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  1. Your kids are adorable! I LOVE the one of your daughter on the phone in her crib. :) Looks like an awesome week… I’ve also been thinking I may do one of these, especially over the next two weeks when traveling and blogging will be a little harder!

  2. Oh goodness that picture of Clara in her crib is just precious!
    Also loving your trampoline picture and the reading of the Hobbit! I loved that book as a kid!!

  3. LOVE that trampoline pic. Mark’s reading the Tolkein books too — the same set (not sure if you have that as a set, but we do — it’s in a box and they’re really old).

  4. Love Wordless Wednesday. I feel like I catch up with all you got going on in life. I actually have been thinking about doing a “Scenes from the Week” type post at the end of the weeks to do the same since I always love others’ like this.

    PS – Nice shoes! How nice of Lindsay. She rocks. And that rainbow picture is too beautiful.