My blog turns one year old next Sunday.


My first header!  Holly is currently making me a NEW one!

There will be LOTS of giveaways for YOU.


My body turns 30 years old on August 3rd.


There can be LOTS of presents mailed to ME. 

hint to the hint.


No shame in my hinting game.

You may commence your regularly scheduled weekend.

QUESTION:  Which one is better? Giving or receiving gifts.


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  1. Congrats! Not sure why I assumed you’d been blogging longer than a year; probably ’cause you’re so good at it!
    I love to give gifts. Actually, it’s the planning that I enjoy so much. Thinking up just the right gift for someone is way more fun than opening a present yourself!

  2. Happy blogiversary!! We share a birthday too! (although my body is much older than yours!) :)

  3. I like the way you say it Lindsay “my body turns 30”. Anyway, to answer your question which one is better – giving or receiving. They are equally good. How can one be better than the other, if for one to exist there has to be the other?
    If there were no receivers there would have been no givers. And if the receivers denied gifts, it would have deprived the givers of the pleasure of giving. So giving and receiving are equal parts of the same equation.
    Don’t you think?

  4. I’m so excited for you! Birthdays are the funnest. I love celebrating a week in advance and a week after haha. I do love to receive gifts of course, but I also enjoy giving gifts because seeing the persons delight and bring happiness into their day makes me feel pretty darn good inside.

  5. oh man am i excited!!! does it involve a getaway to asheville? hehe. Cause i am there! and my body will be turning 29… whoa! SO happy for lindsays list bday!

  6. Happy anniversary and birthday in a few weeks. I hope you get lots of gifts! I’m not going to lie, I like getting gifts, but I also love giving gifts, especially when I feel like I’ve found the perfect gift to surprise someone with.

  7. yeeee! exciting birthdays indeed.

    I love both, of course. there is something about just randomly running across something that makes you think of someone, and gifting it to them as a surprise for no reason. those are my favorite to give!

  8. Wow, lots of reasons to celebrate coming up!! I agree with Ashley … giving and receiving are both pretty great. I seriously never care about what the gift is, though … I just appreciate someone taking time out of their day to think of me!