So yes, I flooded your Google Reader and inbox with like 20 Fitbloggin’ recaps.  For that, I apologize. 

But I have ONE more post that I’ve been thinking about since I got back – I can’t shake it out of my head.

So I’ll try the fingertips.

As you may know, I met Kath earlier this summer.  We broke bread.  We talked about babies and blogs.  I think I hugged her.  No, I definitely did. 


I’m not sure of the EXACT number, but it is said that Kath has 15,000 pageviews PER DAY on her blog.

15,000!!!  A day!

If you’re not a blogger, you might not know this, but that is A WHOLE LOT.  Like a lot a lot. 

Then, there’s my weekend at Fitbloggin’. 

I was paired with Tina to represent fitmixer


Tina has written a freakin’ book (note to self – write a book).  Her Alexa ranking is a million times better than mine.  She gets more pageviews in one day than I do in a week.

I ate dinner with Julie from PB Fingers, Monica from RunEatRepeat, MIZ, Kelly, and Bex, a lady who has almost 10 MILLION views for her videos.


“BIG” names in blogging!!

So what’s the point?

As I was talking with these HUGE names, wanting to like kiss their hand and ask for their advice on how to “BE THEM,” God kept quieting my spirit and telling me that…


Made from the same grain. 

Made in His image. 

So THAT right there means that we’re ALL pretty great!**

People with problems.  People with idols, addictions.  People who love, cry, yearn.

Underneath all the layers, we’re all the same.  AMAZING.  No more, no less.

When I was planning Blend, I asked two pretty BIG bloggers to co-host with me.  What gave me the balls to approach them?!?  I’m nobody!


Except that that’s not true.

I am somebody.

We all are.  We all possess something worth envying.

So who defines SUCCESS? 



My success

You get to say whether you’re successful or not.  Maybe you’ve written a book or scored a major real estate sale.  Maybe you’ve given birth to 8 children or helped hundreds through your volunteer work.  Those are all successful endeavors.  All different (just like us), but GREAT and GOOD things. 

In the end, we’re all just people. People in need of something GRAND.

I think the difference between a “regular joe” and someone with a 15,000 person-a-day readership is DRIVE.  It’s taking the skills that God has BLESSED you with (blessed EACH of us with) and using them.

Two things about that statement:

1) Success is God-given.  You didn’t do that.  God did.  Be humble about your blessings.

and 2)  We ALL have this drive in us.  It’s simply your choice where you want to direct that energy.  Job, blog, family, hobby, volunteer work – you can be GREAT!


We’re all just people.  No better or worse.  No class system.  No bragging rights.

I say, succeed at being YOU. 

That right there makes you “big”.


QUESTION:  What do you consider SUCCESS??  <- shaving my legs for the day.


**ALL of these “big” names were great people – nothing but nice and sincere!  I don’t want any rumors starting about me belittling anyone – ya heard!?

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  1. Love this! “Success is God-given. You didn’t do that. God did. Be humble about your blessings.” <-So unbelievably and unequivocally true!! Sometimes I look at the "big" bloggers and feel a little tiny…but then I just think about how far I've come in blogging over the last two years (in page views AND in my self-growth) and I realize how much I have to be proud of! :)

    Success for me today was getting to the gym and having a GREAT workout after lacking motivation all week…and I got my reward…some DELICIOUS eye candy on the machine across from me. I stared. I blushed. I thanked God. He never noticed. Lol

  2. Love this post!
    I admit, I felt the same kind of “Who am I to talk to this person,” and immediately felt silly once talking with them. WE’RE ALL JUST PEOPLE. Well said, friend! <3

  3. Oh how I heart you!

    When I started blogging three years ago, I didn’t think anything of becoming a bigger blogger. I didn’t really even know “big blogs” existed, because I wasn’t interested. Then, when I started finding that there was a whole community out there, I saw the impact big blogs make and the traffic/interaction they get. I wanted all of that…I still do. Sometimes I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back…but what I’ve learned is the more I’m myself, the more it all just falls into place. (Some days, I have to remind myself of that.)

    I love everything about this post…and I love that you can post this and it be reflected in who you are and what you do, Lindsay.

  4. You are wonderful. I loved this post (and I saw someone…can’t remember who) call you a BIG blogger on instagram – so there ya go! It’s all relative anyway.

    (Oh and thanks for calling me a pretty big blogger…it’s so not true, but I’m okay with it. It’s not my job, my identity, or the place where my self-worth comes from. Just a fun hobby where I get to meet RAD people like yourself.)

  5. thanks for the humbling reminder! it’s really easy (too easy!) to get caught up in the world of comparison which leads down a road of so many other problems! at the end of the day we are all fallen people in need of salvation, right?! :)

  6. i think it’s so fantastic that you bring this up! first of all i thought 15,000 views a month was good – hahahahah what do i know! second of all i was talking to sara from nourish and flourish the other day when we met up just about how bloggers are just people they’re not celebs they’re just peopleeeeee hahaha

  7. Love this post Lindsay….that stupid Comparison Trap is way too easy for me to fall into….and you’re absolutely right here–we all have our own talents, gifts, blessings, etc. and there’s never a reason to compare ourselves to others!

  8. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad I found this blog (through carrotsncake – yay fitblogging!). I’ve just recently dove into the blog world since having my first child – I love all the fitness blogs (living cough vicariously through them for now…). The fact you talk about God makes me so happy and helps me get more than just fitness/healthy eating motivation – it’s filling that spiritual need too!! Thank you for the reminder to be humble about blessings. Your second point really hit me too – my family can be my drive – I don’t need to be ashamed or think I’m not doing enough because I think others are thinking it! I can be great serving my family – which, as my Priest was telling me, is serving God, since we are to serve God in everything. Wonderful reminder :)

  9. thanks for this Lindsay! I was feeling EXACTLY the same way while I was at ExpoEast! Thanks for the reminder. Great post, as always!! Here’s something my pastor says that keeps me in check: Never compare another person’s hi-light reel to your behind the scenes!:)

  10. My dear wonderful woman. I wish I could clone you, then shrink you and then sit you inside of my ear to make me feel strong, powerful and wonderful all day long. You have a magical inspiring way with words and I love every bit of it. Happy weekend to you!

  11. Beautifully written! I really enjoyed interacting with bloggers that I’ve admired and realizing how sweet and down to earth they were! It’s so nice to take a step back and realize that we all start at the same place, and don’t need to get caught up in comparisons or feel inadequate, etc. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  12. Awe this was so sweet! I have great respect for big bloggers, but try and not “idolize” them because I don’t want to start comparing myself to others. Whats the point. Your an amazing lady! And your posts keep me coming back because of who you are as a person!

  13. Love this post. Totally get what you mean, and I equally enjoy the blogs I read for what they are. (I read pretty much all the blogs you listed above, and Kath’s was the first one I ever started reading, like 6 years ago!) I consider success to be the ability (God-given) to appreciate the blessings I have been given. :)

  14. Love this post (something I think I say every time I comment here!) — success is so relative and SHOULD be, it’s such a personal thing. To me, success means finding inner peace every day, in some shape or form. Even if it’s just the last five mins before I drift off to sleep, completely wrapped up in Scott’s arms, just being in that moment. THAT is peace. THAT is success.

  15. xoxoxoxoxox
    I got lots of “oh youre so not stuck up!!” at Fitbloggin too.
    Stuck up? about the fact Im a goober, messy, scattered, just trying my best to be my best each day mom who gazes at her navel and writes some stuff?


      1. Gaze at your navel?? This just cracked me up! I would never take you for stuck up. But Lindsay, thank you for reminding us that we are all awesome the way we are, whether that is 1 pageview a day or a million. :)

  16. Love this post Lindsay. I was struck by this when you said this over the weekend. It’s true – we’re all just people and sometimes that’s hard to remember when we get so caught up in the external factors and the comparison trap. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. They are amazing because of who they are inside and not necessarily any singular accomplishment or statistic.

  17. Such a motivating post! I think a lot of times we look at people who have accomplished something we want to accomplish and automatically think they have something we don’t have– so not true! Everyone’s human and it just takes hard work and believing in yourself. Thanks for the reminder today :-)

  18. Thanks for posting this, Lindsay! I haven’t even made it through my first week of blogging (hehe!) without being awestruck by the “big bloggers.” I knew that logically, we are all (as you say so eloquently) just people, but the irrational side of me was wondering if I would ever be as “good.” The point is, I think, that I don’t have to be as “good” in terms of the numbers or the ratings or the whatevers, as long as I’m doing what I can with what God has given me. I felt like you were speaking directly to my insecurities in this post!!

  19. I’ve always considered my talents to be God-given and my success to be what I’ve done with them with my gift of free will. Success is finding contentment wherever I am. I spent most of my life feeling dissatisfied, sad, like a victim… to be able to say that I’m pleased with where I am is success. And I hope that minor things like money or changes in my body or the things I have can’t shake me from that good place.

  20. What a beautiful post! It is something often hard to remember. I am so blessed and lucky that I met Kath before I really had an idea of what the healthy living blog world even ‘was’ and so was able to right away see the blog for the person who was behind, not for the public image. I have met bloggers who were totally different than I expected, and I could not understand why they were so popular, but I have also had amazing experiences where I have met the ‘big ones’ and they are kind and wonderful and true friends.

    To be honest, I kind of consider you a big deal.

    And hey…I recognize that redhead in the first picture… :)

  21. Great post. I’m a newer blogger and am trying not to get caught up in all the statistics and numbers and stress if anyone is even reading my blog. I started my blog with the desire to bring glory to God through the passions and challenges that he has placed in my life. I truly don’t think he wants me stressing about it, rather using it for Him. I hope that I can at least be successful at that.

  22. I have to agree with Lauren’s comment. I met some amazing bloggers at Fitbloggin and was so out of my comfort zone. I find most bloggers are in their 20s or 30s. Being in my mid forties was kinda tough. Many of you have inspired me to continue on with my healthy journey!! Thanks!! It’s okay to be me!!!

  23. Helping special needs kids for 37 years, raising a wonderful daughter, marrying the love of my life, being friends to girls(ladies) I have known since 5th grade, getting my Master’s Degree, owning my own home, being debt free, pulling in a retirement check, completing two Ironman tris, over 100 other distance tris, swimming from Alcatraz seven times, crossing the Grand Canyon and back in 12 and 1/2 hours, completing 13 marathons, and still planning things at age 59….

  24. I LOVE this!!! I also think it’s important to note that we have to stop playing the comparison game. I find it so easy to compare and think things like “how are they so big?” (not pointing any fingers to anyone) or similar kinds of thoughts that make me compare my content, writing ability, etc to them. But that doesn’t get you anywhere! And ultimately, I have to remind myself that if I’m still reading, they’re still drawing me in in one way or another.

    And like you said, *I* define MY success – so why don’t I consider myself successful now? Why don’t I push my butt even more if I want to achieve more?

  25. I love this post. I’m so new to blogging that I feel like I haven’t “earned” the right to do things like meet the big names or go to blogging conferences. I’ve actually been looking at Blend since I started blogging and I really love to attend in 2013. But I keep telling myself I’m not a “real” blogger yet-I can’t go to that! But maybe I can ;) Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. I love this post! I tend to get a little nervous and shrilly when meet bloggers (or anyone knew for that matter ;)) because I feel like saying “is it creepy that I know about your life??” Even though, as a blogger, I know I put things out there for people to read. It’s an odd paradox, really. I think I need to get out and meet MORE so I can get more comfortable chatting it up with everyone!

  27. LOVE. THIS.
    I have met several of the popular bloggers (meaning those that make a living at it and have a zillion pageviews) and have definite mixed opinions. And I’ll be honest- there were a few at Fitbloggin’ that were not friendly, barely interacted with anyone else that wasn’t as popular as they were and walked around like they owned the joint. But then others blended in, made an effort to really meet people and didn’t act holier than though. I’ll be honest- I didn’t know Tina. I had never read her blog, and didn’t know she had a book and that so many people know who she is. But- it didn’t matter to me. I talked to her just like I would anyone else, and found out the she lives right near Greg’s dad. I genuinely enjoyed meeting her, and she didn’t speak “down” to me or just talk about herself… like some of the others that I’ve met.
    I’ve said it a million times (and you just did too)- bloggers are just people! I get that it’s cool to meet someone who is also a blogger that has been really successful and you admire- but bloggers are NOT celebrities. I’ve seen a bunch of photos on Instagram that people posted freaking out about meeting a popular blogger, and I don’t know…
    I have to say, I was just as nervous/anxious/excited to meet Janetha (who I’ve read and admired since I first discovered blogs) as I was to meet Kelly P. at Blend (who had just started a blog). You’re all my friends. None of us is better than anyone else- no matter how many pageviews, book deals, endorsements, etc.
    Thank you for posting this- just when I think I couldn’t adore you any more…

  28. love it! we are all just people – it’s hard to remember sometimes, especially when surrounded by so many people you admire for their success – in business, blogging, relationships, parenting, whatever!

  29. Beautiful Post. I am not blogger but I’ve thought about it time and time again. I stop myself nervous of what ppl would think and nervous I won’t be as great as others. My success comes every day being able to love past pain. Being in the moment. Having a great relationship with the people around me. Great post!

  30. I love this post! Thank you for reminding everybody with a little blog envy that these awesome peeps are just regular peeps with the same drive that we have, and a little bit of extra luck/blessing that just happened to be planned for them. Sometimes I get bothered by the fact that I’m not as big as some of you lovelies, but then I remember that I like to blog about whatever I want, and I’d rather do that than blog to suit an audience just to have a large audience.

  31. This is a great post and really hit home with me. I think I sometimes idolize bigger bloggers, which makes me feel like a nobody. Thank you for the reminder that I am just as important as anyone else in the world, we are all people made by God no matter how “famous” someone is. Your thoughts and how you convey them to all of us is a great success of yours!

  32. Great and timely post. Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but we are all actually connected by the simple fact that we’re all just simply people at our core. It’s what we do with what we’re given-or create-that somehow differentiates us. Some have success that is externally visible and envious by others, while others thrive on the intrinsic success of simply trying each day. I believe I am in the latter ;)

  33. God made us in HIS image. Let’s remember that. Good people. Real people. Loving people. Gosh darn i will succeed at being me because i have people like YOU encouraging. Love you big time lindz! Youre a rockstar in my book.