Some of my most favorite DVDs ever are the “Best Of” Saturday Night Live compilations.  Hilarious and to the point.

In our 300-movie DVD collection, we own the “Best Of” Christopher Walken, Steve Martin and Will Ferrell.  While I’d like to say they get watched often, we always seem to pick something on Netflix over a DVD.

Sorry, DVD collection.  I’m just too dang lazy to get up off the couch – remote control wins again.  (quick – somebody make that into a SomeE Card!)

Anyways, Will Ferrell called and told me that the “Best Of” collection needed some Tuesday Trainer action, in honor of Lindsay’s List turning one next week. 

What a splendid idea, Mr. Ferrell.  I’ll do it. So long as you never make a movie that isn’t a comedy ever again.  #likeeverythingmustgo


(these selections were based off of my preference (so like my favorite moves), which is what matters most on Lindsay’s List.  Don’t take it personally if you aren’t among the bunch.  But if you ARE, then DO take it personally and know that you’re a star.  No seriously – I looked through almost all of the 35 Tuesday Trainer posts (!) and had a very hard time picking my favorites.  I love you all and am EXTREMELY thankful that you participate week in and week out!  Thank you!)

The Best of Tuesday Trainer:

Best Lower Move – Curtsy Lunge by Kristin


Best Family Fitness – The Ungers


Best Upper Body Move – Pushups (with variations) by Tamara


Best Plyometric Move – Tuck Jumps by Tina


Best Outfit – Janetha (always)


Best Core Move – Up/Downs by Michelle


Most Adventurous Trainer – Bonnie


Best Videographer – Rebekah


Best Use of Equipment – Kristen


Best Yoga Move – Dancer Pose by Allie


Best Pet Blooper – Randy & Penny

and finally…

Most Loyal Trainer – Bonnie

(she’s been with me since the beginning.)


Come back Thursday for next week’s TT theme!!!

QUESTION:  Have you ever participated in Tuesday Trainer?  If not, what’s stopping you?  Have you ever completed a TT workout?


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  1. I’d love to take a part in the TT series Lindsay – I just need to kick my butt and record something – it is on my ‘things to do list’ – a major procrastinator talking here!! :-)
    Thanks for featuring all of those videos – they are all fabulous!

  2. I’d love to participate in the TT Lindsay – I just need to kick my butt and record something – it is on my ‘list of things to do’ – a major procrastinator talking here. :-)
    Thanks for featuring all of those videos, they are all fabulous!

  3. Hooray! Thanks for including me! I haven’t seen all of these clips yet (only joined in the spring), so I’ll have to take a coffee break later today and watch!

    Happy birthday! And looking forward to next week’s theme ;)

  4. Aww Lindsay! Thanks for the nod! It’s funny how little things can mean a lot to people – and the words “adventurous” and “loyal” mean a lot to me (I’m a words of affirmation kind of girl)… ;) Sure wish I was coming out to connect with you and the other fun Lindsay too – bring on BLEND retreat 2013 and here’s to many more TT to come! Love you and appreciate what you do and who you ARE. :D Have a great Tuesday!

  5. I need to get on this Tuesday Trainer Train! Also, we suffer from the same DVD-Netflix problem in our house. We own SO MANY DVD’s, but Netflix just always seems easier! Also, Happy Early Birthday!! Should I bring a cake!?

  6. oh very cool! i love that bonnie got the loyal award. she’s one loyal babe! I am stealing half of these again for my core class. Thank you very much!

    and yes, i am back for TT. Can i still be in the cool club?