I have zero time to be typing this and all the desire of a fruit fly to do it.


But I need to say some stuff and Travis won’t listen to me anymore.  Clara and Henry just nod along to shut me up.  It’s sad.

Friday Fings:

1.  I wanted so badly to respond to each of your comments yesterday, but man, these kids are jerks and wouldn’t give me a moments peace and I was simply too busy spanking them. 

I’ve been advised by my wise husband to leave this matter alone.  So I will.  But I must say one thing:  I believe you all know my heart.  And it is not evil or aggressive.  The love I have for my children is extravagant.  I would never abuse them.  Never.

End of story.

2.  In less than a week, I’ll be flying to Baltimore for Fitbloggin’!!  I know that I’ve hinted at this before, but I’m being sponsored by FITMIXER to attend (a huge thank you!). 

My co-partner in crime is Tina Haupert (yes, Tina of Carrots N Cake!).  My mom is making a scrunchy face because she doesn’t know who Tina is or who fitmixer is.  Mom – they’re awesome.  That’s all you need to know. 

Did I already say I was excited??

3.  Speaking of retreats, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be announcing the DATE/LOCATION of Blend 2013 in the coming weeks.  An announcement about an announcement!!  Only the best for my readers!


I tell you this because you should be following Blend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (blendretreat)!  That’s where the news will leak.  THAT’S where you’ll want to be!

(so seriously, go follow us!)

4.  Try this combo IMMEDIATELY! 


One candy corn and one roasted almond. 

If you’re crazy like me, you’ll have to wedge said items between your molars and chomp down at the same time.  That’s just how you do it.  And if you’re extra crazy, you have to have equal bites on both sides of your mouth (this IS getting weird, Linds…).  So you can’t eat three candy corns/three almonds…it must be four.


5.  I’m kind of obsessed with this song.

6.  This week was “Fit Test” week for all of my clients!  I love this week (and try to do an assessment every month)!

Here’s what I test:


60 seconds – Pushups, Squats, Sit Up, Lunge, Burpee. 

1 Mile.

1RM on Leg Press, Chest Press and Compound Row.

Every single person beat their previous mile time by at least a minute (one client – 2 1/2 minutes!) and they all gained strength.  I highly suggest regular assessments – for your clients AND yourself!

7.  The only thing better than a molar bite of candy corn/almond goodness is…..


…DOWNTON ABBEY. Oh dear. Is there anything better than an English accent?  Me thinks not.

8.  Track Star workouts are still in full swing – I’ve hosted 5 so far! 


Last Saturday’s workout:


Franklin girls – 7:30AM – Saturdays at the FHS track!  FREE!


That’s all this fruit fly has time for!  Check you on the flip side!

QUESTION:  Top three TV shows (COMEDY genre!)  <-me? Arrested Development, The Office, SportsNight  (Seinfeld is a close 4th!)


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  1. Haha I love your line, “Too busy spanking my kids.” People need to chill out telling you what you should be doing to discipline your kids, emphasize YOUR kids. Also I love Jeremy Riddle and Bethel’s worship music, they are awesome. And Downton Abbey and track workouts, so pretty much we would be friends if we met. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

  2. Love that workout! May have to try it next Saturday :)
    Also… candy corn. You’re my secret soulmate… I’ve been making candy corn nut mix for YEARS! People give strange looks… then they ask if I’m trying to make candy “healthy”… then they try it and realize it is just do DARN GOOD you don’t need a rational statement :)

  3. Oh gosh. Downton Abbey is seriously amazing. I’ve been asking my husband to start referring to me as Her Ladyship (Me Lady will do as well), but dude isn’t buying it.

    1. The Office
    2. Modern Family
    3. Family Guy

  4. I tried to watch Downton Abbey again yesterday and I fell asleep. Hah.

    So excited for you and Fit Bloggin! Aaaand for the excitement of BLEND 2013.

    Also, we’ve been singing Furious at church a lot lately and we sang it to my mama when she was in the hospital…so it has a special place in my heart, too. <3

    1. I’m in the same boat…but super hopeful for BLEND! :D (and fun “fings” today, Linds, although I’m so sorry for those who broke out in negativity towards you…I was spanked and thank my parents for it. To each their own, but it’s hard to know that others lashed out. We love you!). :D

  5. I cannot tell you how happy this post made me. I’m a single lady and pray nightly to one day be a mother. I teach high school (and used to teach elementary) and see the effect parents who don’t value their children have. My disruptive and struggling students are usually the ones with uninvolved, detached parents. Thank you for being a good mommy and loving them as the God-given blessings they truly are. I promise in the future their teachers will thank you too!

  6. So sorry about the negativity on your post yesterday, I loved it so much. And abuse, um never. Never even crossed my mind. Spanking is not a bad thing. Anyway. I must try this almond and candy corn combo! would it work with candy pumpkins, even better, in my book ;-) happy weekend!

  7. Mmm.. candy corn. Okay. There’s another good thing about fall. I’m dreading winter… trying to be cheerful. Haha. I saw there are going to be candy corn OREOS!!! Let’s try those!

    I love New Girl and Chandler’s new show — GO ON!

  8. “these kids are jerks and wouldn’t give me a moments peace and I was simply too busy spanking them” this was perfect! Levi and Cora (and soon Lily) are better people because I love them enough to discipline them. Although I kinda agree with Travis, and tend to keep quiet about spanking…because other people are so confused about what discipline is, and I don’t have time to straighten them out…

  9. I’m ALL for regular fit tests!! They always make me feel better when I feel like I’m not progressing. But I ALWAYS end up stronger/faster and surprise the heck out of myself! Excellent motivation!!
    Another great taste combo (but not quite as stellar, unfortunately) — pistachio and raisin. Yum!!

  10. Hey, put that belt away and write me a post about spanking. Kidding of course (and also, I’m definitely assuming you don’t use a belt). Side note, the ONLY time I ever got smacked with anything else was by my grandma, and it was a wooden spoon — one swat. Boy did I behave after that.

    Also, candy corn and almonds? On it. I used to eat candy corn and peanuts by the handful.

    Love you lady. Hope you feel better about the whole debacle. I know (and most people should know) that you only have LOVE and the BEST intentions.

  11. wise husband you got there. And wonderful mama you are. You know that, God knows that. That’s all that matters.

    Praying for an awesome trip next weekend. I was bummed i couldn’t go. Fitmixer chose well!

    Okay, saving this workout. Looks like another killer one linz.