I’m so excited to share this Tuesday Trainer with you guys today.

Like seriously excited.

Tamara and I have quickly become the best of Blends over the last couple of months.  She’s been a HUGE supporter and fitness mentor for me!  Everytime I ask for help or a retweet or FB share, she’s always there to help me promote myself.  I want to do the same for her – always.  Plus, I get to MEET HER at Fitbloggin’ this year!

Thank you for taking over Tuesday Trainer, TamaraAnd thank you for being an AMAZING friend.

Please check out her blog and follow her on Twitter and Facebook!  She knows her stuff!


So.  Summer is finally here. (I live in the Pacific Northwest where the temperature has only recently climbed about 70).  If you’re anything like me and your schedule gets thrown out the window during July and August, fitness sometimes takes a back seat to fun.

Who wants to go to the gym when the beach is calling your name? Hanging out with friends and family is far more exciting than heading to step class.  Weekends are for relaxing at the cottage, cocktail in hand, not getting up with the sun for an early morning run.

As of Thursday, I’ll have three children on summer holiday and my trips to the gym will be shorter and less frequent than usual.  Rather than stress about workouts lost, I’ll be fitting in my fitness at home, on the playground, at the spray park and the beach and encouraging my children to join me in some big muscle play.

I don’t call it exercise though.  They’d never agree to that!  Instead, I make it a game; they have fun and I stay fit (and sane…).

This week, Tuesday Trainer is highlighting exercises you can do with your child.  Don’t have a child? No worries, any old (well, not too old; the sprinting may be a bit too much for gramps) family member or friend will do.  Or call me, I’m happy to lend you a child in the name of fitness.

Although I’ve compiled the Trainers’ moves into a circuit-style workout, they can also be done on their own; little bursts of energetic movement sprinkled throughout your day!

(Note, we were short on submissions this week; where were you guys?  Getting a head start on your summer holidays?  So we snatched a couple of moves from the Valentine’s Day, partner workout.  Just think of the extra exposure!)

Thanks to all who participated and a gigantic thank you to Lindsay for asking me to help her out this week! —- superb <-the Tamara version of splendid.  I like it.

The Workout


The Moves

Plank & Plyo Jumps/Shoulder Pushups with Crawl Unders – Tamara, fitknitchick


Partner Patty Cakes – Carissa, fit2flex & Alex, adventureswithalexandra


Sprints – Lindsay, lindsayslist  (it sounds like I’m saying tomorrow.  I’m not.  Just screwing up Tamara’s name.)


Kitty Litter Upright Rows – Deb, smoothiegirleatstoo


Monkey On Your Back Calf Raises – Rhonda, kidsrunningwild


Partner Throwdowns – Heather, betterwithveggies


Partner Ball Crunch Toss – Lisa & Maria, healthydiaries


Treading Water – Katie, yesiwantcake


GREAT, GREAT week, ladies!  Thank you!

QUESTION:  What was the last nice thing you did for a family member or friend?

splendid…lindsay & tamara

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    1. Deb- I actually explained that on my blog. I made a joke that I don’t like being called a donkey. ha! My weight is 45 lbs & getting heavier so I’d better keep working..don’t worry- I never put the kiddos on the bottom.

  1. Okay, I’m so mad I missed out on this week. This is AWESOME and WAY too cute!!!!!!!! Love ya Linds! Hope you’re getting some rest since the play is over and all. :)

  2. Love these…. yes, treading water is a total kick ass workout. I do that one all the time. Great way to cool off in the summer heat and get a good workout. Best part? Dunk your head and sweat no more. LOL.

  3. Lindsay, thanks so much for the fab introduction!
    After FHBC this past weekend, I’ve come to realize how important my blogger friends are to me. So much in common and fantastic when we finally meet IRL.
    Looking forward to giving you a big hug in Baltimore!

    1. Doing something nice for yourself counts too, Laura!
      Yesterday I ‘let’ myself sit in the garden with a cup of tea to 15 whole minutes. A fabulous gift to me from me!