I think I’d be remiss if I forgot tell you guys that yesterday was my 7 year anniversary with my best friend. 
Seven years of bliss. 
Seven years of give and take.
He moved me across the country.
I made him move back.
He puts food on the table.
I eat the food he puts on the table.
He gave me babies.
I got super fit for him after the babies.
I got a tattoo.
He ….needs to get a flippin’ tattoo!
He got me a homebrew Kombucha kit!!
I got him…nothing (eek).
He makes me smile.
I make him smile.
It works. 
Really well.
Here’s to a bajillion more babies, tattoos, smiles and years, babe!
On to TT…

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is KICKBOXING/TAEBO!! 


I’ll be honest – aside from using some kicks and punching sequences in my classes and watching Billy Blank’s Taebo DVDs, I don’t really know that much about martial arts and kickboxing.  I know that when I incorporate kickboxing into my Bootcamps (specifically weighted punches), my heart rate skyrockets!  Good thing we have Christin as a “Contributing Trainer” to give us some tips!

Christin’s Tips for Martial Arts (video below):

  • All moves come from the core.
  • Make sure that every punch/kick is coming STRAIGHT out from the body.
  • Fight an invisible enemy.

I think the invisible enemy thing is VITAL.  And I’d add sound effects to the list – you need to make an Incredible Hulk sound as your strike.  And aim for the gullet.  Gets ‘em every time. 

The Workout


The Moves

Front Kick/Donkey Kick – ME


X-Block – Bobbi, nhershoes


Hold A Deep Squat And Punch The Air Like You’re Punching A Punching Bag – Janetha, mealsandmoves


Jab, Hook, Burpee Combo – Tamara, fitknitchick


Martial Arts Tips/Technique – Christin, christinjoyful


Skipping Roundhouse Kick – Sherice, foodieluvsfitness


KO Squat Hold – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Knee Kicks – Ashley, vibrantlifehealthandwellness


Thanks, ladies, for those submissions!!  If you want to join in on the Tuesday Trainer trainer (three t’s – I like it), come back on Thursday (another one) when I’ll announce next week’s theme!!

P.S.  Have you entered the Probar Giveaway yet?


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  1. Happy anniversary!!!!!!! Yay!!! You both are too cute. Cheers to many years to come. Sorry I missed out this week. I couldn’t get it together last minute as usual, love ya!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You two are a good looking couple! I always wanted to try kickboxing style workouts, but didn’t want to embarrass myself in the gym, this seems like it would suit me well! :)

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! …love you guys. Here’s to many more adventures in life together with Christ leading and guiding your marriage!

    Fun TT – something different!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I have to admit I don’t know much about kickboxing either. I did do Tae Bo back in the day but I don’t remember much other than kicking and punching alot!

    Looks like a great workout! Thanks ladies!