I smell a Thursday.

Almost a Friday.

Almost the weekend.  Almost time to hike with this girl and go eat my weight in BBQ at this festival.

Today also marks the return of Tuesday Trainer!


I’m sure you’ve noticed that I took a little break from TT.  Especially after this post.

Honestly, I was getting a little resentful of the feature.  Resentful of the time it took for me to film the moves and create the workouts.

And I hated having to hound people for submissions.

(I’m not judging anyone.  I TOTALLY get why people couldn’t submit – it’s a time commitment for sure.)

Tuesday Trainer

I never wanted TT to be:

  • A hassle or a burden.
  • A means of segregating (fitness levels, body types, etc.)
  • Just another thing on your list.

someecards.com - My hardest workout is trying not to look bored while you tell me about your workout

My goals for TT have been to:

  • Showcase exercises, new and old.
  • Showcase bloggers and move traffic to their sites.
  • Create workouts that people would do.
  • Inspire and inform.

I love this feature.

Tuesday Trainer

I believe in it.

I think fitness is for everyone and it should be free (but hire me to be your PT). 


I don’t want to stop Tuesday Trainer. I just want to scale it back a bit.

That’s why we’re now doing it on a MONTHLY BASIS!

The last Thursday of every month, I’ll post a theme.  Then we’ll do Tuesday Trainer the following Tuesday.

Tuesday Trainer Pyramid Workout

You’ll still only have 5 days to film your move (submissions will still be due at 8pm EST), but I think that 5 days is enough time to do this in.

So basically all that is changing is the intervals at which you submit – once a month instead of once a week.  Everything else will stay exactly the same.

Tuesday Trainer Tabata Example Workout

With all that said, the next Thursday’s Theme will be August 30th, leaving the next Tuesday Trainer to be September 4th.

I’m pumped, dude!

QUESTION:  Speaking of returns, what is one thing from the 80’s or 90’s that you wish would RETURN??  <-me?  POCKET ROCKERS!!!  Does anyone remember those?  Please say yes.


**PIN the crap out of these workouts please!!!!**

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  1. Ahh, some of my favorite TT’s! You just reminded me that I still need to try that tabata one! I think scaling it back to once a month is a good idea. I was kinda wondering how long you could keep it up before the posts started to seem repetitious. And I really want to submit something for the next one! I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and was crossing my fingers that I hadn’t missed out on my chance. Hold me to it?

    How in the heck did I not know about a BBQ festival?! I surely would have traveled to NC for THAT! Mmmmm, meeeeeeat! ;)

    And I’ll admit, I totally had to click on the link to see what the heck a “pocket rocker” was! Lol
    Stuff I think should come back: popples, fashion plates, and puff paint! :)

  2. Okay…now that it’s once a month I promise to do my absolute best to follow through that once a month. I’m such a spazz head thought that I always forget to film. Even though I do intend to do it every time you post a theme.

  3. lol I had never heard of pocket rockers, but they stopped making them in ’91 and I was only 4 then, so that makes sense. I wish they’d bring back my matching leggings/big shirt/headband or scrunchie outfits. Required zero work. Outfit was all put together already.

  4. I completely understand the stress and hassle putting this all together must be! But selfishly I am so glad you are not getting rid of it completely, I do love trying all these new workouts! :) ha
    Enjoy your hike and BBQ this weekend!!!

  5. Just started a new board on Pinterest called “At Home Workouts” and have been collecting these babies. I think I might have already pinned one of these randomly earlier today! That being said, I shall pin another now! :)

  6. I can SO commit to one a month TT submissions!! You are amazing and work so hard to make your blog appealing and approachable to everyone…I think you are great.

    Also, I have no idea what a pocket rocker is. I need to go read a wikipedia article.

  7. Great idea! Do what works for you because when you love it, it shows and we’ll all benefit. Your workouts are awesome and full of inspiring ideas. I’ve used them and incorporated some in my own gym time. :)