Clara is two.


Two years old today.

Today is Clara’s birthday.

Glad we’re now all on the same page.

On my children’s birthdays, I write them a letter.  (Plus I’m obsessed with writing letters lately – I see “Dear Ice Cream” and “Dear Fall” in the near future.)

This year won’t be any different.

Here’s my love letter to you, Clara Kathleen.  Happy Birthday. 

Dear Clara,

You are beautiful.


Inside and out. 

(Oh, and you have TWO cowlicks – that sets you apart.)

I pray that you’ll use your beauty for good – drawing people to your light, then making them feel beautiful in return.


You are mine.


I simply cannot get enough of you. 

Never a burden or hassle.  I delight in you, sweet Clara.


You are worthy.


Worthy not because of anything you’ve done or will do, but because you are CALLED.

A fierce warrior for God.

A daughter with power and worth and purpose.


You are loved.


From the moment we knew you, we loved you.

I pray that you will feel and know that love for the rest of your days. That you will find comfort in it.

That it’s home.


You are a JOY!


To be with and around. 

A constant countenance of light and joy.

You simply cannot help it.


Clara – life is better with you in it.  Simple as that.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest gal I know!!

Love Mom.

QUESTION:  Children.  Do you have them?  Want them?  Tell me about your little ones!


**If you’re interested, here’s what I was doing 2 years ago today!  Hard work, totally worth it.**

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  1. What a beautiful love letter! Clara is a no doubt a prize and a bundle of pure joy. On top of that, she is blessed with two amazing parents and a precious big brother. Your family is a great example that Everett and I can look up to and be challenged by. You’re doing A LOT of things right. Thank you for sharing this with us. Oh! and Aria can’t wait until Clara turns three! She’s ready for another cupcake.

      1. Yes! I just found you on Facebook. Ive only ever been able to find your other blog but this is great!! :) so excited! I stalked all over it today while riding in the car to Atlanta:)

  2. What a sweet, sweet girl!! Happy Birthday, Clara! I love her name!! No kids yet. We just celebrated our first anniversary… a baby is till very much in the someday realm right now. But I’m also pretty serious about adopting.

  3. Aww, I just got chills reading this. What a blessing that pretty girl already is.

    And you already know I want a handful of kiddos.

    And Adrienne has two cowlicks, too. They should start a club.

  4. Happy birthday to Clara! What a wonderful mom to write about her love.
    As for me having kids, I don’t think I will but who knows what the future holds. I have raised my 6yr old niece pretty much since birth and just got temporary custody of her and her 21 month old sister. If God blesses me with my own children one day I will treat and love them just as I have these to beautiful Angel nieces I have. Again happy birthday Clara

  5. ::warm and fuzzy feeling::

    I don’t have children, and I don’t know that I will (or will want to) have them. I have had the joy of teaching hundreds, however, and I am in awe of the people who bring them into the world and raise them. Clara is a wonderful girl, and lucky to have a mom so comfortable expressing her love with her!

  6. Happy birthday Clara! Have a beautiful day.

    While my husband and I do not have children, we do love them dearly. Our nieces are the joy of our lives. Maybe they’ll take care of us when we get old since it doesn’t look like we’re going to have our own kiddos to do so!! Haha!

  7. Happy Birthday to Clara!

    It is so awesome that you write a letter to your kids every year. This post made my heart smile –what a great start to my friday! I do not have kids (yet), but I am a school psychologist and I work with 40+ munchkins with special needs. So, I feel like they are all kids!

    I hope that you have a wonderful day celebrating your little blessing :)

    (sorry in advance if this comment posts twice, my internet is being finicky this AM)

  8. Happy Birthday to Miss Clara!!

    How awesome that you write your children a letter every year… this post made my heart smile. What a great start to my friday! I do not yet have children, but I am a school psychologist, and I work with 40+ little munchkins who have special needs – so I feel like they are all my children :) I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your little blessing!!

  9. Happy Brthday Clara.

    Children…yes I want them. I fear I may never get them but the hope is in me. Keith and I are going to try ONE more time and should that end in miscarriage as well then we are going the adoption route. I, personally, want to go that route now but Keith wants to try one more time. So we will and hopefully it will be THE time that works but if not then I am excited to start a journey that will match me with my little one.

  10. Thanks for the early morning cry!;) Happy Birthday to Clara! My kiddos just turned 2 in June. It’s crazy how fast time flies. I want it to slow down but I love every new development. It dawned on me yesterday that we can actually have a true conversation now. So fun!

  11. um, thanks a lot lindsay for making me sob on a friday morning :) at least they’re good tears!

    i only saw clara for a little bit at BLEND but i saw within those few minutes how true every word of this letter is. she’s beautiful – just like her momma!

    and my baby boy? yeah, i could go on and on and on about him…but to sum it up, he is pure joy and love. i adore him!

  12. Happy birthday to your sweet girl!! I love that you write her a letter every year!! LOVE IT!
    I think I want a kid… just not yet. I know I can’t keep saying that MUCH longer.
    Teaching kind of made me not like kids very much… but I know it’s different when they’re yours. Let me re-phrase that: Teaching made me not like TEENS much. Little kids are great (especially yours!).
    Have a wonderful bday celebration!

  13. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy BIRTHDAY DEAR CLARA!!!!! Happy BIIIIIRRRRRTTTHHHHDAY ttoooooo YOOOUUUUUUU!

    I am a new follower of your blog, and I am so thankful to have found another mama who expresses the joy that is the trifecta of family, faith and a (mostly) healthy relationship with exercise. Your honesty is greatly appreciated and is inspiring!

    P.S. My munchkin is 5 and is starting kindergarten in one week….(sniff, sniff) She is the greatest blessing to me in all areas of my life and challenges, envigorates and inspires me daily :)