I stepped outside my comfort area and did something for the first time yesterday.

I taught ADVANCED Step Aerobics!

Me.  The girl who trips over cracks in the pavement (real and imaginary). 

The girl who still thinks the Macarena is cool. 

To watch. 

Because she can’t dance.

I won’t lie.  My anxiety level was through the roof yesterday.


You see, teaching step is COMPLETELY different than teaching any other class.  It’s choreographed from start to finish, you must stay on beat (a very fast beat, I might add), and you’ve got to keep moving once you start.  Calling steps, listening for the 8 counts, moving your heavy legs up and down….it’s quite similar to the, “Now rub your belly and pat your head at the same time,” bit. 

And well, I CAN’T rub my belly and pat my head at the same time.  I fall over.


I overcame my fear (because I had to) and I made it through the 60 minute class.

Only to do it again next Monday. 

At least I’m challenging myself.  Feels good to be challenged.  That’s where true growth lies.


The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is VANITY MOVES!

Vanity moves don’t specifically get your heart rate up or burn a lot of calories, but are the exercises that you might do as active rest or added on to the end of a workout.  If I’m teaching Core Conditioning, I’ll often incorporate “vanity” exercises into the routine – women tend to LOVE these moves because they think they’re spot reducing.  Smile  Aren’t we all so vain?

The workout below can be added on to your traditional strength training routine – or if you’re a beginner, repeat twice through for your entire workout!

The Workout


The Moves

Plié Calf Raise – ME


Wide Arm Pushups – Jill, jillhanner


Drop and Catch – Andrea, andiandhercandy

Leg Raise Transfers – Michael, frugalfitness


SB Hamstring Curls – Tamara, fitknitchick


Scorpion – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Backstroke Kick – Rhonda, kidsrunningwild


As always, thanks ladies (and gent!) for the submissions!!  Come back this Thursday to find out what the theme for next week will be!  We love having new people!

QUESTION:  What body part are you most vain about?  What are you most proud of?  <-ME?  My traps always develop easier than any other muscle – pretty proud of them!


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  1. Such a fun workout! Thanks for putting this all together again Lindsay; I look forward to your weekly ‘assignments’!

    I teach advanced step and it’s really not so bad once you get the hang of it. Remember, you know the patterns better than your participants!

    And hey; why no video of this class??!!

  2. YES! WAY TO GO! Loved hearing this, friend! Great TT too! For me personally, I love being more vain about my arms, but I tried to mix it up a bit this time and throw a core move in (which I also love to work)…good resource in this post! Thanks friend and way to step out of your comfort zone – I’m about to do the same here with our kayaking trip – we leave tomorrow!

  3. Give me your abs right this second (well, in August;) Girl.. ADVANCED step, way to rock it!

  4. Warren Beatty? I actually don’t have a spot that I am super vain about… maybe I need to work out more so that I can be. I love my quads tho. Guess that comes from running. They feel strong to me, although they might not look it.

  5. One thing I’m kinda vein about is my butt. HAHAH! Even typing that just made me blush but it’s true. It’s not model type small but it’s lifted a lot in the past year (hello squats!) and even though my thighs are kinda um big I still love it!

    And I love the video’s you have today! I’m pinning the workout, it’s how I remember which ones I want to try ;)

  6. There are some awesome exercises here! I’ve never referred (or heard them referred to) as vanity moves, but they SO are! I typically focus on my butt/thighs at the end of a workout – mostly b/c I want to tone them up =)

  7. Congrats on teaching Advanced Step! I have a hard enough time following the class, so major props to you.
    I’m proud of my back. Years of swimming made it strong.

  8. Congrats on teaching Advanced Step! I have a hard enough time following the class, so major props to you.
    I’m proud of my back. Years of swimming made is strong.

  9. So glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and video taped myself. (the HORROR!!!).

    What fun to be a part of your TT community! :)

    I taught step for so long and used to love to do tricky combos. Then I got certified in BodyStep and had someone else give me the choreography (quite refreshing at the time). Now to even DO a step class is like trying to do Zumba for me. Not. Cool. At. All.

  10. i failed you this week, and last. oye! I am a bad trainer/friend. But i think you teaching advance step makes up for it, right? Freakin awesome!!! The hubs is trying to get over to raliegh at the end of the month… I am trying to fit in his suitcase. Then can i come to your class?

  11. Awesome job with the step class! I took a few step classes last year, and I found them to be really challenging. The woman teaching had very complicated choreography, and I just couldn’t keep up haha. So I can somewhat understand what you’re saying …. I can’t even imagine trying to do the choreography plus call out steps!