So, my little blog turned one year old yesterday.  If you missed out on yesterday’s song…well…I’ll just repost it.


(And THAT’s why you should have kids!)

To celebrate her birthday (yes, LL is a girl), I thought I should THANK my readers for making this blog so successful in it’s first year.  Every day this week, LL will host a giveaway from some of my all-time favorite companies.  Companies that have played a HUGE part in getting this blog on it’s feet.

I’m calling it….


Add a “yeehaw”, Kei$ha and some tinsel and you’ve made it to my party.

This week really isn’t a celebration about me – I want the focus to be on YOU!  It is YOU who come back daily and put up with my sillyness.  It’s YOU who leave sweet comments on those posts that are hard to write.  It’s YOU guys that email me behind the scenes to ask how my day is going.  I’m SO VERY THANKFUL!  Grateful for your time and friendship. 

That being said, today I AM going to toot my own horn just a wee bit.  Because I’m proud of my work and what this “naptime blog” has evolved into.  I say as humbly as possible – I put a lot of hard work into this blog and it’s paying off! 

Some Accomplishments:

Over the last six months, the Lindsay’s List readership has grown by 203%.

Twitter followers have grown to 1,069.  Facebook, to 401.

Became a Fitfluential Ambassador.

Hosted a whopping 23 giveaways!

Wrote 11 Guest Posts and hosted several on the site!

Planned and successfully pulled off Blend 2012!

Hired by Mom 365 to do weekly freelance work.

New doors are opening up every day. Everywhere I look, I see God’s hand in this venture.  I can’t wait to see where He takes it!

DAY 1 GIVEAWAY – fitmixer!!

If you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook sites, you’ll know how much I love fitmixer.  I had the opportunity to meet the people behind fitmixer at the 2012 Blend Retreat (and I’m sure I’ll see them again at Blend2013!).  The whole team was just full of life and really stood behind their products. 


fitmixer specializes in amino acids, protein powder and has an online Bootcamp (next one starts in September!).  I personally endorse all of their products and am LOVING the Bootcamp, which is particularly handy because all of the workouts can be done AT HOME and in MINIMAL time!  For a mom, this is such a nice thing to have at my fingertips!

fitmixer wanted to celebrate LL’s birthday too!  So they’re giving away TWO prizes today!


Grand Prize:  TWO canisters of fitmixer amino acids + shaker bottle

Runner-Up:  ONE canister of fitmixer amino acids + shaker bottle

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner’s will be announced on Friday!  Best of luck friends!

Come back every day this week as the celebration continues!

**Get your Tuesday Trainer submissions in by tonight at 8pm!**


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  1. Its been a while since I’ve been on Pintrest but it was probably something wedding related. :)

  2. I actual don’t have a pinterest, but I’ve seen other people’s and the workouts pinned are usually so inspiring!

  3. Congrats on the blog birthday! That’s a huge accomplishment and definitely something to be super proud of you. As a newer reader, I have been loving on having some past material to catch up on.

    As for the last thing I pinned on pinterest, it was either a killer ab workout or the recipe for almond joy cheesecake. Completely different but hey, gotta have balance right? :D

  4. I just signed up for the Fitmixer bootcamp! I am so excited. The last thing I pinned were ideas for house decorating. I think after a year in our house, I should probably start putting things on the wall ;). Happy Blog Birthday!

  5. The last thing I pinned? I’m sure a ridiculously unhealthy recipe from How Sweet Eats – and I’m sure when it’s not hotter than the surface of the sun here I’ll try baking again!

  6. Everybody keeps talking about these freakin’ aminos- they sound pretty amazing!! Thanks for inspiring me everyday :)

    The last thing I pinned to Pinterest was a coconut rice recipe from How Sweet Eats! mmmmm Coconut

  7. Ahhh! So glad to hear you got the job from Mom 365! Congratulations! Love the little song and dance…truth be told, I’ll probably be singing it for the rest of the night (at least it will keep me entertained during my shift! Lol)

    Love this birthday giveaway palooza thing! I need silly string ASAP! ;)

    Last thing I pinned: “If a redhead works in a bakery? Does that make him a ginger bread man?” Bahahaha! (

  8. I haven’t opened a Pinterest account myself but I think I’ll join the bandwagon soon! Have a Happy Birthday week too!

  9. Happy Bloggy birthday! You’re posts make my day, everyday. Thank you for all you do! The last thing I think I pinned on Pinterest was paint colors for my living room. :-)

  10. I love everything about you and your blog, and can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with it next! You are such an inspiration :) I think the last thing I Pinned was either a recipe to try out or a new workout lol

  11. Happy Blog Birthday! I really look forward to each of your blogs. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You inspire!

  12. Congrats! I am actually still a Pinterest hold out, but I use a website called Clipix to keep recipes, workouts, etc. The last thing I clipped was a recipe from Kath Eats!

  13. i am beyond thrilled for you!! God’s hands are definitely providing. AMEN AMEN! now, i want to win this fitmixer! i want to try it SOOOOOOO BAD!

  14. Wow Lindsay! That is so impressive that your blog stats and readership has grown so much! It is obvious why, you are a beautiful, caring, and wonderful person full of wisdom to share with other! I have that song stuck in my head haha.
    Oh and the last thing I pinned was a motivational quote, I believe.

  15. Happy Bday, LL!!! What an amazing year for you! You’ve worked so hard and really put yourself out there and I can’t think of anyone better who deserves this success and love! You make me laugh every day while teaching me to live better. I’ll forever read LL as long as it’s around!!!

  16. i’m so happy for you and how hard you’ve worked to grow your blog over the past 6 months! i remember the first time i read your blog i was like um this girl is awesome and her and her hubby are amazing. thank you for always making me smile xox

  17. Amazing acccomplishments!! I found your blog about 6mo ago and read it daily- love!
    Would love to try some Fitmixer products, fingers crossed I win. :) Last thing I pinned was a workout from BonnieLang fitness (also found her blog through you!)

  18. I just got my first teaching job, which starts in about 6 weeks, and I’ve been pinning teaching ideas like a crazy person! It’s such a great resource!
    Lindsay–I love your blog so much, mostly because I admire your sincere honesty. You inspire me to be not just healthier but also a more confident follower of the Lord. Happy 1-year, LL!

  19. I found your blog about 6 months ago and love it!

    The last thing I pinned was a workout repinned from Fitfluential. :)

  20. YAY! My blog is 4ish years old? But I definitely don’t have the readership you do.

    PS I’m reading your momma post. I’m interested in seeing what you have to say. Esp. after that awesome b-day song.
    PPS The last thing I pinned on pinterest was a recipe by Lauren from Oatmeal After Spinning.

  21. Happy Birthday Lindsay’s List! I’d love to try Fitmixer’s amino acids!

    I haven’t had time for pinterest lately (boo!), but I just checked and the last thing I pinned was PBF’s high protein banana soft serve. Looks delicious!

  22. WHAT.A.YEAR! Happy Birthday to LL! SO much growth and change in a short amount of time – all staying true to who you are. So neat. :)

    I’d LOVE to enter this one – been wanting to try this product! The last thing I pinned was a photo tagged with why #iworkout – to live fully with those I love. Thankful for movement allowing me to love others to the max!

  23. I haven’t ventured into Pinterest myself yet! But it’s definitely on my to-do list!

  24. Ohmygosh. You singing on that birthday video just made my life.

    Love you and don’t need any fitmixer but wanted to say happy Monday and I can’t believe I’ve only known you for a year (or maybe less?!) – seems like you’ve been a part of my life forever and I love it.

  25. I’m almost out of amino…. Pick me!
    And seriously- whoa, you’ve had a great year!, I can’t listen to the song again- it took all day for me to finally get it our of my head!,

  26. The last thing I pinned was cherry sorbet bites from Mama Pea. Happy birthday LL!!

  27. Happy birthday, LL! The last thing I pinned was a recipe for cherry sorbet treats from Mama Pea. Yum.

  28. The last thing I pinned was a mosaic beer bottle cap coaster, a great addition to our coffee table! Congratulations on your blog-iversary!

  29. You are so awesome! It’s so awesome to see how much your blog has grown in just one year!!! It is very inspiring to a newer blogger like myself! and your son is the cutest!