Did you know that we were actually made for fellowship??  For relationships??


That we feel most fulfilled when we’re helping others…


when we’re interacting, hugging, laughing…


smiling, talking, embracing.  Those are all basic human expressions.  But they are best used when AROUND OTHERS.


Fellowship might just be my favorite aspect of life.


Sure, there are times when I’d rather be alone…


sitting in my pj’s on the couch with some Cheerios and milk and the Bachelor.


But that gets lonely over time.  And I start to crave interaction. 

A connection.


You can have fellowship with your husband, your family, your friends, your children…


your dog, the guy on the corner asking for money, the grocery store checkout girl.

With God.




To truly have fellowship with others, you first have to open yourself up.  Make yourself vulnerable to rejection and judgment. 


To some, that act of opening up can be a deterrent.

Don’t let it be.

The most beautiful thing happens when we make connections with other people. 

We love one another.

We think, we debate, we laugh, we cry…

We’re exposed to new ideas, new ways of thinking…

We touch, kiss, hug, embrace, smile…



We do these things.

Because we were created for fellowship.

For love.

It’s what ties us all together.

We crave it.  We need it. 

I like that.

QUESTION:  Do you think you’re a good friend?  Finish this sentence.  We were created for ……. 


**Pictures were from my fabulous weekend in Asheville, celebrating Lindsay’s birthday!  Lori & Michelle even drove in from Charlotte to spend the day with us.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship!  Lots of food, trail running, Bikram yoga, fro-yo, Greenlife, and a funny story about getting into a truck with two complete strangers.  Good times.**

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  1. I just love you girls!! God totally made us relational people. I strive to be a good friend and to uplift others. I don’t know what I would do without fellowship and my relationships with others. I’m so glad you girls had a great weekend. I am a bit jealous though. ;)

  2. beautiful post! beautiful message! beautiful smiles on beautiful ladies – glad you had fun, SO WISH I could have been there!!

    I strive to be a good friend… there are times when I do value my alone time, and can be selfish with it (it is rare and valuable!). I have some amazing people in my life, and I need to keep up connection with them, they inspire and uplift! :)

  3. Lindsay! I’ll be in Highlands, NC next weekend (8/10) through possibly the next week. What do you think if I stopped by Franklin for a day to meet up? Maybe we could go blueberry picking and smear it across our faces (this is my best memory of NC haha).

  4. ohhh i am finally home! i made it! and i miss you! I love the fellowship we all had. It brings enrichment to our lives, like salt it brings flavors, like light it helps us see. God made us for that reason. We were created to love, care, and uplift one another.


  5. SUCH a fun weekend together you ladies had! I’m totally jealous and wish I was there celebrating fabulous friendships and fellowship. Just beautiful.

  6. Oh wow, this is a fantastic post! This weekend, I actually enjoyed lots of “blogger-fellowship” considering I went on a hike/walk with Kath (katheats) and took a Saturday roadtrip with Sarah (The Smart Kitchen) & Alex (ieatasphalt) haha! Got to love good friends, good food, good laughs, and great creation surrounding us :)

    ps: you’re kids are SO tender. My heart melted again!

  7. I think we were created for loving one another! This makes me kind of sad, I live alone in a studio and so desperately wish I had more fellowship! It’s so hard to make friends and see them often at this age and time in my life. I’m getting better at working hard on it though!

  8. What a beautiful post! I am only saddened because I would have LOVED to be there, too.

    I find I go through phases of craving social fellowship interspersed with a LOT of time alone. I actually feel very content in my own presence, alone, but when I get into social situations I do ‘come alive.’ I think the balance is key.

    I’m not always sure I am a good friend, to be honest. I’m bad at keeping in touch and often feel selfish. [In a “I kind of want to do this right now and if I’m by myself doing it, that’s cool” kind of way. Probably why I’m not in a relationship? :)]

    We were created for…?

    Well, to be honest, if we knew the answer to that completely, life wouldn’t be all that interesting. Easier maybe. But not as interesting.

  9. Such beautiful photos of you ladies!! I definitely love this post. And while I enjoy being alone, I also thrive on being with others and being a great friend to them. If I’m going to be someone’s friend I’m not going to do it half assed. I’m going to be a great friend to them. Building on relationships is such an important factor on living a happy life as well.

  10. Lovely ladies!!! Yes, you’re absolutely right!! We’re called to fellowship with one another! Building relationships and expanding the kingdom of God, that’s what we’re called to do. A great reminder…I forget this as I, more often than not, hide away in my lil’ cave.

  11. It looks like you girls had a great time! If I wasn’t still nursing, I would have loved to pop up to Asheville and hang out with you girls. It’s not far from Mooresville and I love Ashevegas :)
    Great post, too! It’s important for me to remember to interact sometimes because I feel so busy with my to to list. Learning more everyday how to balance life, though :)

  12. beautiful post…there was recently a sermon at my church focusing on this statement: “God hates religion, but He loves relationships.” … It was such a great discussion, and I believe it whole-heartedly…We’re here on Earth to not only grow in our relationship with the Lord and our immediate families, but also with all of the people that surround us each day.

  13. beautiful post…there was recently a sermon at my church focused on this idea: “God hates religion, but He loves relationships.” …it was an amazing discussion, and I believe it whole-heartedly. We’re meant to create relationships with not just God and our immediate families but also with all of God’s people that surround us.

  14. I try to be a good friend but sometimes I know I could be better. Not to bring everything back to my miscarriages but having both of those taught me that it is important to have friends. They can build you up and help you heal. I also think about the fact that maybe Keith and I won’t ever be able to have kids and if that is the case I need to keep my friendships strong as we age and get older.

  15. This is so true. I believe that fellowship is one of the many reasons that God wants us to have a church home. It’s important to be connected and plugged in with a group of fellow believers. It’s so important to be there for each other during our walks with Him! :)

  16. As always, love this post and I couldn’t agree more. We were made to be in relationship with God above all else and with others here on earth!