Well, hey!

Happy Thursday (and opening night for you who care)

First theme, then things.

Thursday’s Theme:

This week I have a fun little surprise lined up for Tuesday Trainer.  I asked my great friend and fellow trainer, Tamara (aka fitknitchick) to take over my blog!  I’ve had people take over in the past (Bonnie, Janetha and Bex) and it always provides a little change of scenery for you guys and allows me to take a TT break.  I’m grateful that Tamara offered to take over – thanks, friend.

She picked the theme, she’ll put together the workout, and you’ll be uploading your video as a response to HER video below!  Got it?  Good.

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is FAMILY & FRIEND FITNESS!!

Listen to Tamara explain it more (and meet her adorable kids, CLARA and ADAM!):

**Remember, if you don’t have a child, use a friend or family member!!  Don’t let anything keep you from filming a submission!**

When you submit…

  • Tell us who you are! If you blog, tell us the URL!
  • Do the exercises correctly!  Tamara won’t post videos with improper form or sketchy descriptions.
  • Be yourself – let that personality shine through!
  • Anyone can participate. I encourage ALL fitness levels to submit a video!

Video submissions are due next Monday, the 25th, by 8pm, EST!

Please have them to me before the deadline or you risk not being featured! Go here to learn how to upload your video.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out!!

Thursday Things:

1.  This.  Me.  Everyday.

someecards.com - There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.

2.  I’d like to confess something.  I wash my hair every day.  Sometimes twice if its particularly stinky or sweaty.  Collective gasp.

Last week while I was getting my hair cut, the stylist gave me this questionnaire to fill out (I know – haircutting is serious, ya’ll!) and one of the questions was, “How often do you wash your hair?” 

Daily wasn’t even an option.  Like anyone would ever do that. 


3.  I spent a coon’s age pinning stuff yesterday (that’s an undeterminable amount of time.  Coon’s can’t tell time.).  Specifically, I made a fun Fitfluential Bucket List board of fitness related goals that I’d like to accomplish – take a look at it – anyone want to join me for one of the races?!

4.  I’ve done p90x Yoga FOUR days in a row.  That’s a new record for the amount of time I’m willing to listen to Tony Horton talk. 


Clara’s chair pose could eat your chair pose for breakfast.  She told me to say that.


5.  Somehow sex came up among the 75 year olds in Aqua Power yesterday.  (Somehow sex comes up in most of my conversations.  Common denominator?)  Anyway, I learned quite a bit.  Like that diabetes is a really bad libido killer and that half of the class was reading 50 Shades Of Grey.  And not just the women.  Yep.  And yep.  Happiness radiated through my skin when that class was finally over.

And that’s all she I wrote for today. 

Make it a great one, guys!

QUESTION:  How often do you wash your hair??  What other “rules” do you break?   <-ME?  Sometimes, ok always, I go swimming like 5 minutes after I’ve eaten.  I know.  I know. I know.


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  1. If you work out everyday you don’t really have a choice but to wash your hair everyday? I think people who really care about hair try to go every couple days to keep the moisture in or something. I don’t care about my hair. I do care about it smelling bad though. Showers are good.

  2. I can’t even handle Clara’s chair pose, it makes me giggle and smile.

    I think I wash my hair like every-other day. Less when it was longer.

  3. You’re not weird [in the hair-washing sense ;-)]!

    I never knew that people *didn’t* wash their hair daily until just recently! I have baby-fine hair that gets oily by the end of the day, so I MUST wash it every morning. If I get sweaty or workout later in the day, I will just rinse it or rinse it and put conditioner on the ends.

  4. haha! You make me laugh every.single.day. I wash may hair about every 2-3 days… I think that’s breaking a rule… too long! Another rule I love to break, not safely removing my external device. CRAZY!!!

    …and that IS an amazing chair pose! :)

  5. I wash my hair everyday! I don’t know how people can NOT do this. My hair looks greasy if I don’t. Someone please explain how to avoid this, and I will minimize my hair washing …

  6. 1. I LOVE this Tuesday Trainer since I always stick my kicks in my videos anyway! (Is that rule-breaking?)
    2. I wash my hair every time I get in the shower. So yes, every day (you’re welcome) sometimes twice a day depending on where my workouts land in the schedule.
    3. I also love the face that you said “coon’s age”
    4. I made my comment a list just for you.

  7. Wait, it’s abnormal to wash your hair daily? Sometimes I have to wash it twice a day! I have super oily hair, there’s no way I’m going outside without my daily wash. I didn’t even know this was a questionable action…

  8. I wash my hair almost everyday, sometimes every other day.

    My hair looks greasy so quick and then sits like a greasy pile on my head, no volume, just slick to my head. Ick. Hence the often shampooing. :)

    Good luck tonight!

  9. i wash my hair every other day, or every 3 days, but that’s because it’s curly and it gets SUPER FRIZZ in this dry colorado air if i do more than that!

    and i loooooooooooooove the convo from your class yesterday. happiness is now radiating from my skin :)

  10. I wash my hair every other day. More out of laziness than for any healthy hair rule. I hate to dry my hair in the summer so as little as I can do that the better. I am definitely a rule follower…so if you ask my husband what rules I break he would say nothing. ha! But I would say that I normally water my yard more than twice a week…sssh…don’t tell.

  11. I’m closer to Lindsay C than Linsday W when it comes to hair washing…
    To be fair, my hair is super thick and doesn’t look dirty for at least 3 days (even after spinning!) AND my hair stylist says that my colour (gasp! you didn’t think the lack of grey hair was youth, did you???) lasts longer when I go a few days between washes.

    Break a leg tonight; I know you will just kill it!

  12. Aqua Power sounds like a fun class to be in… ;)

    I was my hair every other day. But I frequently use dry shampoo between my washings.

  13. i think you know that answer to my washing the hair. mmm, maybe 1x a week. haha. Does dry shampoo count?

    and oh to be a fly on the wall in that aqua class!!