I swear this is the last recap.  While I’m sick of writing them and would rather tell you about the giant mess that I’ve made in not getting all of my swag bag stuff put away (and all the crumbs from eating 3 bags of Popchips), these recaps will give me something to look back on – like a virtual scrapbook.  So I must trudge through the mess and finish it out.

Plus, this particular recap day includes some DRAMA and we all know how amazing drama is.  Just having said that, you want to keep reading.  I know it.

I left you yesterday having recapped Saturday in it’s entirety (which also included a 10pm bedtime because I wear Depends).  So I slept like a log.  The Hyatt had great beds – not so great pillows. 

Woke up ready to run the Fitbloggin’ 5K Race!




The race started at 7AM and it was BEAUTIFUL (yet again – I couldn’t have asked for better weather).  Meg, Laura and I decided to stick to a 7:30-8 minute mile pace.



Everything was going great, until it wasn’t.  As I alluded to in the title, this could technically be called WIAW….

I ate the PAVEMENT.


Around Mile 2, I was just being awesome like normal and a brick came up out of the sidewalk and tripped me (a ninja brick, no doubt).  I fell (weirdly – and to the side) and rashed up my hand and arm, cracked my iPhone screen and tore a hole in my Lululemon pants.  First world problems, right there.  Wah wah.


After the initial shock, I got up and kept trucking along, to finish the race in 24 something – not too shabby.  Meg was kind enough to bandage me up (thank you!!) and I was able to eat breakfast without blood getting in my yogurt.  Sometimes I don’t know HOW I function on a daily basis.  Pure grace with a dash of good luck.

After breakfast, I talked with Hank and Bex for a little while (but wasn’t allowed to give Hank a hug – Travis forbade it – it’s his sexy beard.), then headed back to the room to shower and pack.


Around 11, a Super Shuttle came and picked Meg and I up.  BWI was very easy to manage and we found ourselves at the same terminal with time to spare.  Lunch was a necessity!



We found a Nature’s Kitchen – I’ve never heard of these before – and it had tons of healthy options.


Pretty Meg


Spinach tortilla wrap with grilled chicken, cucumbers, spinach, avocado and mustard

While we waited for our flights, Meg turned me on to the Mac world.  Did you know that you can use Windows Live Writer with a Mac?!?!!  You just need two things:  Windows OS and a program called Parallels and a husband that’s willing to spend $1,200.  I’m working on him.


Women’s Health, something sweet, and souvenirs for H & C.

My flight didn’t get in until 6pm, which was perfectly fine, as I was greeted by my most importants with the best hugs ever.



Till we meet again, Fitbloggin’!  You were a whole mess of fun.

A VERY special thank you to fitmixer for compensating my travel, lodging and ticket for this event.  I was proud to represent you!

QUESTION:  What is ONE thing you always have to buy at the airport? 


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  1. Ouch! That looks like to took an awful fall! I did a similar maneuver on a root once, but at least I just skidded through dirt. Big scabs nonetheless, and just before my engagement pictures we done! Perfect timing lol…

    Hope you’re healing up!

  2. Ninja bricks are the WORST! Unfortunately I’ve had run-ins with ninja bricks, sidewalks, tree roots… :) Kudos to you for finishing the race! Hope I find a Nature’s Kitchen in my travels. Airport food is usually so…well…icky! Glad I found your blog through WIAW today – I’ll be back!!

  3. So much ouch. Happy I could help, and so glad we met at FitBloggin! I still need to finish up my recaps, it feels like it’s taking forever. Thanks for keeping me company in the airport, it was really great to get to know you. I don’t find Parallels to be slow, but one thing I do get a little annoyed with is all the windows updates. I love the look on your face as you’re greeting your kids, they’re totally adorable!!

  4. Oh no! So sorry to hear you fell – but you’re a champ! I fell and sprained my ankle while in Peru and basically whimpered while curled up on the ground for a good 2 minutes. :)

    Unrelated to this post, but Lindsay, thank you for always being an inspiration (we emailed a couple times earlier this year – your advice has stuck with me all this time!). I actually just started my own blog and would be so starstruck if you have a minute to visit and say hi. You are one of my role models!

  5. Oh no! I’ve totally eaten pavement, too, before. Not fun. I was out running, and actually had to call my mom from a gas station to come pick me up–it was that bad.

    When traveling, I always “treat” myself to buying an Oxygen magazine in the airport. It’s the little things . . .

  6. I just got woozy looking at that blood again… wish I could have been more of a help with bandaging… this is why I’m not a nurse! LOVE those pics of us and Meg running– I’m gonna have to borrow those. :)
    (btw, I hear you on the giant mess… it’s taking me days to get unpacked and organized again!)

  7. Ouch!! I hope that your hand and arm are both feeling better. I think that if you bring your pants into Lulu they can repair them. I recall hearing that somewhere. It was so great meeting you! And I’m definitely penciling in BLEND 2013 into my calendar!

  8. ah! Ninja bricks, I’ve heard of those. Sad that it got you. Looks like you had a blast! You were missed last Saturday!

  9. I have Parallels and I never use it because it’s SOOOOO slow. It literally takes 5 minutes to even launch windows. Not worth it in my opinion, although I would like to use Live Writer.

    I really like to buy chocolate covered pretzels at the airport. That and a magazine.

  10. I’d say the pavement owned you, but the fact that you got back up & finished the race changes it all! :).. I think the hardest thing to digest would be your poor lulu pants! Seriously, that’s just terrible!!

  11. Darn you, Ninja brick. Darn you. Scars are cool, but I would have to squirt a tear over the torn Lulu pants for sure! Great recap, Lindsay!

  12. Uh no! Hope you’re feeling “better!” Last Fall I was just walking down a pavement hill and the boots I was wearing had no traction so I fell comicallyback and then front and scuffed my boots and ripped open both my knees and my tights. Amazingly, NO ONE SAW IT. It’s really hurt but yours is more epic.

  13. Jeez! You really ate the crap out of that pavement! That just means you are hardcore. Not everybody can get out of a ninja brick attack with just a few cuts and bruises.

    But the ripped lulu pants? DEVASTATING. Seriously. I would cry.