Hello my lovely internet friends. 

I write to you with a happy heart and a clean house – IS there a better combination?!?  Perhaps.  But for today, it’ll do just fine.  It seems as though everything has finally calmed down from this weekend – I’m on top of the laundry, homeschooling, training and marriaging.  It has only taken 4 days to get content.


The only thing I DIDN’T get to? 

Tuesday Trainer.

Filming a move for this week just did not happen.  And I honestly didn’t even TRY to make time for it.  It didn’t come from a place of laziness (if you know me, you KNOW that is not the case.  Travis is shaking his head, recounting all the times I yell at him from the couch to bring me something.  All the times meaning every single night ever.)  More from a place of, “oh well.”

So instead of having Tuesday Trainer NEXT week, we’re going to delay it to the following week (Oct. 9th).  I want to give you guys AMPLE time to think of a move and get it filmed, so I’ll go ahead and tell you the theme now, then next Thursday, give you my video for you to upload your response to.  Deal?

The theme for October 9th’s Tuesday Trainer is….YOGA/STRETCHING! 


Start thinking of your move and go ahead and film it if you like – you just can’t SUBMIT it yet.  Any YOGA move or STRETCH that you feel comfortable enough teaching to someone else would be a great choice.  We’ve done yoga before – go here for ideas.


Clara’s Chair

Rules for participation:

  • Tell us who you are! If you blog, tell us the URL!
  • Do the exercises correctly! I can’t post videos with improper form or sketchy descriptions.
  • Be yourself – let that personality shine through!
  • Anyone can participate.  Man, woman, blogger, non-blogger, Veggie Tales character.  Anyone.

Hmm….now I have to think of a move for myself….


Today just happens to be my Mr’s birthday.  His 30th.  Feel free to forward any guitar or guitar-related items to our address.  Or at least leave him some love in the comments below.

QUESTION:  When you’re short on time, what’s the first thing you forgo?  <-Me?  Makeup.  So I must always be late.


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  1. I am so amazed at your blogging skills. You are a machine! I could barely get ONE done since Baltimore, and I STILL have an overflowing basket of laundry to catch up on since the trip! and I still have stuff all over my dresser and my dining room table, from Expo East…… maybe I’ll be caught up by day 5!!:/
    You rock! and I always enjoy reading your posts and getting a great laugh! thank you!

  2. A big happy birthday to the Mister, please!
    I’ll never ever complain during chair pose again now that I’ve seen Clara do it so well! And what do I skip when busy? Cleaning my house! I must be busy a lot ;)

  3. Haaaapy Birthday, Travis!! (I keep meaning to take a picture of the drummer – behind glass – at our church and submit it to you. He gets wild.)

    Glad you are feeling content, lady. You’re putting the important stuff first and I love it.

  4. Happy Birthday Travis!!!!!
    YAY for the next TT theme! Guess I’ll be filming my wheel pose ASAP!