Gotta admit.  I’m the Showoff. 

There’s no need for trash talk.  You just simply be amazing all the time. - My hardest workout is trying not to look bored while you tell me about your workout

Happy Friday my dear friends!!  Live it up this weekend!!

I’m taking the weekend off to focus on just that!  Be back MONDAY for another great GIVEAWAY!!!

QUESTION: Which one are you??

P.S.  The winners of the Probar giveaway are #62 – Yoojin and #68 – Laura!  Email me and I’ll get you hooked up!


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  1. Haha. This is so awesome. I think I can be a mixture of all of these honestly! Mostly the face, sometimes during spin class I catch myself making some odd faces and think oh god, how long have I been looking like this. Yikes.

  2. They missed one…they forgot “The Pretender” which is the annoying one at my gym that sits and texts while hogging machines and doing occasional reps in between…then they walk into a class and not follow the instructor but do their own workout and text in between…it’s the worst!

    I’m probably “The Face” mostly, and I have to stop myself from being “The Coach” :)

  3.! Way better than I thought it would be! Very accurate. I’m not really a coach b/c I don’t say much out loud when I work out, but I do think it. ;) I’m not really a show off but I DO like doing unique and unusual things in the gym! …so maybe a passive-aggressive version of those two. :)

    …Happy Friday friend! Hope all the subbing is going well and have a great weekend!