Today is Day III of TDI (Tearing Down Idols).  The last two days have been pretty great.

And much harder than I had originally thought. 

You know what I’m finding to be a true idol?  This dang iPhone!!  Time to sell?  Hmm….  I think maybe.

I received an email yesterday, encouraging me towards this TDI goal, and a question was raised that I think I need to address.  She asked:

Why don’t you just stop blogging?

To be honest, I’ve considered it.  Many times. 

Like I said on Monday, a successful blog is SO much more than just writing words.  The time commitment is constant.  I’m always thinking of topics or taking pictures of food/activities, or tweeting or FB posting or ___________.  The list goes on.  And honestly, it can be overwhelming and a great stressor in my life.

Sometimes I DO want to stop. To go back to a time when I was just a stay-at-home mom.  When my free time was used to take naps or finish a craft (heck, there was no finishing….or starting really).  I sometimes miss the simplicity that my life had.


I know that blogging is right for me, right now. 

Not necessarily a “calling”, but pretty close.

Why I Love Blogging:

1.  Creative Outlet:  Blogging provides a creative outlet that I don’t really get elsewhere.  It’s certainly not an escape by any means, but I do feel like I have more people in the blog community that “get” my lifestyle choices (foods I eat, love of fitness, etc).


2.  Platform for Faith:  I see Lindsay’s List as a great platform for exposing people to God.  And what God really is and not how many people have been raised to view Him.  I’ll never force God down your throat, but I want to gently nudge every single reader. 

3.  I’m Good At It:  I know that I’m a talented writer.  I’m confident in this ability.  Something I did nothing to earn and is a true gift from God. 


4.  A Unique Voice:  I’m perfectly fine with being vulnerable.  And I think people need to see that.  Our vulnerabilities show that we’re not perfect, that we don’t have it all together.  Our vulnerabilities show that there is room for improvement – and isn’t that WHY you read Healthy Living blogs in the first place?

5.  The Community:  This group of people is obsessed with a great many things.  Some good and some bad.  But I’ve found that bloggers are just GOOD PEOPLE.  Most are smart, funny, witty, and most importantly, they’re all on a JOURNEY.  Which means that they’re motivated.  I like motivated people. 


Looking back over that list, it’s the last one – COMMUNITY – I know is the biggest draw for me.  It’s why I started Blend


This community listens and encourages and roots for me.


Katie – A true friend.

It’s why I’ll continue to blog.


Tina – A sweaty friend.

Until blogging isn’t fun anymore.  (Or my plan of attack isn’t working.)


Janetha – A hungry friend.

Then I’ll stop. 

Until then, you’re stuck with me.  My rambles, my overshares, my struggles.  Me.


QUESTION:  If you blog, why DO you write? Do you feel like you’re making an impact??


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  1. Hi! I’m a fairly new reader, and just wanted to comment and say I love what you write and how honest and candid you are about life, your faith, your thoughts. I really loved the tearing down your idols post and what you shared about your friend at church. Thank you for saying what you feel! I truly look forward to following along:)

  2. Well I’m sure you didn’t KNOW that I would need to see this post today…5 days after you posted it, but I really needed to see this!

    Sometimes the feedback (comments, tweets, facebook follows) get addicting to me…and I don’t think I’m the only one. So at times, when a day comes that NO ONE says anything and I’ve worked really hard on the blog the past week…I get a weird feeling. Like a no one likes me, why am I blogging, I might as well not post today. Not all the time, but today is one of those weird days.

    Looking over your list of why you blog, mine is nearly identical. It’s so helpful to me get my thoughts out on the blog, and if I can help a few people with what I write…it’s all worth it. :-)

    I’m so happy you blog and so happy to have met you! <3

  3. Did you sell the iPhone? I’ve thought the same. Its my true idol. And one I’ve been feeling absolutely slave to. Even when its sitting on the counter on silent, but still one. I do enjoy our TDI post and this one. It’s also not uncommon to feel this way when your business of blogging is growing and its summer. Or when its December.

  4. I love this post! As a newbie blogger, I get this question from my friends. Why did I start blogging? Because I love reading blogs and have been reading running and health and fitness blogs for over a year. And I had been wanting to blog for a while and didn’t know how to start and then just decided to finally go for it! It’s a lot of work but fun, it connects me to like-minded people, and reminds me how much I love to write. I love your blog and hope you continue for a long long time!!

  5. I love you. and your writing. and your vulnerability =) and everything else about you! For me blogging is a constant battle of censorship. Mostly against my over-use and abuse of the f-bomb and other colorful language but also on not brushing over the things that make me, well, me! kitchen disasters, messes, slip-ups, good eating days, questionable eating days, food jags, food obsessions, blah blah awesomeness blah =) haha I love you for being YOU and this series makes me smile. I can’t read blogs where the author puts out an image of perfection and is always up on a soap box.. I just can’t. I’m all for TDI girly <3

  6. I love that you posted this on the same day I officially stopped blogging (not reading blogs though! I still love you). I think you answered the question perfectly. Do what fulfills you in that moment. And constantly reevaluate if the things (idols!) in your life are truly fulfilling. I started blogging because I had a voice I wanted the world to hear. I stopped blogging because I no longer need validation from the world to know my voice is great.

  7. I don’t have a blog! Boo! No time. But, I wanted to ask if I missed the recap of your trip to Polyface and Charlottesville? I’m dying to know if you went to Arches:)

  8. It is so hard to keep things in check some times. I have met some of best friends because of my blog. I have reconnected with old friends in new ways because of the blog. I have discovered a love of writing because of my blog.

    I think that so often we lose sight of what makes us truly content, and many people look at all of us bloggers and just don’t get it. I’ve questioned whether or not to keep blogging a number of times before, but it always comes back to the fact that I just still have much more I want to SAY.

    And I hope people want to read it. :)

    Love you!

  9. #1 & #2 that you mentioned are huge for me. I’ve moved SO much in the past few years, and I’m a huge introvert so it really helps to have a creative outlet. I also feel that it can at times be a great way to share my faith without forcing it on people. Working on the community part… should have gone to BLEND… I live… so close. Lol.

  10. I looooove you! I say it a lot…but I mean it a lot, too.

    I also blog for creativity and the BLENDS, but I also like to think that I have some positive effect on this little internet world. I feel called to present the family + chirstian life/values as a beautiful and a blessing. Oh, and I like to spend time in the kitchen with my filthy-flour-covered camera.

    (Also, that picture of me cutting your hair…am I wearing pants??!)

  11. I’ve been considering walking away from blogging as well, but found that by taking a real break while on vacation this month, I’m feeling more excited about it again. I’d really miss the community of awesome people if I stopped blogging.

  12. Glad you aren’t stopping, I’m new to your blog and love it.
    I blog for me. I have trouble remembering things that have happened, so blogging is a good diary of sorts. As I blog for me, I find I feel less guilty if I don’t do it daily, or even weekly. I would love to be a daily blogger but life just gets in the way sometimes.

  13. Listen to your heart, Lindsay! If you find meaning in what you’re doing, then you’re doing the right things!
    (I’d be sad to hop over here and NOT find you, but no pressure!)

  14. I’m fairly new to logging and never knew it would take up so much of my life. I’ve cut back in how much I post but it really is the social media that comes along with it that really sucks you in.

    I think the community is what keeps me going. There are so many people I have “met” that I considered friends. It’s a great outlet to find like minded people outside of your friends IRL. It all comes down to what’s best for you and your family.

  15. I just started my blog last month as a forum for sharing my journey with MS. I was diagnosed earlier this year and I refuse to let it get the best of me. Through my blog I hope to bring glory to God and give hope to others that are facing challenges in their lives. It doesn’t have to be MS that’s challenging them, we all face trials of many kinds throughout our daily walk. “Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:2-3

  16. That’s a very good question. I used to have a blog where I would write every day about my journey on becoming a certified BodyPump instructor and generally where I shared my every day life. Then I just could not do it anymore. It was too much of a pressure. I was more focused on shooting some great pictures rather than enjoying those every day moments. We all work differently… :-)

    I currently blog because I enjoy writing. I enjoy sharing my ideas with others and knowing that someone out there may read some of my words and find them useful makes me very happy. It’s much less personal that the old blog I used to have and it’s not a regular one either. However I find it very therapeutical and I would probably maintain it even if nobody read it. :-)

  17. Dear friend, YOU ARE GREAT at BLOGGING! I think God carries us through certain seasons for a reason, for His GLORY. He is using you in so many ways right now. That’s pretty powerful! I started blogging to share recipes for my husband’s fellow athletes, but end up connecting to so many wonderful people. What a journey, a journey worth sharing.

    Love you oooooodles! Am blessed to “know” you. Can’t wait for a big ol’ hug.

  18. I think we all go through periods when we feel like stopping. Blogging is a lot of work no matter how you look at. But like you said it is a great way to be creative, to share, to learn, to help, to inspire…just a few reasons why I love it.

  19. Blogging is all about impacting yourself. And how do you do that? By connecting with others! Your blog is a wonderful place of humor, grace, sweat, and love that resonates with a lot of people and inspires them. If blogging makes you happy and continues to connect you to this wonderful community of like-minded people, then go for it girl! You have a faithful reader and friend right here :-)

  20. I LOVE your open and honest voice and your faith-filled words. It’s why I love coming back to your blog as often as I can. I admire your focus on kicking those idols to the curb and would TOTALLY understand if blogging ended up being one of them at some point down the road. For now? I appreciate your faith so so much! Just had to share that :)

  21. Once again, a wonderful post, Lindsay!! As a new blogger, I’m more plugged in now than I ever have been in the past. Since I’m not up-to-date on all these apps, technology, etc, it’s been quite overwhelming. I’m tweeting (which I thought I’d never be doing), taking pictures everywhere I go, trying to make my blog somehow more impressive, and now instagram…It seems there’s no end to this madness. However, in the midst of all this craziness, somehow I find peace. Yes, it’d be nice if I had some free time to just do nothing, but from past experiences I know that it’s during those times that I’m the most vulnerable to negative thoughts. I love blogging bc it def allows my creativity to shine through. And I feel so fortunate to be part of this incredible community! So encouraging and loving!

  22. I blog for 2 reasons –

    1. My goal in life is to make a difference in people’s lives and right now this is the best way I know how. I hope that someone stumbles on my blog or reads it regularly and decides to reach for their goals or change their lives for the better. I want to be a catalyst.

    2. I have NO IDEA what I want to be when I grow up. I’m hoping that blogging will lead me in some direction. I don’t pretend to think that I could live off of my blog, but maybe it will lead me to a career in fitness or writing. Who knows?

  23. I enjoyed this post (& Monday’s as well)…Very relevant to me. It truly does become so hard to unplug in a society where everything is so fast paced. I recently went on vacation & realized how attached I was to my Iphone:)

    I hope you continue blogging for a long time! You are super inspiring:)

  24. You had me a little worried there for a second…you can’t quit blogging. I won’t let you. LL is my favorite. I know it gets overwhelming but you inspire SO many people and make them laugh daily. That’s more fulfilling than crafting a wreath! ;)

    And you’re so right…the poeople in the blogging community are some of the most supportive, kind, funny, smart, and generous people I know!

  25. Yes, yes, yes – community! It’s something I never expected (I meet lots of my friends on the internet? That sounds weird), but I am so grateful for it! I enjoy the challenge of writing, of sharing, and of the sense of focus it gives me when I least expect it. Sometimes you write and helps you to see something you hadn’t even realized yet.

    I also agree that it can take up way too much time and I’m working on that. I’m also trying to remember that if I don’t post every M-F, it will be okay (like last week).

    Okay – this is a really long comment, so I’ll stop now. Miss hanging out with you! :)

  26. I think you really hit it on this one! The community is HUGE! There’s a group of people out there who understand and support me in a way that some of the people surrounding me don’t. There’s a group of friends that I’ve made that are ALL OVER the country!

    I write to share my journey with whoever is willing to read it, whoever it may impact, but to also be my outlet. It’s definitely a release for me and on many days it is my form of therapy.

    And I’m with you, until the day that I no longer love it, I’m going to keep doing it. :)

  27. I blog for pretty much the same reasons: I love it, creative outlet, reaching out to women who can identify with me or parts of me, and the community! I love blogging, I’m constantly thinking about post ideas, ways to get together with other bloggers, and reaching out to my readers. Some people think it’s too time consuming, but they just don’t get it. Every minute I spend blogging is rewarded when I receive an e-mail or comment from a reader saying thank you. I had hoped to reach at least one person with my blog and I am amazed and so thankful for all the readers who have gained something from what I do.

    And thank YOU lindsay! I love your blog, your honesty, and your FAITH. I grew up without going to church and no direction when it came to faith. I’m slowly finding my way there and reading how it impacts your life certainly helps!

  28. Great post! I definitely agree that this is an outlet for me to share what I have to say. The community aspect is the main reason. Ran my first 5k because of the lovely BLENDs who did it with me!

  29. Hey, now. I do more than sweat. ;) You know I love you.

    I’ve been in the same boat where I thought about just stopping, but the thought didn’t sit right after praying about it…overthinking it…praying some more. So, I didn’t. And now here I am. I know you know this – but just give each day to God and let Him guide your day and you can’t go wrong and you’ll find the peace to blog happily. There will always be stressful times, but it can become more fulfilling again on the whole.

  30. We’re thankful for you! You’re such an inspiration and I enjoy coming and seeing what’s going on in Lindsay’s world today…so I can learn something about my own life. You inspires us to become better each and every day.Please know that you are making a difference. You are talented. God has given you the gift of writing and encouraging others. Wishing you the best.

  31. i love this post…i think anyone who’s blogged has definitely considered stopping at some point because it can become such a huge idol. i know that’s the case for me – it’s become so overwhelming at points, but the way God has used it in my life (and in others’ lives) makes me see that it’s worth it as long as i don’t put MY worth in it!

    p.s. i love ya ;)

  32. I would be so sad if you stopped blogging. That being said, I don’t think anybody would notice if you only posted 3-4 x a week instead of every day.

    I write because I like to keep track of things. It’s fun to go back and see where I was a few years ago. I also like the convenience of keeping track of recipes and craft tutorials.

  33. I’m so glad you blog Lindsay. I recently found your blog and it has provided me with inspiration, laughs, and a good dose of kick butt. I’ve been thinking about why I blog (and I have TWO, one for teaching and one for the rest of my life) and I think this post from Kim @ Oh, sweet joy really got me thinking. You’ve probably seen it, but just in case you haven’t:

    Have a super day and keep blogging!!


  34. Great post – I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I think for me it’s definitely the creative outlet and the community. The only vegans I have day-to-day contact with (besides my immediate family) are my online friends and followers. It’s a big part of my life and I love having so many people to share it with, even if it’s not always face-to-face.

  35. You hit the nail on the head here…I love reading blogs and writing my own because it’s so inspirational to know that all of these other women are on a journey too. And though, like you said, not everything is good about this blogging community, in the end we’re all just learning and growing together! We “get” each other.

  36. I love it. I first started to write because I wanted to keep myself accountable and as a creative outlet. After Blend, I kept it going for the community and support, so thanks! I’ve met some amazing people, you included, whom I never would have met without blogging.

  37. Great post! I love the reasons you gave for why you continue to blog, and I couldn’t agree more. Inspiring others to live a healthy life is a huge passion of mine, and I feel like I get to do that through my blog. The community and friends I’ve made through blogging is another HUGE reason I love to blog. It has kept me coming back because now I wonder what I ever did without some of the “blends” I’ve made!
    P.S. Love the new blog look!

  38. I’ve thought about this too… blogging can definitely be the source of stress some days, but like you, I love this creative outlet and the connections I’m making to other moms, runners, fitness lovers, etc. Great post!

  39. I blog for various reasons. First, it’s fun! Second, I have made some incredible friends and lastly, it has really helped me in dealing with my multiple miscarriages. It has been an incredible support system for me and I truly believe it has helped my healing process.

  40. I’ve gone through the same thing many times – I’ve asked myself so many times why I blog. And you know what?I like it! So I do! I’ve definitely taken a step back and toned it down – only blogging when I want to and not freaking out if I don’t get a post in. It works for me!

  41. I like blogging because honestly, I like to talk about myself! I mean, that sound weird when I put it like that but i have always had journals and diaries since I was a kid. So basically, I blog for myself as an outlet to get my feelings out. If no one read my blog, I would still write it, but obviously I like having readers too!

  42. Good girl! Don’t you DARE stop. I love you, your blog, and the community made stronger through events like Blend. :)

    I started blogging for me… really just as a place to store recipes. I keep blogging for the camaraderie, the creative outlet, and simply because I love it. I love the interaction and the space to speak my mid or share ideas.

  43. Great post, Lindsay! I agree with much of what you said. I truly enjoy sharing my little slice of life with others. I also love sharing my faith. And I’ve met some amazing friends through blogging. So for now, I believe it’s worth it. I’m sure at some point, it will run it’s course and I’ll stop. But not anytime soon! ;)

  44. Hi Lindsay!!! I love this post–you said exactly how I feel about blogging. I just started at the end of May . . . and there’s something that I love about it. Something is pulling me to do it. Even though it’s taking up much more time than I expected. I have described it to my husband as a creative outlet that I never had before, and didn’t even realize that I *might* be good at or could even do. I really, really enjoy it. I’m nervous about how much time it will take up when I return to teaching in a month. I’ve already starting planning how I might manage my time to accommodate for everything. I just don’t want things that are more important in the grand scheme of life, to get pushed to the back seat. Anyways, thanks for letting me think out loud–and as always, thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)