As most of you know, I love exercising.


Almost a little too much….a topic I’m currently drafting a post about.

I love to MOVE and to SWEAT!  More so than those two things, I love to challenge myself.

Almost a little too much….a topic I’m currently drafting a post about.

Hmm….So I guess that my common theme might be that I LIKE EXTREMES. 

.…That’s why I’ll try my hardest to make it until July before turning the air conditioner on.  Extreme.

….It’s why anorexia and bulimia appealed to me so much.  Extreme.  (and very much a “past tense extreme”, as I couldn’t imagine going without food now)

….It’s why I had natural birth, just so I could say I did it. {A painful} Extreme.

I like a good challenging challenge.

I wouldn’t call the fitmixer Bootcamp “extreme”.  But I wouldn’t definitely call it challenging.

And now that the 12-week challenge is over, I’m really sad to see it go. 

I began this Bootcamp because I wanted to bring some new light into my old routine.  Even as a fitness professional, I can sometimes get stuck in a rut and become uninspired with my workouts.  Not only is that boring mentally, but it doesn’t challenge your body either – so you get complacent and unmotivated.  That’s where I found myself three months ago.

This Bootcamp gave me EXACTLY what I needed.  Fresh ideas!  I’m not exaggerating when I say that in every single workout, there was a new move or a new thought that was presented. 


Some Final Thoughts:

I have no idea if I lost or gained weight during the process. I don’t weigh myself.  I DO know that my abs have started peeking through more, so that means that my body fat decreased. 


I’ll take it. 

I didn’t always make the weekly conference calls but the ones that I did listen in on were full of POSITIVITY and LOVE.  Candace, Alicia & Robin exuded that in every interaction I had with them – a desire to help in every way they could.

The workouts were easy to integrate into my normal routine because they didn’t take forever.  20 minutes and you’re sweaty and spent.


I didn’t track my food.  Similar to weighing myself, I just can’t allow myself to go there.  My ED history won’t allow that.  My husband won’t allow that.  I just stuck with my 80/20 lifestyle – it’s what works best for me.

The workouts required minimal equipment and could easily be done at home.  Something that was perfect for days when I needed a quick pick-me-up during naptime and couldn’t leave the house.


Since fitmixer IS a supplement company, supplementation education was provided, but I never felt like this company was basing the Bootcamp success off of taking supplements.  When I signed up, I received A TON of stuff.  I use their (vanilla) protein powder every day and still haven’t made a dent in the six-pound bag! 


Fruit punch or Grape…I can’t decide which is better.  They both taste like Kool Aid.

I know that some of you are thinking about signing up for the next Bootcamp (which starts September 10th). 

You should!


If you’ve gleaned anything from my rambles, this is the takeaway:  fitmixer is a company that SUPPORTS and LIFTS UP people.  More than just protein powder and workouts, their Bootcamp aims at encouraging and promoting WELL BEING and STRENGTH.  Not skinniness, no extremes, no one-size-fits-all.  I’ll back any company that puts people before profit. 

To sign up, go here:  Tell them I sent you. Winking smile

QUESTION:  Would you call yourself an “extreme” person??  Have you ever done an online Bootcamp?


**I was in no way paid for this post. I just really love this company.**

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  1. Oooh I have been seeing all the wrap-ups and I LOVE LOVE LOVE fitmixer already, so I might just have to jump in to the Boot Camp. I definitely could use a little change up as far as varying strength routines…

    And all of that fitmixer deliciousness wouldn’t hurt, either. [After scrupulously rationing my aminos I broke down and ordered some more this week…]

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    I’m a long time reader first time commenter, all the way in Sydney Australia.

    This post stood out to me because I am an extreme person. I’ve only recently been able to admit to that, I guess when enough people tell you, you eventually start to accept it. I’m definitely an exercise addict, and it’s no secret I love a challenge, that’s what my blog is all about, 29 challenges while I’m still 29. I hate the idea of “cheating” to get a result, so I push myself harder to get what I want, sometimes I think I’m too hard on myself, but hey, that’s the tough balance we’re all trying for in life right?!

    Right now I’m typing this one handed because I sunk a knuckle in a boxing class this morning…the price you occasionally pay for going hard.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for keeping it real.

  3. I used to be a really extreme person but I am not so much anymore. I mean I still always want to do my best but I have finally realized that my best is simply that, Mine. It isn’t your best or anyone else’s. So I don’t use other people as my gauge for my best anymore. It is a freeing experience and one that has made me so much happier than I ever thought possible.

  4. Sounds so fun! I’m doing Tina’s boot camp right now, but would definitely consider this one… I can always use help with the strenth end of things, as I’m mostly a cardio queen. :) I can go to extremes as well, but have balanced out a lot. I just took two weeks off running to give my shin time to heal, and was totally fine with it- even a year ago I would have been so bummed, but I’m realizing it’s no huring anything in the big picture.

  5. Twinsies? I can definitely relate to the oh my gosh love exercise..probably a little too much thing haha.
    I’ve grown up as an athelete my whole life and trained that way, as my parents have as well. So, it is hard to step back that exercise loving mindset, especially after being in recovery from my eating disorder.
    I definitely live in a “black and white” world, and have a hard time seeing that grey area in between that is moderation.
    All the final notes you made about the challenge are exactly why I love a community involve in this way! Such a positive thing for people. The bootcamp is definitely something I’m interested in! It sounds like it was a great experience.

  6. I’m so extreme it’s not even funny. I wish I wasn’t sometimes. Never done an online boot camp. Looks like fun though and darn lady- rocking those abs. :) Hugs friend!

  7. I used to be “extreme” but I think i’ve gotten much better about it. And I would LOVE to do the boot camp but it’s just so expensive when I have zero money to spend! Plus I couldn’t do it this round because of marathon training!

  8. I was SO gung-ho about the bootcamp and loved it in the beginning, but then I let MYSELF get in the way. I traveled nearly the entire summer (but still did many of the workouts in hotel gyms or my hotel room!) and did not track calories or follow the eating plan. It made me obsessive and crazy- it was just not for me (and I really need to figure out what is, because this is beyond ridiculous). But, I’m with you in that I LOVE the workouts (you know I am in love with exercise too!) and really like the people from fitmixer that made it happen.
    I will be honest though (and everyone will gasp, because I’m apparently in the minority)- though I love the amino- I can’t stomach the protein powder. I still have all of it in my pantry. :(

  9. Lindsay — we are so extreme. I do the same thing. I fully plan on naturally birthing children as well. I ran a marathon just to say I did it. I run outside when it’s horrible weather just to say I did it. It’s bad.

    I’m glad you did this bootcamp! And you look (and hopefully feel) amazing!

  10. I’m glad I found your blog! I can completely relate about extremes. I either do something all the way (plus more) or don’t do it at all. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me you know? It also depends on what the situation is too.

    I haven’t weighed myself in a while and I also like it that way. Your abs are really impressive! I can’t wait to read more. :)


  11. Totally agree with your comment about fitness professionals needing guidance too!
    A couple of summers ago, I joined a functional strength program at a gym other than the one I work at. Having a coach push me and correct my form (my form!) was motivating and humbling and got me in the best shape of my life!
    Thanks for reminding me of that; maybe there’s time in fall schedule to go back there!

  12. Um I’ll take those abs any day! lol. You looked great before and you still look amazing. Sounds like the bootcamp is what I need. I’ve been in a bit of a slump so I’m excited to start the bootcamp in September! Just waiting for my shipment of goodies!

  13. I still have 2 weeks left of the bootcamp (just finished a full house workout) and I am also going to be SAD when it’s over! I haven’t made a dent in my bags of protein either.

    And I’m definitely not extreme. Extremely NOT extreme.

  14. I have never participated in an online bootcamp . . . but I’ve been following as others have. It looks very interesting, and everyone seems to love it. I am definitely an “extreme” workout person. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes I need to learn when it’s okay to give myself a break.

    You look awesome, by the way! Nice work with those abs! :)

  15. This boot camp sounds awesome! I’m dying to try the fitmixer aminos! I just have to say too that I love your approach to fitness, healthy eating, and exercise! It’s inspiring ;)

  16. i think i am the same as MIZ. But I do want to try more Crossfit (in the future) and I AM DYING to get my hands on some Fitmix protein now. I’ll go to extreme for that!


  17. I am DEFINITELY all about the extremes! Excuse my language, but I don’t half ass anything that is important to me. I just have one rule…if I do something, I have to be good at it…I mean REALLY GOOD! I will push and push and push, and then, if I still suck, I’ll quit! Lol Well, kind of. Like in middle school, after a year and a half of band, I STILL couldn’t read sheet music so I gave up the flute. After a month of studying book upon book, watching my grandmother, and trying my hardest to make something (anything) remotely resembling a fabric, I gave up crochet. And yeah, after 3 classes of looking like a complete and total retard, I accepted the fact that I have the rhythm of a stick and I gave up Zumba. But some things I will never quit just because I’m not THE best: blogging, photography, and impromptu stand up! Love making people laugh…even if it’s just at me! ;)

  18. whatever there is that is the opposite of extreme—THAT BE ME.

    I do SOMETIMES wish I were a tad more … typeA but Im simply not :)