I’m so NOT a foodie.  My friends and family can attest.  Particularly Travis, since he gets to witness my non-creative food creations.  Rice cakes with peanut butter 10 days in a row for dinner??  Sounds about right.

I’m not even sure that non-blog readers will know what the term “foodie” means.  Let’s consult Urban Dictionary, the Mr. Know-It-All of online dictionaries.  Nearly as credible as Wikipedia.  …so…not at all.


I snipped the top three definitions (there were a lot!).  I swear I didn’t submit the second one – but I did laugh a wee bit.

So foodies are basically people who love food.  They love talking about it, eating it, creating new ways to eat it.  Actually I only know of the one way – through your mouth, but I’m sure that somewhere out there, a foodie is thinking up a solution to this problem.  (<-Some wise crack is thinking that I forgot intravenous delivery – I DID think of that, but it didn’t play well with the joke.  So there.)

Anyways….I’m not a foodie.

I don’t really cook.  I don’t love spending time in the kitchen.  I’d usually just rather have brownies out of a box and use that time I would have spent in the kitchen for doing pushups or reading or cleaning. 

I like eating food, but I don’t find joy in CREATING food. 

I have MAJOR respect for those of you who create and dream up food combinations.  I think that is a GREAT quality – having that passion for something and finding freedom in the creative process.

I’m just not that girl. 

And that’s ok.

There’s a post brewing in my head about this topic…but it all boils down to this: 

You make time and create space for things that are important to you.  If it’s a struggle to create the time for something, you probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

Aka…Travis, you’re getting another “Lindsay Casserole” tonight.  And some boxed brownies.

I wouldn’t complain.


Foodie Penpals

While I’m not a foodie, I do enjoy eating food (a newish concept, as I spent most of my high school and college years AVOIDING food). 


For more info on WHAT Foodie Penpals is, go here.  In a nutshell, you send someone a package of food gifts and you receive a package (from a different person), then you blog about it.  Fun.

I was paired with Kristi from Life Sprinkles.  I think she “gets” me. 



Kristi’s Easy Salad Dressing: 1 tbsp olive oil + 1 tbsp ACV + 1 tsp cinnamon!  Easy peasy.

I told her that I like peanut butter and chocolate.  So that’s what she sent! 


The kinda sad thing:  that Dark Chocolate Truffle bar MELTED all over everything.  Dang Summer heat!!


Wah wah.

I’m used to messes (I think their names are Henry & Clara), so I just rinsed the chocolate off in the sink and called it good.


Gotta say – that Luna bar flavor beat Chocolate Peppermint Stick out and is now my favorite! 

Along with the chocolate, Kristi sent manna/the Holy Grail/Sex In A Jar.  Some people call it Speculoos.  Which is just as it says – Cookie Butter.  As in ground up cookies in a jar.  Plus some oil and more sugar and some more cookies for good measure.


Ways To Enjoy Speculoos (via Lindsay’s Test Lab)

  • On ice cream.
  • Straight out of the jar. 
  • As frosting for Teddy Grahams.
  • On bananas.
  • On apples.
  • On any and every flat or non-flat surface ever made.

To balance out the chocolate and cookies, I also got this awesome JUICE SWEETENED strawberry jam!! 


….That I honestly haven’t tried yet because I’ve been too busy eating Speculoos.

It’s on my radar though. 

To do – Make Speculoos and Strawberry Jam Sandwiches.

A foodie would do that, right??


**A big thank you to Lindsay for hosting Foodie Penpals & to Kristi for sending an amazing package!!**

QUESTION:  Do you consider yourself a “foodie”??  Have you ever tried Speculoos?


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  1. This cookie butter is featuring heavily tis month in the gifts in the USA. I’m fascinated…we have no such things in the uk!

  2. How about this. You move to CO and I’ll cook for you and your family every single day, and you can do push-ups for me. You have to figure out how to make my arms look good by YOU doing the push-ups…but I’m confident we can make this work.

  3. I enjoy trying new foods, including recipes, but I personally don’t get too creative. I adapt recipes for my taste (and using whats in my pantry, cause i’m usually always missing something from a recipe… ugh)… anyway, i’m not sure if i would consider myself a foodie or not. This was my first month at foodie pen pals… and I loved it!

  4. a douchebag that likes food? bahahahahaha. I like making food creations. But i think i am a “drinkie.” I love kombucha and wine making more. Does that count?

  5. That Foodie pen pal project sounds amazing!!! I would live to sign up because I low sending people packages trying new things and getting mail…and according to your definition….I am prett sure I am a foodie :)

  6. In the sense that I love Trader Joes and all that comes with it, then yes, I’m a foodie. But to me, when I think of foodie, I think of people who make intricate and time intensive meals, eat foie gras and this and that tar tare (?), and make fancy desserts like homemade french silk pie and what not. THAT, I am not :-P

  7. I am a foodie in the sense that I love good food and I love trying new food and food combinations but I am not about to do it myself. I am more like an out to eat foodie not a cook at home foodie. ha!

  8. You know, I would never describe myself as a foodie – I think it has definite overtones of snobbery and, dare I say it, ass-hattery. However, I am a Foodie Penpal and I can’t stress enough how there are no rules about who can join in – foodie or not, blogger or not, if you like to eat you can get amongst it. Because if you don’t, you’ll never get an awesome parcel like this, and that makes the universe sad.

    PS Cookie butter? This shiz just got real.

  9. Love this post!!! I do blog recipes, meals, etc, but I am totally with you! I’m not a foodie at all! I don’t like going out for dinner and am totally happy with a smoothie for dinner every night of the week! Good to know I’m not the only one! That coconut Luna is amazing!!! Ever since I was diagnosed with Celiac it’s one of the few gluten items I really miss!

  10. I am a bit of a foodie . . . but with cooking. Not baking. I really don’t enjoy baking–which I associate with desserts. However, I’ll research dinner and/or appetizer recipes all day. I’ll hunt down all the best vegetables, spices, etc. for a savory meal, but don’t ask me measure flour, sugar and butter for a bunch of cookies. When I’m hosting a get-together, I always delegate the desserts to other people so I don’t have to do it. :)

  11. Hey Lindsey,
    That speculoos is something I have always dreamed of! Lol where do they sell that? And do you know if they sell that in CO? I think it would go great with fluff on some bread for sandwiches!!!

  12. does a foodie go to work with blueberry protein smoothie on her forehead? if she does then i’m most definitely one — i know she doesn’t therefore i’m most definitely not. i like eating food — getting all up in the bakery and recipes with 12,000 ingredients? no thanks!