I made it!!

I survived my first plane flight(s) in over FIVE years!  Isn’t that sad – your traveling time really diminishes when you start popping kids out.  I CAN say this:  I’m VERY thankful that I didn’t have Henry and Clara with me today on the plane.  I don’t know how you flying mommas and daddys do it!


Little ones seeing me off.

I was supposed to get into Baltimore around 4. That didn’t happen.  I won’t go into the logistics or start complaining.  Stuff happens.  It does.  Let’s just say I got my cardio in by SPRINTING in the Atlanta airport (which didn’t help).


My reward for running so fast without tripping.

I was just thankful that my flights were not bumpy and really just intrigued with the whole flying process.  I can’t describe to you just how giddy I get when flying. Seriously, like a 4 year old child.  I always choose window seats so I can look out.


I love reading Sky Mall (who doesn’t!!?!) and I don’t mind the feeling of my ears popping.

Yep.  It’s been decided.  Flying is where it’s at!


Shape with a side of Rise.

After a LONG day of travel, I checked in to the hotel, met up with a bunch of blog friends for dinner (more about that tomorrow – I’m too tired to recap).

Check out my cute lanyard!


No wait – that’s TINA’S lanyard!  My lanyard hasn’t been picked up yet because I got in too late.  Wah wah.

BTW “lanyard” is the correct term, but to me it’s normally “name tag holder”.

(This brings back memories of me having to stuff lanyards for Blend.  Actually, being here makes me so excited for Blend 2013!  We want to make next year even better than last – my event planning brain is already churning!)

Tomorrow holds an early morning, as Tina, Monica and I are going for a run at 6:30!  I’m excited to see the harbor with the early morning light!  Sleep well, friends.


If you’re attending Fitbloggin’ this weekend, come by our table right outside the Crossfit workout, where we’ll be sampling out aminos and giving away free hugs.  We’re actually having an Instagram/Twitter game over the weekend.

To Play:

1.  Simply come pick up an amino sample at our table.

2.  Take a CREATIVE picture with it over the weekend.

3.  Then post it to your Instagram/Twitter account with the hashtag, #fitmixerfun and @fitmixer.

FIVE winners will be chosen to receive ANY Fitmixer product (excluding 6 pound bags)!  I want to win!


QUESTION:  When was the last time you flew?  Do you enjoy flying as much as I do?  (not possible)


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  1. I would love to be at fitbloggin! I really want to get more involved with companies and become an ambassador for them. What’s the best way to start?

    Also, going to keep Blend in mind for next year. It all depends on funds – I am a college student! :D

  2. I don’t mind my ears popping on the way up, but I really hate it on the way down. So uncomfortable! At least it’s only right at the end.
    I love that you’re so excited about flying. I don’t fly often (I’ve only done it a handful of times ever, but it’s really not all that exciting for me. Which actually kind of upsets me because I mean, you’re up in the air for goodness sake!! Oh well. At least it doesn’t frighten me??
    Have fun this weekend!! Fit-mix it up! :)

  3. I do NOT like flying. It scares me, especially when there is turbulence. Last time I flew, however, was just 3 weeks ago. I conquer my flying fear several times a year. Have fun in Baltimore!

  4. Haha I fly a LOT. I fly to go home, I fly to visit my parents when they’re in CO, I flew to HLS and I fly to visit friends because they’re all over! Just in the next 3 months I’ll have 5 flights: thanksgiving, wedding, home for Christmas! I still love it though, it’s great for people watching!

  5. I’ve sprinted through the Atlanta airport before too and it usually never helps because sprinting in Atlanta is like walking through an airport anywhere else. I’m just glad no one with a business suit knocked you over! :) Glad you made it! Fitbloggin sounds like fun, can’t wait to hear about it!

  6. Flying always blows me away too! Just can’t believe that giant machine gets in the air! And yeah traveling with two kids is not fun! Nice you could have a break!