Tooting our horns yesterday was fun.


And I forgot to CROW myself.  Just one for today – don’t want any eye rolling from the readership.  It’s not a good look on you guys.

I’m a really good motivator.

If we were going into battle (because that seriously happens all the time….in my head), I’d be the one riding a horse, rallying the troops. 

This personality trait bodes well in the fitness industry when you’re trying to get people to move their butts do something they don’t want to do.


It also works nicely with children and potty training and husbands and salads.


(unrelated picture, but it makes me smile)

Now I’m going to motivate you to read the rest of this post (which you should BOOKMARK!).  You know you want to.  I’ll give you candy.

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is REST!! 

I honestly didn’t get a TRUE rest day this past week.  I did p90x Yoga on Sunday (typically a rest day) and it was actually a pretty great workout!  Lots of pushups and hard poses. 

This week, I asked my trainers to answer a set of questions and encouraged them to wear their pajamas.  Footie or not.

  1. What is your favorite exercise to get your heart rate up?
  2. What is your favorite workout pant?
  3. What time of day do you prefer to workout?
  4. Show me a unique talent (ex: can you click your tongue or cross your eyes?)

Here’s my “Meet Your Trainer”:

Since I was rushing, I didn’t get to show you my talent which is clapping with one hand.  I think I’ve shown this before, but for any newbies….

Yep.  True talent right there!

Now on to our trainers!! 

(You simply must watch each of these, if only for their talents!!  Double jointedness, weird fingers, nose flaring, failure to shower – it’s outrageous!)

Andi – andiandhercandy


Angela – happyfitmama


Heather – betterwithveggies  (just tried to touch my thumb to my forearm – not possible – I call camera trickery)


Lindsay – cottercrunch


Paige – runningaroundnormal


Rhonda – kidsrunningwild  (love how she got the kids involved!!!!)


Tamara – fitknitchick (whose unique talents lie off camera…hmmm)


LOVED this week, ladies!!  Don’t get me wrong – working out makes me horny, but I like getting to know each other on Rest weeks!  (yep, just said horny.) 

THIS Thursday, I’ve got something special for you guys, so be sure to check back in.

Oh, and just as a little teaser….


Fitbloggin’.  Baltimore.  Who else is going?? 

QUESTION:  What is your workout/rest day ratio right now?  <- ME?  It’s about 6/1 which I’d like to make 5/2 very soon!

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  1. Haha, I have to tell you that I tried clapping with one hand all day long after I saw that video you posted a while back. Girl, you are soooooo talented!

    Random thought I wanted to tell you: I read your blog pretty much every day. I have about 3 or 4 blogs that I follow pretty religiously, and yours is right on top. I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you that? Maybe to motivate you and tell you how good you are at doing this? And sharing His love, too!

    1. britt – i subscribe to your blog so i get an email everytime you update! and usually read from my phone so i don’t comment.
      you’re an amazing writer too! Following God’s direction!

  2. AGH!!! Wish I could head to FitBloggin’ this year, but I’ll be buying a new house soon and the funds are a liiiittle tight with that and school.

    LOVE the videos!!! Ms. Cotter cracks me up with her hair. Who looks that good not showering for days?!?!

  3. Sex is the topic for Tuesday Trainer? In one post there was the word horny and unique talents that remain off camera. Hmmmmm…hehehe!

    My workout ratio is 6/1 on most weeks although not every workout is intense.

  4. Now I never said my talents hadn’t been filmed…. (get your minds out of the gutter, ladies!)
    I’m going too; just committed by buying my airline ticket and agreeing to room with Toni (runninglovingliving). Can’t wait! (Of course, I’m off to Denver to FHBC in just 2 days…)

  5. I totally failed at this. I was going to film something but I’ve had soooooooo much to do lately and our AC was out for the last few days, so needless to say I didn’t get anything done. We stayed in a hotel last night so I finally got some sleep.

    Anyway … love these vids!

  6. Depending on the week, I do 6/1 or 5/2. I teach a lot of Saturdays, but not every Saturday. The weeks I don’t teach, I don’t workout.

    Still haven’t found my glasses.

  7. Love the videos! You are all so talented! Also Lindsay, I never thought I’d say this, but that was a totally appropriate use of the word horny :) My workout to rest ratio is 6/1 (I’m a huge fan of the P90X yoga – such an amazing workout!)