Friday brings out the best in me.

No seriously.  I get silly happy, ya’ll.

beach 118

Like this.

Once the day hits, you don’t want to be around me.  I’m almost childlike with happiness.

I dance more than normal during my workouts. 

I look up jokes on the internet then make Travis listen to them. 

I buy (and eat) A LOT of chocolate. 

I get to mow the lawn!!


And on Friday nights, I stay up late.

Till 10:30, at least.

I love Fridays.

These are my Friday confessions:

1.  I confess that I didn’t shower yesterday until 5:45pm.  This might have been ok if I’d stayed inside all day.  I didn’t.  I worked out (twice), trained two clients and went to the grocery store.  Keeping it #klassy.  Fo realz.


That’s me you smell.

2.  I’m horrible at keeping secrets.  DON’T tell me anything if you want it to stay quiet.  I’m sorry.  My mama made me this way.

3.  Speaking of secrets, I actually DO have one.  But I’m only not telling you because it might not happen.  But if it does, you’ll be the first to know.  Cryptic, I know.

4.  I got my nails done for my birthday.  I’m trying my hardest to stop from staring at them and singing, “I love being a princess.”  You wouldn’t know that song unless you watch Backyardigans.


I also confess that I’d like some Botox for those lines up there…and a new mumu.

5.  I confess that during Step class on Wednesday, I called out a “Spiderman” step.  There is no such thing as a Spiderman step.  I meant to say Superman, which is something we do in every single class.  But some reason, on this particular day, I said Spiderman.  Probably the best part is that instead of admitting that I messed up, on the spot, I made up a new move.  Like it was totally and completely not a mistake.  (If invoved throwing your arms straight up in the air and tucking your knee to your chest.)   The Spiderman is here to stay.

6.  I confess that I have an addiction to over-priced, superficial workout attire.  Travis doesn’t help with this addiction.  I love him.  I confess that I have an addiction to Travis.


7.  I should read more leisure books.  Everything right now that I’m reading has a purpose and is educational.  I need a good “beach read”.  Like the “Life and Times of Snooki.”  Surely she has a book by now.

8.  I confess that I sometimes want to punch people that whine.  Just shut it and be happy and thankful for what you have!  But then when I whine, I’d have to punch myself.  That brings up the question of WHERE you’d punch yourself if you did.  The face?  The wrist?  The gut?  THAT’S what stops me from whining.

9.  Last one….I wasn’t at a stop light when I took this picture.


Lovely necklace from Heather.

These are my confessions.

Peace out, friends.  And ENJOY this weekend.  See you Monday!

QUESTION:  Confess something to me.  I won’t judge.  But if you whine, I’ll punch you in the computer gut.

I Love Friday

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  1. This was so funny, literally laughing out loud reading the whole thing. I love overpriced designer workout clothes as well. It’s a problem. Ive just recently found your blog, thought I subscribed and apparently didn’t so I am catching up on a lot of posts – love your blog and everything you write – very gifted, keep it up!:)

  2. Hahaha! I was CRACKING UP during this entire post! Gah, I love you so so much!

    1. I’d think it’s safe to say your addiction to Travis is a GOOD thing! ;)
    2. I do the EXACT same thing when I get my nails done.
    3. What’s that smell?
    4. You “GET” to mow the lawn?! Who are you? Wait, I don’t care, just come over and do mine next ANY day of the week! Hey, what are friends for? ;)
    5. No really, what IS that smell?!

    PS, I’m totally talking to our step instructor next week about adding the “spiderman” ;)

  3. These are all funny – except the last one. Are you seriously joking around about taking pictures of yourself while you’re driving? That is so incredibly dangerous – to you and others. If I’m just not getting your sense of humor here some how and you were stopped at a stop sign (not a light) or something, I apologize but you CANNOT drive and play with your phone.

  4. Ha! These confessions are why you’re my favorite, Lindsay :)
    I’m glad you’re not the only skeezeball who sometimes misses a shower until late. Hey, I mean, the clients you’re training are sweaty 10, 15 minutes into the session anyway, right? We can totally blame any stench on them ;)
    And LOL at the spiderman move! Classic. Hope you’re having a good weekend, friend!

  5. HA! i love getting my nails done – i always do it and then pray they don’t chip and they ALWAYS do but i love typing after i get my nails done – it just makes me feel so ladylike haha and i think it makes me forget that i haven’t washed my hair in a week. GAH!

  6. Hahahaha oh my gosh this is the funniest post! I love it :) Also, your nails do make you look like a princess. And I LOVE the Spiderman step. That was hilarious. I’m jealous that you can think on your feet like that. I think I either would’ve just burst out laughing or gotten all frozen and have no idea what to do.

  7. Good God I love your sense of humor. If we knew each other IRL, I’d ask you to be my best friend. :D

    Confession: I love my mother-in-law, but I HATE when she picks at food and licks her fingers. Oh my God. She was here all day and did it a few times…and for such a classy lady, she sure forgets about the food bits on her tongue when she goes to lick her fingers. -=gag=- That was totally a whine. I’m sorry. lol But it’s been on my mind all day!!!!

    Happy Friday. <3

  8. Haha- loved reading these!

    So… I am sorta supposed to be on bed rest for 2 weeks, but have been super antsy. This morning Riley and I went grocery shopping- hey a girls got to be able to eat, cook and bake if she is stuck at home, right?! If I sent my husband to the store it’d take hours as he tried to find the things i’d wanted. Bless his heart, I didn’t want to put him through that agony.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. How do you deal with the nails while working out? I’m always afraid I’ll pop one off or something. Hubs wants to get them for me, though, because I bite my real ones.

    Also, I got married almost 2 weeks ago, and I can barely remember to sign my new last name. Its like I should have practiced for a while beforehand, or something. ;-)

  10. I’ll admit that as hard as I’m trying to not mentally check out from my job (since I’m leaving in a week and a half), I totally have! It’s hard to have any desire to go and pretend I want to be there. That’s kind of whining but it’s really just because I’m SO EXCITED about my future and to start studying! (There, I made up for it right?!) :)

  11. I’m the worst at keeping secrets too! I actually end up giving late b-day gifts b/c I hate buying stuff without telling somebody what it is. This year I gave Mark a budget and told him to pick something.

  12. I get all smiley when its Friday as well! It makes me super excited.
    Haha, I totally can go a few hours before showering after my workouts…oopsy. I just hope no one notices.
    I have an addiction to superficial things as well. I can’t help that they are so pretty and cute and that I want them.
    Snookie does have a book!! Haha. I was watching the View and she was talking about it…I’m sure its a keeper.
    I dislike when people whine as well. There is so much goodness in life to not complain! Look for the positive and brightness in life and the gift that we are alive and present this day.

  13. hahahaha my friend and I were g-chatting yesterday and had a “whine fest” we both just got it all out, whined like crazy. And then we were done. Lol it’s like having a good cry. So I confess, I whined yesterday. Bracing myself for a computer stomach punch! p.s. sooooo want to win a drawing!!!!

  14. I wandered into lululemon the other day (the same one that you and J and Susan and I went to) and I missssed you all so badly. I didn’t buy anything, just looked around and missed you guys.

    I confess that I didn’t shower ALL day yesterday. I also went out of the house. Take that, 5:45 pm shower.