How can Summer be nearly over?!?!

It just started!

I remember when I thought I had all the time in the world to soak up my sister.  Time for daily walks and chats and late nights.  Ok…there were no late nights, as she goes to bed at 7pm.

It wasn’t that long ago when we had just gotten back from Colorado (aka Bliss) and with tears in my eyes, I changed gears and started getting hopeful about Summer.

The first lawn mowing of the season. 

The first time Clara caught a lightening bug. 

This Summer was the first one I went through where I am now whiter than I was three months ago.  That takes skill.

Summer is coming to an end.  (I’m actually just dandy with this, as Fall is my favorite season, but still, where did the time go?!!?)

Remember when I made that Summer Bucket List??  A chance to over plan and set unrealistic goals for my family and I?? 

Yeah, it was fun.


Let’s see how I did.

Go to the lake: 

SUCCESS!!  We actually went twice! 



Funny how being out in the sun two days out of 90 doesn’t make you tan.  Hmm.

Finish fitmixer Bootcamp:

SUCCESS!!  And I loved it!  Read my recap here.  (And see me in a bikini here.) 

The next Bootcamp starts soon!  Go here to get started – I LOVED the program and still love the products!  I use them every single day.

Plan 1 date night/week:

TOSS UP.  We didn’t exactly go out on dates, but we definitely had one night a week where we focused on US. 


We like making out in front of fake brick facades.

It might have been at home or even taking the kids on a long walk, but Travis and I are always dating.  Perpetual honeymooners. 

Can beans & pickle okra:

FAIL!  No canning for me this year.  I’m sure my daddy did his fair share – I just never got over there to help.


We DID mooch a lot of fried okra though.

Visit Tina in ATL:

FAIL!  The one weekend we picked to go down there, one of my kids was sick.  I’m coming this Fall, Tina.  Promise.

Get Group Ex Certification:

TOSS UP!  While I didn’t get my ACE certification yet, my boss has decided that we’re going through a different accrediting program (NCCPT).  The gym will be paying for me to get another personal training certification, along with my group fitness certification!!!  Thrilled for the certs, not for studying.

Ride Bikes:

FAIL!  Didn’t go once.  Wah wah.

Roadtrip to Polyface:

SUCCESS!!  We drove, we saw, we stepped in poop.  Amazing experience that I STILL need to blog about.  Put that on my Fall Bucket List.





Take H & C swimming:





Go to Belle Chere:



I conquered Bele Chere 2012 with the help of this girl and these twins. 



They don’t know it yet, but this will be a yearly tradition.

Train Katy:

TOSS UP.  I haven’t trained Katy to box yet, which was the original goal.


But…I have turned her on to CrossFit and now she’s outta control hooked.  We meet at least twice a week and do a WOD together. 


Or create our own!

Families that workout together STAY together!

Read 3 books:

TOSS UP.  I’m reading two books at the same time right now.  But no – I did not finish three.  Or two.  Or even one.


Take 5 days to REST:

FAIL!  (wonder why this one was at the bottom of the list….)

But after writing, reading and rereading this post, I’ve decided to take my 5 rest days starting NEXT SUNDAY, the 26th .  There will be a follow-up post to come, but I’ve prayed about it and it’s needed.  Perhaps others will join me?


So let’s tally:

Success’ = 5 out of 13

Fails = 4 out of 13

Toss Ups= 4 out of 13

Eh.  Coulda done better, coulda done worse.


Summer 2012, I enjoyed you.  I’m not giving you up quite yet. 

I’ve got two more weeks to get a suntan.

QUESTION:  Did you get everything accomplished this Summer that you had set out to do??  What is your favorite season?


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  1. I’m glad I got to be a little part of your Bucket List. :)

    And hey, at least the goals have been written, whether or not they materialize in the time you though they would. [I have a Culinary Bucket List of about 50 things that, to be honest, I don’t really mind I haven’t even finished 15%.]

  2. Well, I’m pretty sure that I too am paler now than I was in May. Oh well, it’s better for the skin!
    Fall is also my favorite season–I LOVE the temperature, all the apples and pumpkins, all the baking, the colors of the leaves, and so on :)

  3. Polyface farms?? I’m jealous! Our family read his books about 10 years ago and we have raised free range chickens ever since. Joel has such an amazing vision and he is SO well educated about raising healthy food and he can articulate details so well! I met him once at a conference but have yet to visit his farm……someday!!

  4. I am going to hold on to summer until it is wintry and cold. I LOVE summer. And my summer bucket list – yeah, about that. I need to do this very thing! sounds like a fabulous summer filled with most of your list! awesome!

  5. I always have such ambitious ideas of how I’m going to spend my summer, it’s impossible to do it all! But I definitely think I have done a lot of what I wanted to do, so I’m satisfied : )

  6. I’m definitely excited for fall, too. In upstate NY, summer was my favorite season. In the south… not so much. :) You did pretty well! Love the idea of summer goals. Maybe I’ll try that next year. Resting is good. I cut back a lot while traveling the last two weeks, and my body thanked me!

  7. Summer isn’t quite over…yet. Oh man, can’t believe its almost September!
    I didn’t even make a summer bucket list, so you should feel a bit better about that:)
    Your doing great on the goals so far! May join you on those 5 days of rest goal. I think I need that greatly right now

  8. Summer doesn’t technically end until September 23rdish I think. Or Labor Day if you’re a real stickler. I need to do an update. I think I completely failed on a couple of them but I tried! Either way, it’s been a fun summer!

  9. I NEVER get to do everything I plan to in the summer. The weeks just go by too fast. And I always plan to get tan and end up paler than I began. Sad :( My favorite season is summer because I often realize so many things about myself over that time plus it is a nice break from school. But Fall comes immediately after in my season love. The fall fragrances, foods, and football are all reasons to love it! Plus my birthday is in the fall ;)

  10. Noooooooo! And Lululemon put out fall stuff today. So sad!! My summer has been so wonderful. Just wish we had time to squeeze in a little vacation, but it’s my husband’s bus season and he can’t take off work until October. Who wants vacation in October? Lame. Lol. But I have fitmixer boot camp to look forward to — starting on my birthday!

  11. Thankfully, this summer, my only goal was “survive”. And I have. More importantly, so have my kids :)

    And I’m pasty white too. It’s sad because where I live, winter is almost half the year long so by Spring, I will be transparent.

    Go you!

  12. They say that if you accomplish all of the goals on your lists that your list was too easy … This just leaves more fun to attempt in the future!! As long as you can look back and think that you were happy with the season, you’re golden! And Chelsey’s right, you still have a good month to finish the books and bike ride at least. :)
    (Summers always pass by too quickly, I find. I find that I’m either too lethargic from the heat or spending too much time simply admiring the beautiful weather to accomplish anything on time.)

  13. I will take the 5 rest days with you! It has been on the bottom of my list as well.

    We got to the cabin 2x’s and our toddler is potty trained;-)

  14. I’m with you: I adore fall. I think it’s my fave. But even though summer was SO darn hot, I still love the carefree nature of it not to mention the extra daylight. You accomplished a ton!
    I think the only thing left on my list to do is hit an outdoor evening concert on the lawn.