To cap off the “Birthday-Palooza” week, I thought it only appropriate to unveil something that I’ve been working on.

And by I, I mean Holly.  Since I’ve done absolutely nothing but b*tch and moan and yell requests at her.

That’s what I’ve been working on.  It suits me.

See that header up there.  Holly designed that one for me about 6 months ago. 


Here’s what it looked like before Holly got ahold of my blog.  Thank heavens for Holly.

As a present to my blog, I decided to hire Holly to create a NEW header for me.  Something more streamlined and less busy.  (Kinda how I want my life to look – LESS COMPLICATED…getting there..slowly.)

The Healthy Everythingtarian delivered.


I  absolutely LOVE it!  (And I’ll be switching the header over tomorrow!)

Aside from her fabulous blog/freelance writing/fancy television appearances, Holly has also created headers for these fabulous people/businesses:

Yes I Want Cake


Blend Retreat (AND she’s currently working on a new one for 2013!)




Yeah.  Holly gotz talent.  And she LISTENS.  And edits.  And puts up with me. 

I highly recommend her!

Birthday-Palooza GIVEAWAY TIME!!

(last one, I promise.  I know you’re getting tired of me yelling “palooza”.)


Newbie graphic designer, Holly, is offering one reader a FREE new blog header (a $75 value!)!!  PLUS, she wants to throw in a goodie bag of treats (if you read her blog, you’ll know that this girl knows her way around the kitchen)!  If you’re not a blogger and you win this giveaway, you may select a blogger friend to transfer the header to and keep the goodies for yourself.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Also, if you don’t want to take your chances on winning the giveaway, Holly has generously offered a 1/3rd off ALL CUSTOM HEADERS for Lindsay’s List readers!! 

Just email her at to request the discount and get started!**

This giveaway runs today through next Monday night!  I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Best of luck, friends!  We MADE IT TO THE WEEKEND!!! 


P.S.  Go read my guest post for Janetha.  Three tips that will make you a better (and more silly) person.


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  1. Love the new look and I had a friend of a friend help me. I’m in desperate need of a little blog help though. Yikes. Happy bloggy birthday my dear friend!!! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! HUGS!

  2. I have a blog and on a whim one day I picked the name and designed it myself – with the help of google blogger.

  3. I love your new look – she did a fantastic job!! It is so professional and fun too. I made my own header, but would love a professional one because I have been thinking of heading over to WP. Love yours!!

  4. I created my own blog header, but I am considering moving to WP and would love a professional header to go with my move. I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK! It is so simple and classy. Holly did a fantastic job!

  5. I am just starting a new blog & would love a new header..Yours looks great!

  6. Your new header looks great!!! I would love to win a n update!!!! And I am maili your goodies tomorrow!! Thanks for being patient :)

  7. I created my own header using just a plain jane “pages” (kinda like Microsoft Word for Mac) application, but getting a pro to do it never hurts(;

  8. Love your new header! It looks great (and so does your back) :-). My blog header used to just be a picture I took in China. Now it has some pretty cursive with another China picture and I kind of like it…

  9. I “designed” my own headed by simply adding a picture of a salad I took. It’s a very blurry and zoomed in picture! Needless to say, I’m in desperate need of a new header!

  10. All of these headers are great. Mine isn’t anything specially made, just a pic of me running in a pretty area (my blog is mostly a running blog). I’d love to get something customized to cover my other topical areas as well!

  11. you are the best! so blessed to call you a friend. i am ecstatic you love the header and will get that button to you this weekend! mucho love to you.

    p.s. already have 3 emails from people wanting headers! :)

  12. Your new header rocks!
    I just had my blog redesigned, but kept a tweaked version of my old header (didn’t have a clear vision and the re-design ate up all my spare change at the time).
    I’d love to see what Holly could do for my blog!

  13. That’s such a creative header. I really like how she incorporated a corkboard of notes and tailored it to the general topics of the blog.

    As for me, I utilized a free WordPress template but searched around for a long time to find one that fit my niche. I experimented a lot with different layouts in the beginning and settled on my current theme which is great. I’ll definitely look into a custom theme once I build a decent following.

  14. WOW! Such an incredible gift! She has incredible talent too. I’ll probably take advantage of her skillz if I don’t win, because I badly need a bloggy makeover. I just lack the knowledge and creativity (and motivation) to figure it out!

  15. What a gift! I’d love to win this one as My header is simply a photo – no name, no nothing! I kind of “hired” a friend once who did other work for our young adult cancer websites, but mine was a freebie and got pushed to the way side, so I haven’t gone back for more or spent the money as of yet. Holly is so talented…and I love the new look, Linds!

  16. I love the new header! And Holly! But not exclamation points and I keep using them! Anyway, my blog header is lame. I need one in the worst way, but a) I have no graphic talent and b) I’m not self-hosted. Does that matter? I don’t care. I’m entering anyway. And Happy Birthday!

  17. I love the header! I created my own header using basic cropping of a picture I liked. Pretty standard and uninspirational! My blog could absolutely use some talent in the design department! Great giveaway!

  18. I have a pretty standard wordpress template for my blog (which i am soooo late in updating it’s almost funny. almost.) but it does have a picture header that i picked out. Probably outdated by now!

  19. I have SUCH blog envy everytime I see a fun new blog header or blog layout. I would LOVE to spruce mine up, it’s so boring and templated right now, sad face! I LOVE the new header, it is awesome!!!

  20. Ahh I also requested the talented Miss Hollz to give my blog a little makeover. So if I win, can I just have the bag of goodies? Totally going to pay you Holly, since let’s be honest, I need more than just a header. :)

  21. Lindsay, I love your new header. Love the cursive and the pink! Kudos to Holly! I don’t blog, but did have a children’s book blog at one time (I’m a teacher) but that fizzled, so if I win I’ll pass on the blog header giveaway to someone else.

  22. I just started reading Holly’s blog after having so many blends say how great she is – clearly talented too! Awesome idea for a giveaway! Yay blogger support!