So you already know that I went frolicking all over Asheville this past weekend.

What you might NOT know is that I talked Lindsay into going to a Bikram yoga class on Sunday.


I’ve done Bikram before. 

I have a love/hate relationship.

As in, I almost want to vomit when I enter that 105 degree-humid-arm pit of a room and roll my eyes at how long you have to hold the poses and can’t stand that first pose where you breath in and make a gurgling type sound.  It’s a bit ridiculous that people (me) would pay to do this.

That’s the hate part.

The love part comes during those last few poses when I know I’m almost done.

When the sweat and toxins and negative thoughts roll out onto my mat.

When I feel like Gumby – flexible and fluid.


When I feel strong and happy.

That’s when I want to bottle up my sweat and drink it like Love Potion #9 so I can feel this way forever.

That’s the creepy love part.


During class on Sunday, as we were in Locust pose, the teacher said something remarkable.  I’ll my best to paraphrase, for I failed to bring my recorder to this particular class.

During a lot of these poses, we create a TOURNIQUET effect in our body.  Restricting blood flow to certain areas so that when we release out of the pose, new blood can rush in and flush out the bad.

I love this idea.  The Tourniquet Effect.

And particularly how it can apply to our lives.

As soon as she mentioned a “tourniquet”, all I could think about (aside from the pain of Locust pose), was that I have areas in my life that need to die.

My idols, my obsessions, my greed… sin. 

All of those areas need to have their blood supply restricted. 

I need to create a tourniquet to them.

So that when they go numb/dead/stop functioning, I can release the pressure and allow “NEW BLOOD” to flow in.

Refreshing, oxygenated blood.  Life.

I need to cut off supply, flush out the bad, then bring NEW LIFE into those areas.


This idea isn’t new.  I haven’t come up with anything novel or unique.

And my struggles aren’t new.  I’ll always have struggles.  We all will.  It’s simply part of living in this world.

The only difference between NOW versus THEN, is that I’m trying a different approach.

I’m being mindful.

The Tourniquet Effect.

It’s perfectly in line with TDI.  It’s putting less time into the superficial.  Letting some things go.  Cutting off the energy that goes to these negative areas.


Seeing if after time (aka the tourniquet pressure) and thought, I might want to put new, renewed effort into them.  Or not.

My prediction??

I might lose a few limbs.

…and gain a whole heck of a lot of perspective in the process.


QUESTION:  Are there areas of your life that need the blood supply cut off??   Why do you think it’s so hard to change negative behavior/thoughts?


P.S.  I was featured yesterday on Calee’s blog!!  Check her out – an amazing graphic designer and BLEND!

Oh and we’re skipping Tuesday Trainer again this week – we’ll resume next week!

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  1. interesting never really thought about tourniquet effect, makes sense. as you know, I am going through a lot of changes so I am just trying to stay focused and positive.

    off to go check out your guest post

  2. I haven’t been commenting or frequently reading blogs as much anymore but your posts this past few weeks are seriously amazing. A lot of the points have been going hand in hand with the sermons at church and I am loving it. :) I love the tourniquet idea. The things I need to use this effect on included disordered eating habits (binge free since Sunday wooo!), wanting a relationship instead of just letting things happen the way God has planned for me, and just self comparison. I get very trapped in comparing myself during ED to myself now in terms of size, speed, and the attention I got when I was stick thin. Thanks for sharing as always Linds! :)

    1. YOU’VE actually been on my heart lately!! And I’ve been meaning to send you an email about how much I’ve been praying for you! I think you’re amazing and I know you’ve been going through SO MUCH lately. I just want to encourage you to continue this pursuit of God’s will – he’s got some great things lined up for you, Abby!!

  3. were you reading my mind in that class? You must have! cause i was thinking the same thing! but you are so BRILLIANT into putting it into words. When she said that blood supply was being cut off and new blood rushing in, i felt relief. Like it just needed to be done. I was hot, tired, and striving to keep balance. What good are we if don’t renew ourselves with God’s strength and some pruning? Yes! I need to God to prune my heart. AMEN!

  4. Love this idea! I generally find myself in a slump where I am unhappy with myself and beating myself up. I need to let that go and pick up the new routine and a new attitude! Definitely time for a change!

  5. As ALWAYS, between you and Lindsay — I can learn a heck of a lot from you both. I simply ADORE your perspective…it’s beautiful, glorious and so refreshing. Seriously, thank you.

  6. Love you and these posts…I prayed for you this morning to just feel like you are getting closer and closer to where you want to be with Him. Happy day, friend.

  7. Another fabulous post! Lately I’ve been really trying to focus on “cutting off the blood supply” to worrying too much what other people think of me. I know to some extent it’s good to listen to people’s opinions, etc., but I over worry and over think these things and it’s not good for me. I just need to be myself, and remember that I really only have one person as my main audience, and that is God. He is the one that truly matters.

  8. LOVE!
    My thoughts the last several weeks have been in this direction.
    Love how God confirms!
    Tourniquet, painful but of so worth it!
    Thanks for listening, being transparent and sharing.

  9. Wow…such great thoughts and I’m glad I read them early in the morning – I’m going to dwell on them a bit today. Thanks for sharing, Lindsay…there are definitely areas that need LESS blood and others that I know are more than ready to be REVITALIZED…thanks for that reminder of truth. New creations in Christ everyday, but especially when we take the time to let the Tourniquet Effect happen!

  10. I love love love this idea. Even though I so would have passed out in the middle of the class when she said that (it would have grossed me out … getting a bit panicky even reading about it). I need to do the same!

  11. I laughed out loud when I read “That’s the creepy love part.” really enjoyed this post and all of the analogies to life. It’s great how fitness can, in it’s own little ways, teach and remind us of those important things. :)

  12. I think it’s difficult to change negative behaviors because we get caught up in habits . . . habits that we became too comfortable with . . . and now it’s hard to “reprogram”. But I guess that’s the challenge. To overcome and rethink what’s become comfortable and know that there is something more, something better, something with great fulfillment and purpose waiting beyond the old habits.

    Great post, Lindsay. :)

    for me right now it is less negative thoughts and more simply FOCUS.
    Ive been spending too much time IMO on area I need to simply LET GO OF and not enough on some far more important ones.