I’m so NOT Paleo.

I don’t (can’t) do diets anymore.


After watching the Crossfit Games last month, Travis and I kinda wanted to be those people.

Those strong, fit, sexy people that do crazy stuff.

I mean LOOK at Annie’s abs.

crossfit  girl annie thorisdottir

(I actually don’t even know if she eats Paleo.  Probably just spoonfuls of awesome every morning.  That’s what I’d eat.)

Anyway, we wanted to give it a try.

And by try, I mean that Travis did Paleo for one whole week and I did Paleo for one whole day.

An entire day!!!


These are paleo, right?  No?  Paleo is for the cavemen birds.

Anyway, I was looking for paleo recipes, and @mankofit recently posted a picture of Ham & Egg cups on Instagram.  She’s a “fitspirational” icon – chock full of fitness tips and great photos that inspire me.  You should follow her!


I saw these and thought, “I can make those.  Three ingredients and barely any cleanup!  This non-kitchen/cook/baker mama can make that!!!!”

So I did.

Sadly, eating these did NOT help me win the Crossfit Games.


Paleo Recipes


Paleo Egg & Ham Cups

From @mankofit

  • Low-sodium sliced deli ham (I used Hormel’s All Natural line)
  • One dozen eggs
  • Diced vegetables of your choice (I used mushrooms, spinach & bell peppers)
  • Sriracha, for topping

Place a slice of ham into each of the slots of a muffin tin.  Sprinkle finely chopped vegetables into the bottom.  Crack one egg into each “ham crater”.

Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.


Paleo Ham And Egg Cups

Paleo Recipes

Since I know some of you will want to know, each little ham cup has around 100 calories and a crap ton of protein.  <-an actual, real, legit, real measurement.  They don’t store for very long (maybe 4 days tops), so gobble them up quickly.

Make these.

You’ll turn into Rich Froning.

I know I did.

QUESTION:  Have you tried eating Paleo??  What’s the craziest diet that you’ve tried?  <-cabbage soup!  bleck!


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  1. I eat a paleo diet. I LOVE it! It took some getting used to, since I have never really enjoyed cooking. I just learned to plan better. :)

    These egg cups look delicious! My husband and I will devour them!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Annie has said in several interviews that she does NOT do Paleo. She likes certain Paleo-forbidden carbs. Mexican food is one of her favorites. And being from Iceland, she says she LOVES dairy.

  3. “Ham crater” <- LOVE it! I was JUST looking through Massy's posts today and found a few recipes I want to try. She's awesome!

    I've never thought of going paleo before…let's face it, I like food WAY too much…and I could never give up bread, beans AND yogurt! Maybe one of the three, but…eh, who am I kidding, I probably wouldn't last one day! ;)

    Weirdest "diet": In high school, I somehow became CONVINCED that if I had a grapefruit or grapefruit juice for breakfast every morning that I would be instantly "skinny"…nevermind the copius amounts of poptarts, pizza, and soda in my diet! Bahaha!

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i just peed my pants

    (I actually don’t even know if she eats Paleo. Probably just spoonfuls of awesome every morning. That’s what I’d eat.)

  5. Wow, those look really yummy and easy to make.
    I have tried eating paleo about 2 years ago, and I followed a pretty low carb paleo diet which made me feel a bit sick to be honest. I was trying to make my blood sugar more stable, as it usually varies a lot, and I think I managed to make myself hypoglycemic. Now I just try to eat natural foods and I’ve cut dairy out of my diet because it really makes me feel sick. I think paleo is a pretty good diet plan if it’s not too strict on the low carb thing. I think we need carbs too. Just an opinion.

  6. Like you and Travis I was inspired by Crossfit and have been eating more paleo these days. Like a lot more meat and a lot less grains. This recipe looks fun! Anything with meat as cups has to be a winner right??

    (I did the cabbage soup diet too! For a day. It was horrific. Bleh)

  7. so i tried paleo…and lasted like, 5 days hah it was pathetic. i also worked at a bakery so it was kinda unfair haha. i like the idea of it and i def think if you want to lose weight, it will help but prob cutting out carbs in general will help.

    anyway, ive made egg cups before too and they were awesome! its such a great idea paleo or not since u have a convenient, high protein breakfast already made! ill have to make some again!

  8. I’m from the same train of thought….not Paleo, but I dig a lot of the recipes and meal ideas. It’s healthy and I do my best to eat healthy without doing anything crazy.

    Crazy diet? I’ve done master cleanse….not once, but twice! I don’t know if that is even a diet since there is no eating, but it sure was crazy

  9. Oh, good, you aren’t going paleo on me haha. I think this recipe looks great! However, I would just call them ham & egg cups–without the trendy tag. I know, I may sound like a hater… but that’s just me =P

  10. These look awesome! I am not a Paleo fan…to me it is just another fad like Atkins, South Beach, etc…I am much more in the camp of balances eating…fruits, veggies, whole grains and miminal processed crap.

  11. I soooo could not hack Paleo. I just ate bread. But some of “their” recipes are great for clean eating in general. I’m trying two from PaleOMG this week. I did the South Beach Diet for a while in college and lost some weight. But not lasting!! Haha.

  12. I have friends who jumped on the Paleo blandwagon…not a diet for me! I don’t mind restricting processed foods when I can (meaning, when im not craving a huge bowl of ice cream!) but other than that, I feel like balanced choices and good portion sizes are more importnat, along with healthy activities :)

  13. Well, the first time I tried being vegan it lasted literally half a day. I went out and enthusiastically bought a bunch of fake meats (because at the time I couldn’t cook), and as soon as I tried them I gagged and never went near them again.

  14. I’m not interested in eating 100% Paleo (I love legumes WAY too much)- but I like a lot of the recipes. Cassie from Back to Her Roots had a similar recipe on her blog the other day using turkey for the cups- and goat cheese I think? Man, they all look so good!!

  15. I am vegan, so, somewhat opposite of paleo – but like being vegan, I think paleo is more of a lifestyle than just a way of eating/fad diet.

    Regardless, I had the same thoughts as you did after watching the crossfit games, because DANG, those folks look good and can do some crazy, crazy stuff!

  16. I’ve never done any fad diets, but I have restricted calories like a crazy person in the past. Needless to say, it made me INTO a crazy person!

    P.S. My mama has that rainbow mug in your photo… It reminds me of growing up because she’s had it since I can remember!

  17. These look really good! I’ve done Paleo before and still eat paleo about 80-90 percent of the time! I find it just works best for my body and I feel the best when I eat this way! It really does help with Crossfit too!

  18. A couple of our closest friends are Paleo/Primal. I blog about them pretty often because we like to get together and cook up new recipes to taste-taste (I just posted about one a few days ago). It’s so much fun!

    The only thing I’m not a fan of is bacon–so as long as the dish doesn’t have that ingredient, it’s usually okay with me. I don’t think I could do it 100% (I love my oatbran), it’s fine for a day or so. It’s actually very veggie-based. We made grilled calamari and some savory zucchini muffins using almond meal the other day–they were awesome!