I’m sitting here debating about what to write.

A “Best of” Tuesday Trainer, since we didn’t have a theme this week….

One of the workouts or recipes that I’ve already made jpegs for but just haven’t posted…

A random thought post…

A foot update….


Folding clothes on a slant board.


I just feel meh about writing today. 

And I want to watch tv. 

Like trashy “Housewives of Insert Your County” tv.


Or Gilmore Girls on DVD.  (Which is far from trash and I vote it for “Best Fast-Talking Mother/Daughter Situational Drama Show” ever.)

Since I’m uninspired in the blogging area on this particular day, I’m challenging myself.

To wait until I DO have something worthwhile to share.

And to not get caught up in the, “I have to post once a day or I’ll die” game.

I’m daring myself not to blog.

For maybe just a day….maybe more.

Till the “meh” turns into “Let’s do this!”

Meh…I’ll be back Thursday.

QUESTION:  If you’re a blogger, do you post everyday?  Do you feel like you “should”?


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  1. I wrote out a whole comment and swore I submitted it, but do not see it.. boo! I am new to blogging so I feel the need to post everyday..but being that I work full time and teach zumba at night, that is not too realistic. Plus my boyfriend says that I have “too much computer time”.. as time goes on I am sure the posts will become less frequent and I’ll find a balance to it all. Thank you for posting this and loved reading everyone else’s thoughts, opinions, and perspective’s!

  2. Hola! Glad you posted this question… new to your blog and the blogging community as a whole. Since I am new to this blogging stuff, I do sometimes feel like I need to post everyday. Since I am so fresh to all of this, I find I do have a lot I want to say or share…but I am sure over time, that will diminish a bit. I actually love reading people’s “meh” posts or random rambles only because it just shows how “normal” and human beings they really are, if that makes sense. It’s almost comforting that we all get in ruts and we are not always on our A game.. but at the same time, I do work full time and then teach Zumba at night so right now I can’t wait to get home and write a post… however my boyfriend says “too much computer time” and he’s right. There has to be a balance.. i’ll figure it out :) thanks for posting this! and loved reading all the other thoughts, perspectives, and opinions on this, too!

  3. I’d really love to have an amazing post every day- but it just isn’t going to happen. My rule with blogging is that I post when I want to. And that generally happens to be 5-6 days out of the week. I VERY rarely post 7 days a week, and usually skip Saturday and or Sunday.
    It’s okay if you don’t post one day. We love you. We’ll come back the next day. :)

  4. Gilmore Girls is the best show ever! And definitely not trash :) but the again I own them all and have watched each season no less than 7+ times… Not even kidding. I love my Gilmore Girls :)

    it changed my blogging.

  6. i feel you bro – i’ve been having mass amounts of ‘meh’ days – its natural – i ran out of things to talk about haha i guess that happens to the best of us! naturally ;) go chill out and watch the housewives of everything – it’s my fav

  7. I try to blog once a week, but sometimes that can turn into once a month or less. I love blogging and wish I had things to write about on a daily or thrice daily basis, but if I did, I would probably bore the pants of people.

  8. I 1/2 feel the same and 1/2 different. I feel like I have a million things to blog about and no time to do it in. I try to post once a day and I like the rhythm of it, but sometimes it just doesn’t work with life. And I say in that instance….Life wins!! Or it should anyway. :)

  9. Take a break – it’s okay. :) I do feel best when I post every weekday, but I gave up Saturday/Sunday posts a few months ago and I LOVE that change. I figure I can post on the weekend if I really want to, but feel zero pressure (and rarely do).

  10. I 100% understand the “I must post something or die” thought process. I always feel so guilty when I have nothing to write about, and I often say I just won’t write but then I end up doing it anyway and being mad that I just gave the world garbage to read.

  11. I used to be really good about posting 5-6 times a week, but now I just don’t post if I don’t want to post. It was getting to the point where this felt like a job and not a brief respite from normal life hehe. On the other hand, I started to hardly post at all, so I’m looking for balance at the moment.

  12. Just don’t do it if you don’t feel it…that’s my motto. Although your “meh” posts about nothing are more entertaining than my daily posts…so, you should probably keep it up. :-)

  13. I say don’t force it. I was just away for 5 days with the hubby and took a break. Sometimes you just need a break if you don’t feel it as well.
    You can usually tell when someone posts and they are in a meh mood.
    :) Steph

  14. I have committed to blogging once a week. That way each post is relevant and entertaining. Some weeks I blog more, but once a week is an attainable goal.

    I sit in front of a computer AAAAALL day at work. The LAST thing I want to do most nights when I get home is…you guessed it, sit in front of the computer. But I love writing and blogging, so my little arrangements works well for me!

    I seriously don’t know how people with away-from-home full-time jobs blog every day…they are like unicorns or super heroes.

  15. You deserve the break! I sometimes get the posting guilt, but I definitely shouldn’t since its my blog. Sometimes its better to write nothing than a post of nonsense;)

  16. Maybe I take this a little too seriously but I live my life by this slogan “I don’t do things I don’t want to do” (and not like laundry or dishes, but things that will make me unhappy or uncomfortable, etc.) so yeah, that includes blogging. I’ll do it when it’s fun for me. I fully endorse watching some Bravo trash.

  17. I feel as though I should post every day, but only M-F. And it’s all self-imposed because I used to blog that often. But anymore, I just want my posts to be authentic, and that includes posting only when I truly feel like it. Sure, it can be inconsistent, but it’s what works and feels natural for me.

  18. I do not blog daily. Can’t imagine anybody wanting to read my blog that often! Also, I’m a firm believer in ‘if you don’t have something important to say, don’t say it”

    Your content is great Lindsay, don’t feel pressure to post if you don’t think the content merits it!

  19. I’m battling this right now. After a week off from blogging and things while away, I’m kind of NOT missing it now that I’m back. And I can’t tell if it’s just because I’ve been burnt out lately, or if it’s more that I’m losing my love of blogging and want to/need to focus on presence vs. plugged-in-ness. I’m unsure. Still mulling.

  20. I can’t write every day. I can’t make my life that interesting!!! ;-) Also, I need to take a break from technology! It’s consuming my life! This next little while I’m going to really focus on spending quality time with Steve and engage in conversations without my face in my phone or computer. I think I’ll live… :)

  21. I used to feel I had to blog every day but then recently it hit me – for me it is not my job, it is more a hobby and something I really enjoy so why turn it into a job? So now I post when I want to, and have time to. No more squeezing one post in or posting when I have nothing to share. Surprisingly this has only really changed in that I might do one less post a week.

  22. Since I just started my blog, I’m still in that super-excited-want-to-post-all-the-time phase. I’m actually a bit scared that a.) I’ll run out of ideas or b.) I feel pressured for time to do this when the school year begins again (I’m a teacher). But for right now, I’m having so much fun, I’m posting about once a day. I don’t want to do more, but I think if it turned out to be once every other idea, that would be okay.

    I wonder what readers think about frequency . . . . Personally, when someone blogs three times a day, it’s a bit much for me because I read so many different blogs. I also, follow a few blogs that post once a week, and that works too. I guess it always comes down to quality!!! I’d rather read quality stuff!

  23. i’ll be honest, sometimes i do feel like i “need” to post everyday (even though i know i don’t), but deciding not to post on sundays has helped a lot to give me a little break for a day. it allows me to unplug and not have to worry about posting that day. enjoy that mini break my friend – you deserve it!

  24. I generally do post everyday, but I have a lot to say lol! Sometimes if I feel like I don’t, I do something unrelated but still fun like pics from a vacation or something. ;) I love gilmore girls!

  25. I don’t post every day. I used to feel like I needed to but could tell a major difference in my writing when I actually had something to say versus when I was just posting to post. So I stopped.

  26. I blogged every day when I first started… then decided I don’t want to work on the weekends. Not that blogging isn’t fun, but damn… I just don’t have that much time or riveting information to share. I mean, do you really care that I had another smoothie for breakfast? LOL!

  27. Oh boy I used to feel that pressure. Not anymore though. I only write when I feel like it and have something I want to share. Oh, the freedom. ;)

    And I absolutely adore Gilmore Girls. When Peter and I first got married I was watching it one random afternoon on ABC Family when he came home from work. He looked at it and said immediately “Oh my gosh. That is JUST like you and your sister”. Yep. And it is awesome. I bet Travis felt like it was all of us blogger gals on Saturday night too with all our blabbering. Haha!

  28. I just started a blog and have not been able to post every day, but I don’t want to feel this enormous pressure that I must post something daily. I hope to be able to keep the blogging fun and not feel like one more thing on my already packed to-do list!
    Enjoy your 4th of July.

  29. ha, that’s how i felt yesterday. and i don’t even post everyday. And then i thought… I should start a real housewives of vagabonds.
    For real.