Alternate title:  “Lindsay Rambles.” or “The day when Lindsay lost all those readers.”

Another alternate title:  “Yup.  She’s bazacko.”

Last alternate title:  “What’s with the alternate titles, lady?”


Regardless of the title, I was at a loss for what to write about today, so I just started with a thought and went from there.

These are my rambles.  I stopped typing when I remembered that I wanted coffee.


The Evolution of a Thought – by Lindsay Wright

THOUGHT:  I need to rest my heel.

I HATE not moving.  I’m for sure an exerciser.


Is exerciser even a word?

It is if I make it one.  So ha.

Who has the power to say something is a word or not?

Like who said Kombucha was a word.  That’s a silly word.  (P.S. homebrewing in underway!!)


Do you ever write a word over and over and then it just looks SO WEIRD and not like a word?

Yeah, me either.  I never did that.

Ok.  I do that all the time.

It’s almost time for sexting and afternoon coffee. 

In my favorite blue mug.  The coffee.


How would you know if you were color blind? 

Like I know that the mug is blue, but what if I see light blue and somebody else sees Carolina blue?

Deep thoughts right there buddy.

I don’t think that’s being color blind. There’s a name for seeing different shades of the same color.

Oh yeah.  It’s 50 Shades of Grey.

Should I read it?  Should I not?  So confused.

Is the book even about being color blind?

I don’t think so, but I haven’t read it.

I try to be open minded. (but oh my gosh – this is a little far fetched.)

Mind back from placenta eating and refocus.


Can’t turn my mind away from placenta eating.

Think lovely thoughts, Lindsay.

Block it! 


Like a dodgeball being thrown at your head.

That is a flippin’ funny movie. 

I wonder if there are like dodgeball leagues and dodgeball championships? 

There should be.

Our town has an Amateur Radio Club. 

Like they get together and make homemade radios.  At least I’m pretty sure that’s what the Amateur Radio Club does.

Part of me thinks that’s a waste of time.

And part of me wishes I was that smart. 

And part of me wonders if I’ll ever be ok to simply REST.

THOUGHT:  I need to rest my heel.


Happy Friday friends!  Make it count!


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  1. I love these posts. This is my mind all the time. I’m pretty sure dodgeball is a huge organized sport. I do not want to play. I loved Fifty Shades. I see that everyone has wildly different opinions here. They are a FUN read. I was pretty bored with the sexy bits and amused by the characters. Everyone reads them for different reasons so it depends on what you want out of the book. I just like books. Rest your heel! Hey maybe you should read them (or something) as an excuse to sit and rest your heel? Wow I really am just rambling on an on here. Done. Rest.

  2. There are dodgeball leagues!!! I played in one for three seasons! I still wear the T-shirts to workout. I pretty much give dodgeball all the credit for introducing me to exercise and running, bc before I played, I didn’t move much at all, and then when invited to play, it was obvious how very BAD I was at it, so I started to exercise to improve my performance! It changed my life.

  3. Hahahaha, I love this! I’m glad to know I’m not the only other person who thinks like this! Once I was at the car dealership and had to say my name over and over and after called my mom saying why did you name me Lisa. It sounds so weird, because I just kept repeating it to myself and it sounds weird after a while…anyways..Also my friend actually didn’t know he was colour blind! And bought a sweater he thought was red, but it was actually pink. It took sometime to stop laughing at him everytime I saw him. Have a great Friday! :)

  4. My first thought upon prompting:
    Tonight we’re going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with my parents to celebrate the fella’s birthday. Normally I just ask him to pick my beer because I’m indecisive. Should I pick my beer tonight? Should I get tall or short? Who am I kidding – of course I should get a tall. It’s hot out maybe I should get a light beer but it’s cold in the restaurant so a dark beer might be just what the doctor ordered. I hope we don’t run out of bleu cheese again tonight.

  5. This is how I do everything in life.

    Shopping today… (in for Body Wash)… ooooh look, red peppers are on sale. Which reminds me I need Spinach. Huh, look at that Kombucha (which I was spelling Kumbucha, btw). Oh look at all the magazines. There sure are a lot of Dark Chocolate choices, but I don’t even like chocolate, so why am I staring at it. Hmmm. Why did I come in here again? I think I got it all, time to check out.

    Leaves without body wash. Oh. Yeah. I can relate.

  6. And see this is why I keep comIng back…you’re hilarious and yeah, this train of thought totally makes perfect sense! Especially kombucha…weird word!

  7. Random thought…You know Error 404 on the computer? What is it and how come I have never seen Error 1-403?

    Happy Friday friend. Have a great weekend!!

  8. BTW, 50 Shades? The story is typical “innocent girl meets bad boy, innocent girl breaks down bad boy and his issues, bad boy sexes up not-so-innocent-now girl”. LOL I read all three books in three days. I flipped through 75% of book 3. I love me some sex, and I loved the story line in these books, but this was just exhausting!

  9. I have been going back and forth on reading 50 Shades of Grey too. Everyone is raving about how great it is, but I feel iffy about it.
    The thought of placenta eating made me gag a little. I got to the part where they were steaming it in the video and had to turn it off.
    Rest that heel!