How was everyone’s weekend? 

Mine?  In one word – SPLENDID!

Travis and I enjoyed a kid-free day in Asheville (thank you, Nan!), complete with a full body massage, a fancy hair cut and a trip to Greenlife!


The rest of the weekend we spent RESTING!  I’m subbing for another teacher this week, so I took two VERY NEEDED rest days (and am antsy to get back at it tomorrow.  That’s what rest days do for me – get me pumped to work out the next day!). 

Today, I have a fun little giveaway for you guys!

I’ve fallen in love.

(not to be confused with lust.  Lust is when you want something so bad that you can’t have.)

You CAN have this.


And not feel one bit of remorse for it.

Lauren recently sent me a little foodie care package (she being the foodie, not me) and inside, I found these p28 bagels!


Check these stats!


28 grams of protein, thus the product name.

The ingredient list is pretty great too.  No HFCS or wonky stuff.  100% whole wheat!


I immediately took one out, toasted it and topped it with sunflower butter and fresh, locally grown strawberries.



The consistency is chewy.  The flavor – cinnamony.  It’s a word.

As you know, I strive for a high protein, high fiber diet.  I’ve found that focusing on increasing my protein keeps me looking lean and feeling FULL! 


I love that this product line feels like comfort food but doesn’t destroy all my hard work! 

Like any good blogger, I contacted the company and asked if I could do a review/giveaway!  A couple of days later, I received a care package of high protein goodness – bagels AND bread!  Then I got to playing around in the kitchen and came up with this creation.

p28 Stuffed French Toast



  • 2 slices p28 High Protein Bread
  • 2 tbsp natural peanut butter
  • 3 sliced strawberries
  • 1/2 cup liquid egg whites
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Combine egg whites, flax, cinnamon and vanilla in a large bowl.  Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (except there’s no jelly – slice 3 strawberries and lay them atop the peanut butter).  Dip the sandwich into the egg white wash.  Coat pan with non-stick spray and cook, flipping once.  Top with fresh berries or syrup of your choice.


Here’s the nutritional breakdown (cal/carb/fat/protein):


52 grams of protein!!   Tons of fiber!  A great meal to fuel your day (or eat for dinner like we did!).


p28 would like to give away TWO packages of their bread and bagels!!  Two winners, ya’ll!


To Enter:

Leave a comment and give me a tip for increasing your daily protein intake!

Bonus Entries:

1)  Tweet the following:

Eat Clean. Train Mean.  @lindsays_list is giving away TWO sampler packages of @p28bread today!!  28g. protein/serving! #giveaway #fitfluential

2)  Share this giveaway on FB (simply click the FB share button below!)– leave a comment telling me you did.

Please give p28 a “like” on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!  They’re always looking for more blogger and customer interaction!  (me too – have you “liked” Lindsay’s List on FB yet?  Twitter?)

I’ll randomly select TWO winners on Thursday night and announce them in Friday’s post! 

Best of luck, friends!  Happy Monday indeed!

P.S.  Be sure to film your Tuesday Trainer – VANITY move and submit by tonight!  “What’s On Your Fridge” pictures due tomorrow night!


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  1. I use protein powder instead of creamer in my iced coffee. Or for a busy morning I combine coffee and breakfast in a smoothie with greek yogurt, protein powder, frozen berries and iced coffee instead of milk or water.

  2. i’m DYINGGGGGGG to try these bagels!! haha a tip for me is i’ve been increasing my morning egg whites by another egg white! and increasing my lunch protein to MORE!! <333 PROTEINNNN

  3. I try to get more protein daily by eating eggs, greek yogurt, and adding a scoop of protein powder to smoothies.

  4. I like to replace some wheat flour with almond meal, chickpea flour or quinoa flour.

  5. I like to replace some wheat flour with quinoa flour, chickpea flour or almond meal.

  6. Greek yogurt, eggs, Peanut butter are my go to proteins. I’m trying to add more protein powder.

  7. I use Magnum Quattro protein as a breakfast shake pre-weights and post workout as well so I’m getting my most important protein intake of the day in and around my weight lifting workouts.

    I’ve also tweeted, followed and liked them!

  8. So glad to find this bread! I have been looking for a healthified and natural bread for my kiddos. We eat lots of nut butters and greek yogurt for extra protein!

  9. I add protein powder to smoothies or oatmeal to boost my protein. But, if I won this, I’d have bread to go with my scrambled eggs. Awesome!

  10. I add protein powder to pretty much EVERYTHING to increase my protein intake. I blend protein powder with oatmeal…pudding….baking mixes….greek yogurt…the list goes on!!

  11. I eat greek yogurt all the time! I also eat peanut butter and bananas basically every day. It’s my favorite snack!

  12. I’m working on increasing my protein intake now! I didn’t realize I wasn’t eating enough protein but I always wondered why I was never completely satisfied with my meals. So now I try to make sure I have egg whites at least once a day (either for breakfast or my morning snack) and since I’m a vegetarian I try to also incorporate plain greek yogurt into my snacks (usually topped with walnuts and fruit).

  13. Cottage cheese!! It’s as versatile as oats in that it is great sweet or savory!

  14. My favorite protein boost is adding chocolate protein powder to my Greek yogurt!

  15. I add protein powder and eggwhites to everything I can think of–smoothies, yogurt, and my morning bowl of oats. And speaking of oats…I recently switched from eating rolled oats to eating oat bran, there is 50% more fiber AND protein in the bran!!!

  16. Lately I’ve been adding hardboiled eggs to my usual overnight oats combo. I also try to incorporate protein into my snacks such as tuna salad with whole wheat crackers or beef jerky (sounds weird but is seriously good!).

  17. I pump up my oatmeal with cottage cheese! I also try to eat a protein source at every snack.

  18. I love cereal for breakfast, but use soy milk mixed with my chocolate protein powder instead of just plain milk. Super delicious and so much more protein!

  19. YAY!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this recipe. I showed my hubby this morning and he said, “Yeah, get on that. I want that for breakfast.” hahaha! If I can find the bread, it looks like I’ll be making this for Father’s Day this weekend

  20. My favorite tip is to add cottage cheese to my Greek yogurt for a extra boost of protein. That and I aim to have protein in some form at every meal and snack… Little bits add up throughout the day!

  21. Oooooh kayyyy, so this is relatively unrelated, but a drag queen friend of mine sings a song called “pretty pink panties”, and it’s been running through my head since I saw the above pic on IG on Saturday.

  22. Ah I’ve had this bread on my “to try” list for like, a year now! One tip to add protein everyday is to add a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie! Simple but a lot of people actually don’t use protein powder, I’ve noticed…

  23. I add eggs or protein powder to oatmeal. Also make my own raw bars with protein powder and nut butter and add protein powder or extra whites to waffles and pancakes.

  24. I try to add protein powder to things like coffee and yogurt so that I get enough protein each day. I’m trying to gain weight, but want to keep lean muscle so protein is really really important!

  25. Love the sound of this! I too strive for a higher protein diet and I try to vary my protein sources. One of my current faves is adding hemp seeds to my smoothies.

  26. These sound amazing – I wish they sold them in stores near me (Raleigh, NC!).

    I am trying to increase my protein intake – right now, I start each morning off w/a smoothie made with ON vanilla protein, Chobani 0% plain greek yogurt, skim milk and frozen berries. YUM!

  27. I like to start off with a good amount of protein in the morning, and am aiming for more now that I want to start toning up and slimming down!

  28. Yay, this sounds great! Winner or not, I will have to look into this P28 brand! I’ve been eating greek yogurt as a way to get more protein in my day. I always seem to struggle with getting enough. I saw a huge weight loss this week, and feel that it was greatly impart to the greek yogurt.

  29. I loooove carbs so bread with lots of protein is right up my ally! I eat a lot of greek yogurt to up my protein intake!

  30. This sounds amazing. I’m always watching my protein intake. My best advice is to track everything you eat. I use the app Lose It! to keep track of my foods. I used to do this for calorie reasons, but now I am able to track the nutrients I put into my body. By recording what I eat, I can monitor how much more grams of protein I need to meet my daily goal.

  31. When I first saw Lauren with these, I was definitely intrigued. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to try these bagels! I don’t think they sell them in Colorado though (I will have to research a bit more though…maybe I can buy them online!) My favorite protein packed snack is a Strawberry & Banana Chobani mixed with a Tbsp of PB2 powder. It’s like PB&J in a cup :)

  32. Great giveaway!!
    I add either egg whites or protein powder to my oats in the morning. Yum.

    Your weekend Sounds like it was fabulous! I had 2 rest days too, and I am super excited for my multiple class day today! Reset button pressed.

  33. My way to increase protein would be to have an egg white shake and add a scoop of protein powder and some cocoa powder, tastes just like a milkshake :)

    Tweeted your giveaway as well!

  34. I would love to win. I would also love to hear more about your Asheville trip. I love Asheville. And yes, I just used the word love in three sentences in a row.

  35. Shared on Facebook too – thank you so much as I’d never heard of this and would love to try some protein bread!