How is it already Tuesday?!!?

said no one ever.

Except me right now because I have a million and one things to do before I head out to Baltimore on Thursday and not nearly enough time to do them.  First world problems.

To Do:

  • Plan outfits
  • Pack
  • Buy toiletries – what are the requirements again for airplanes?
  • Get Fall clothes out for H & C
  • Make chili for Travis so he doesn’t starve without me.
  • Pedicure/Manicure  (thanks to Katy!)

That’s all I can think of at the moment.  I’m sure more things will pile up.  Per usual.

Last week, I told you that I made my clients do FIT TESTS.  I want to expound on how useful and ENCOURAGING they can be in training.


What is a Performance Assessment (Fit Test)?

One part of the overall fitness assessment, a PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT is a tool used to gauge improvements in cardiovascular health and strength gains.  As a personal trainer, I use performance assessments in addition to postural and balance assessments.


Why should I do Performance Assessments?

Performing regular fit tests will help you gauge your progress – to verify that what your current fitness plan is working and to identify any areas that need to be improved upon.  Fit Tests basically set you up to compete against yourself.  That’s why I love them so much!  It can also be a VERY encouraging tool for trainers in keeping their client morale up.

Progress on Fit Test = Client SUCCESS and Trainer SUCCESS!

How often should I complete a Performance Assessment?

Performance assessments should be implemented at regular intervals.  I shoot for one test every month, for myself and for my clients.

What type of exercises should be included?

Your Fit Test should include a good mix of exercises that showcase improvements in stabilization, strength and cardiovascular endurance.



Below, you’ll see the type of assessment that I use (with blank spaces so that you can print this off for you own use – just right click on the image and choose PRINT!).  You can add or subtract from this list – that’s the best part – you can come up with as many exercises (variety/number) that you want!  Just be consistent in your technique while performing the exercises AND in the intervals at which you test (first of the month, every two weeks, etc).


So basically…..Performance Assessments = Awesome testing tool that you need to be using!


My friend and fellow Fitfluential Ambasssador, Tina, is racing in the Runner’s World Half Marathon!  (go Tina!)  The more people she gets to join her at the race, the better her chances are for getting an entry into the Big Sur race.  The code is BLOGGER36 for 10% off ANY Runner’s World Half Marathon & Festival weekend races. There is a 5K, a 10K, and a half marathon.  Go check it out here!


QUESTION:  Do you give yourself (or your clients) regular fitness assessments?  What type of exercises do you test?


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  2. Lovin this idea!! Such a good idea to use to measure progress. Quick question, do you use weights for the 60 sec of squats & 60 sec of lunges? And if so how much? Like an easy weight or a fairly challenging weight… Thanks!

  3. Yanno…I like the looks of your fit test. Actually, I love it, and I think I might do it.

    PS: I’m heart-broken that Fitbloggin’ wasn’t in my budget this year and that I can’t meet some of you amazing ladies. Have a blast and can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. I need to test my clients more often. We’re always in a group setting, so we always do AMRAPS, but don’t always keep track. Hmmm… you’re giving my an idea for this afternoon’s workout. :)

  5. I had never given any thought to fit tests or performance assessments before now. However, since I am particpating in the Fitmixer Bootcamp, I had to do the Fit Test last Monday. That got the wheels turning. I like the idea of having something to use a measure of my improvement. I really like your tool and will be sharing it with both my hubby (who I lift with on occasion) and the girls that I run/teach aerobics too. I can not wait to see what gains/progress we make.

    Thanks Lindsay!

  6. I definitely love that you do fit tests with your clients..especially when they see an improvement, they must be on cloud 9. I’m not gonna lie, but I haven’t done a fit test in a loooong time. I think it’s something I’ll seriously consider though after I have my baby in November!!

  7. I think regular fitness assessments are very important in determining both your exercise level, and if your improving in strength and stamina. And also if maybe determining if you are over exercising. I try and do one at least once a month, but it usually is every 2-3 months. Oopsy. I should probably do mine soon though, thanks for the reminder! I have a field test I have to do on Thursday and that always makes me nervous since its so intense.

  8. That’s a great reminder! It’s so motivational to see progress this way. I’m in the fitmixer boot camp right now, so I’ll be doing that assessment again sometime in the near future.

  9. For me, it wasn’t so much “fit testing” per se, but every month I would look back at my training log from the previous month and compare my capabilities. That was more while I was lifting much more often. Now that I’m running more and lifting to maintain strength (and not build), I try to pick a different length of run each week that I try to PR my time for. Often times, I find that I can drown my old time (usually a time from about 3-4 weeks prior) without much effort!
    I do agree that it’s amazing to see just how much strength and endurance you’ve built as an athlete over such a short course of time — it’s the best inspiration there is because it forces you to believe in your abilities!! :)

  10. Great idea to post about this because fitness assessments are so often overlooked! We do benchmark workouts in CrossFit and it is so helpful to see where I am at and how much I’ve improved from the last time we did the same workout!