For those of you who thought you read that I was going to do a “final thoughts” type post today, you were totally right wrong and need glasses.  I never said that and if I did, I meant to say that I need more time to think about this experience (and to see how my body responds to this morning’s Bootcamp) before I start writing that post.  So there.  Get some glasses.

What I do want to share with you on this LOVELY Friday (how could a Friday be unlovely?  Maybe if you were having like a root canal or something, then I could understand.  But for the most part, Fridays are pretty dang hot.  Hot like a guy is hot or that first bag of candy corn of the season is hot.  Hot.  Not like the temperature hot.)  <-I started the sentence but never finished and now it seems like THE LONGEST run on sentence in the world – I don’t want to do that to you guys.  What was I saying….

Oh yeah!

I made up my own blog quiz. 

Like a baller.

A blog baller.

If you read blogs, you’ve seen a gazillion of these stinking quizzes (quizzes has two z’s – who woulda thunk it?) floating around at one time or another. I honestly LOVE them.  They’re usually easy to answer and you get to show your personality more (although I’m pretty sure you already think you know my personality – anal, list maker, lovey mom, fitness lady.  I just wrote anal and lady in the same sentence.  Add “talented writer” to that list.)

THIS OR THAT – A Lindsay’s List Quiz

Because I like other quizzes, but enjoy being in control.


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Everything should be chocolate.  Even vanilla.  But I DO like vanilla protein powder – fitmixer is what I’m currently using!

Innie or Outtie?

Innie that turned weird looking Outtie with both pregnancies, then collapsed in again.

Hot Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?



I love it!  The actual snow, but more so, the ambiance that snow creates.  It makes you slow down.

Save or Spend?

Save.  We use a cash system – you get X amount out at the beginning of the week.  When it’s gone, you’re done shopping.  I also coupon.

Elliptical or Treadmill?

Both.  With headphones and trashy TV please.


I’d rather just look scared outside though.

Banana or Apple?

Who made this quiz?  Gala apples are the best.

Morning or Night?

Morning.  I get up at 6:15 everyday to read my Bible/work on freelance projects/wash dishes/sip coffee.  I NEED that quiet time – I’ll sacrifice sleep for it.

Love or Money?

Love.  But money sounds pretty great right about now too!  TWO mortgages…not cool.

Lipbalm or Lipstick?

Burts Bees.  ORIGINAL.  And nothing else.


Butt or Boobs?

I like my butt and have never really had boobs.  So butt.


Accoustic or Electric?

Travis! Get outta here!!

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee.  Black.  With a side of butt.


Straight or Curly?

I get the most compliments when I straighten my hair.


But it takes SO DANG LONG because my hair is naturally curly.


I’m lazy – I pick curly.

Three Squares or Graze All Day?

Hello, my name is Lindsay and I’m a GRAZER!  Growing up, my dad called me a rat (Child abuse) because I would pick at things all the time.  There are just too many good foods to eat to limit yourself to three times a day. 

Right handed or left handed?

Right.  My mom is left handed and when she was little, her teachers would tie her left hand behind her back and FORCE her to write right handed!  Why can’t teachers be cool like that nowadays??!?!!

Beach or Mountains?

No contest!  Mountains!!  I live in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.


But of course, love the Rockies as well.



Mac or PC?

PC.  But I’m open to getting a Mac.  Am I missing out right now? 

Shy or Outgoing?

Umm…why would anyone be shy???  What’s to be afraid of?


The end.

Feel free to blab about this quiz to your readers, your husband, your kids.  Tell your two year old about this quiz.  It really IS that cool.


I’m off to bedazzle something.

QUESTION:  Pick one of the questions and answer for yourself!!


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  1. best quiz ever! :)
    I’m going to pretend i’m MY husband Travis and say electric (he has like 12 vs 2 accoustics), and innie/outtie aka cina-mini belly button. (no joke, his belly button looks like a burger king cina-mini cinnamon roll tucked inside at innie-button space) :)

  2. A quiz for the crazies – HA! I love it :)
    I also love making up quizzes/surveys! I had so much fun with the this or that one I did a while back. Who says the surveys already have to be out there to take them, right?!
    PS – how’s the gingerbread K-cups??

  3. Night!!! Butt!!!!

    Haha. I have very curly hair, and I straightened it once for a date. He said — “I liked it better curly.” That guy cracked me up. He was such a nerd and we can still make jokes about it.

  4. this is the best quiz ever sweetie! I will most definitely be doing this one :)

    p.s. the way you started off this post made me laugh so hard! Thank you <3

    I love you girl

  5. Lindsay, could have you been ANY funnier with the opening paragraph of this post? Oh girl, definitely one of my favourite blogs EVER. Thank YOU for ALWAYS making me smile.

    I think this is the perfect quiz for me to do as I am on a roadie trip right now :) I hope you read it ;)

    I love you girl! You are beautiful INSIDE AND OUT! Happy weekend :)

    P.s. I love the mountains, too

  6. Since I have no booty (and I’m totally jealous of yours!), I’d have to go with boobs haha! And I cannot choose between lip gloss and lip balm because I love and need both. I typically apply lip balm first, and then I apply lip gloss on top.

  7. Ohh, love this survey. I’m a survey junkie! Your curly hair is beautiful! So jealous! I usually have to curl my hair everyday.
    I’m a coffee lady too! And totally prefer the comfort of snow over summer. As long as I don’t have to leave the house that is!

  8. Love this! Curly hair all the way – it’s a pain in the @$$ to straighten, and talks like an hour.
    Ooh, you’re definitely missing out without a Mac. I think the only reason *not* to have one (unless you’re a hardcore programmer/hacker) is Windows Live Writer.

  9. This is the most stream of consciousness you’ve been in a long time.
    Love it! Just like sitting across from you sharing a cup of coffee (which we’ll be doing in Baltimore, right?)

    Me butt too; me no boobs either.

  10. I love quizzes like this! My friends and I used to make up similar quizzes when we were in junior high except it was more “Who do you like?” “Have you ever been kissed?” I guess you never out grow certain things. :)

  11. Love this quiz, such a fun idea. I am left handed and proud of it hehe. And I don’t really have boobs either, so butt it is ;-) happy weekend!

  12. So fun! Are you off to…bedazzle others with your personality or legitimately bedazzle something? Like white Keds or a blue jean jacket? If it’s the latter then call me! I’m in!

  13. I have an OUTIE Belly Button. Have had it my whole life. WHen I was pregnant it was HUGE. I mean, ENORMOUS!

    It is now just kind of flat and a bit more innie than it ever has been. It is more like a flatie now.

    Fun quiz!

  14. lefties are superior and we can b*tchslap people even with our left hand tied behind our back. Teachers don’t try anymore.

    That being said, I am now really ambi, because I paralyzed the left side of my left hand.

  15. I actually love these quizzes, although I end up thinking I have to explain all my answers (I like chocolate and vanilla twist, not really one more than the other etc.) And I would take either an ass OR boobs any day, along with your awesome curly hair. Wait, that sounds stalkerish. I’m not going to take any of your body parts, but they are things to be envied.

    Anyway, I hope you had an insightful and restful week. I’ll end this ramble by saying I’m a morning person. Because I’m pretty much 109 years old, I’m in bed by 10 or 10:30 most nights and up by 5:30 in the morning. I get more done and less people bother me ;)

  16. seriously this is too funny, yesterday morning I was sitting down writing out some questions for little Q/A like this, as I love them too! I had some of the exact questions — must have been on the same wave length or something haha

  17. OMG! This was the funniest quiz ever! :) Chocolate or Vanilla? VANILLA! :) Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend.

  18. Today is not a happy Friday for me … I’m starting a round of seven consecutive overnight shifts at work. Boo. :( Everyone else needs to enjoy their Fridays so I may enjoy vicariously through them!!

    Savesavesavesavesave!! Nothing makes me happier than tucking money into that special savings account I’ve set up to collect my condo downpayment/mortgage payments. :)

  19. Lefty represent!

    And i hear ya about being too lazy to straighten your hair. I wear mine curly 95% of the time for that reason. I like it straight though.