning!  This is my favorite day of the week, hands down.  I’m allowed to sleep in (thank you, Travis) and slowly prepare my mind and body for church (that starts at 11).  I bask in the blessing of MORE TIME THAN I NEED.  A rare occurence.

QUESTION:  If you live up North, how are you preparing for Sandy?  Is everybody freaking out?


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  1. Sandy is on it’s way to me! I live in Providence so we shouldn’t be getting the worst of it, but we are prepared to lose power for quite some time, just in case. All the roommates are home, work/school has been cancelled for most of us, friends are heading over, and we’re planning to ride out the storm with snacks and movies (as long as we keep power). Should be sort of fun :)

  2. Boston is kind of freaking out about Sandy. Most schools are closed, Joe’s work closed for like the first time ever, but of course my grad school isn’t closed. Wind gusts are supposed to be over 60 mph so closed or not I’m not driving to class tomorrow night. That just isn’t safe.