This isn’t your Mama’s typical WIAW. 

Or rather “yo”. 

Yo Mama just rolls right off the tongue, right?!?

I’m not about to show you what I’ve been eating lately.  (mostly because it would lead you to believe I’m a twelve year old boy going through puberty – think Chocolate Cheerios and gallons of whole milk.  That actually sounds like a pregnant 30 year old woman.  Hmmm…).

Oh no.  Not yet.

This “What I Ate Wednesday” is all about the Protein Pancake.


I simply cannot get enough of it. 


Morning, noon and night, this is now my “go-to” meal. 

For one, it’s easy.  And if you’ve been paying attention to ANYTHING I’ve said over the past year of blogging, you’ve come away with the impression that I’m not the greatest cook/baker/chef (or stylist.  Or patient person lady). 

Kudos!  You get an A+.

This pancake is easy, yes.  But it’s also SO healthy!  Chock full of high quality protein (from three different sources), these little guys keep me full for at least 3 hours (a true feat).  I like to top mine with almond butter, mini chocolate chips and Xagave040

You can top yours with Chocolate Cheerios if you want.


The Best Protein Pancakes You’ll Ever Make


1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use fitmixer Vanilla Milkshake)**

1/3 cup liquid egg whites

2 tbsp. cottage cheese

1 tbsp. ground flax

Heat a nonstick pan – medium heat.  Put ingredients in a small bowl and stir until well combined.  Pour into hot pan.  Flip pancakes when they start to bubble in the middle (NOT before!!  You’ll just get sweet scrambled eggs!).  Enjoy with your favorite toppings and a hot cup-o-Joe!

**While the fitmixer powder is solely whey, I’ve also tried this recipe with a whey/casein blend and it turned out a bit fluffier.  Experiment with the protein powder of your choice!

I’m off to get ready for someone special’s birthday party (Make-Your-Own Banana Splits, anyone?).  His name rhymes with Blenry and he’s ready to turn four tomorrow.  REALLY ready, as I’ve been forced to hear about how it’s his birthday soon and how he’s “going to turn four, then five, then win a race.”  Ok, bud.

QUESTION:  What is your favorite easy “go-to” breakfast?? 


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  1. I just made these pancakes with vanilla Sun Warrior protein powder and they turned out delicious! Thanks for the great recipe. :)

  2. i miss cottage cheeeeese wahhhhhh! it hurts my tummy way too much – i think i need to find me some silken ‘fu so i can crank it up a notch in the creamyness dept!

  3. I LOVE protein pancakes!! My go-to is one I stole from Janeetha’s blog that uses greek yogurt and egg whites, it is SO GOOD! I top mine with banana slices and pb&j because really, who doesn’t love pb&j??

    My other go-to is oatmeal of course, but I LOVE protein pancakes toooo!

  4. Hahahahaha, Henry reminds me of my girls! (Nope, not calling him a girl. lol) They’re 5 and 3. Hannah talks about how she’s going to be 6 and will win a race, and Maddie continually tells me that she’s 3, almost 4 (um, 10 months from now), then 5, and then she’ll be big like sissy and win a race. (Oh, and we’ve gotten to 100 (yowza) with Maddie. Then she says, “I’ll go to heaven like Grammy’s kitty. Haha.) Kids.<3

    Pinnin' the pancakes. <3

  5. Just tried posting a comment, but not sure it went through…Want to try these! I have yet to add cottage cheese to my protein pancake…you’re inspiring me. SOON! My favorite go-to’s breakfasts are protein pancakes or omelets…but I don’t just reserve them for breakfast. I believe breakfast food is perfect ANYTIME of day :)

  6. AHH that pancake looks and sounds SO GOOD!!! I totally gotta make some this weekend :)
    I think my favorite easy, go-to breakfast is a smoothie mmm
    Have a great day girl!