Hey Labor Dayers!

(really I’m posting this on Sunday afternoon, so it’s not technically Labor Day yet.  But I have a feeling that some of you have all ready started celebrating.  CoughMeCough.)

I just had to stop in and share this super fun workout that myself and THREE other people did on Saturday!  That’s right – some people came to my Track Star workout (and I almost made them vomit).

The morning started at 7AM (technically 7:05AM, since T hit the snooze and we spooned for 5 minutes – best start to any day.  Side note – I just can not fall asleep while spooning.  I just get too hot and I like to sprawl out.  But spooning in the early morning, I can do for some reason – maybe because I’m already half asleep?  The BEST thing is when we both kind of wake up around 4 or 5 and then spoon from there on.  Ah, I love the married life.)

After that great start, I was out of bed, brushed my teeth, threw my hair up in a messy bouf and got dressed.


Fasted state workout with fitmixer BCAAs – Brooks Glycerin 8’s on the feet.

I got to the track at 7:25.  it was so pretty.  Calm and serene.  Very much the antithesis of how we would all soon feel.


Very shortly, my co-worker-outers (a real word) showed up!


We started with a quick two lap warmup, then I showed them the workout for the day.  Here’s what we started with:


This was a GREAT one.  I tried to create a “layered workout” – if you look at it closely, you’ll notice that there is a layering effect to every circuit (we got water after every sprint/jog) and it just kept building on itself.  This meant that we did a total of 80 pushups,  4 minutes of plank, and 150 squats.  Hard, but fun.


I will be choked with a salami for posting this picture.  Had to.

I left it up to Katy to create our Bonus WOD!  She delivered!!  She said she was inspired by my TT “Animalistic” workout – I love that she reads my blog.

Pin this one and do it sometime this week.  You’ll need a stopwatch or interval timer – I use the FREE Gymboss app on my iPhone and create a custom timer that beeps every minute.  EMOM workouts (Every Minute On the Minute) are quickly becoming a favorite of mine!


Workout Key:

Flying squirrels = Plyo Jack

Inch worm = Walk your hands out to a plank position, walk them back in. 

Frog Jumps = Squat Jumps

Reptiles = Plank, knee to elbow

After the Bonus WOD..…we got a little silly with the self timer.  I blame the post exercise endorphins.

It started out innocent enough, with cheerleader legs.


Then we started posing….


Katy = vertically challenged.  Maddy = over it.


Callie wants to kill me for making her do 80 pushups.


Someone yelled “Lindsay’s List is hot” from across the field.


Oh Katy.


And lastly, my favorite of the day.


A great Saturday morning!  My goal is to do these every Saturday (when I can) until it gets uber cold.  7:30 at the high school track – COME!

The rest of the day I worked on house renovations.  Here’s a sneak peek of that labor:




I’ll be taking tomorrow off from the blog to do more house renovations and ANOTHER track workout!

Come back Tuesday for a GREAT Tuesday Trainer workout!  If you haven’t filmed a submission yet, DO IT – go here for details!

Have a blessed weekend!

QUESTION:  What are YOU doing this Labor Day??  I want to hear all your fun plans!


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  1. These pics just made me really happy. :)

    I had no major plans..caught up with a friend, lesson planned, bought some chairs at my landlord’s yard sale, made a nearly perfect salted caramel Nutty Butter, fell while running (but no sprain or blood, just scrapes and bruises thank God), and am now trying to get my attention span to rest long enough on Salmon Fishing in Yemen.

  2. Oo! Love me some track workouts! & also taking gofy pics with the self timer:)

    I ran a race today! Sooo that means tomorrow will be spent icing my knees before I go to a friends BBQ;)