And just like that – you blinked and the weekend is over.  Bleck.

I’d like to slow time down just a wee bit, especially during these summer months! 


More hiking with friends, please!

So I’ve got another list today.  And a fun giveaway.  But lists come first. 








Travis (Happy Anniversary, babe!!).



arm wrestling.











North Carolina.

All states, really.







koala bears.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

God, but not religion.


And (of course you saw this one coming), I’m pro Probar.


So when they wanted to be involved with BLEND 2012 (and hopefully BLEND 2013), I squealed a little.

Even before my interaction with this company, I bought their product regularly

You see, I’m a “bar mom” (not to be confused with a “bar hopping mom” – I don’t have the money to attain the wardrobe needed for that).  Henry and Clara eat one nutrition bar a day. 

The reason?? (besides the fact that they love them):  MINIMAL CLEAN-UP!!  You hand the kid a half unwrapped bar, they eat down to the wrapping, you pull the wrapper off, they finish the bar.  No muss, no fuss. 

More so than that, I feel like I’m giving my kids something nutritious (less Mommy guilt)!  When shopping for a bar, these are my requirements:

  • Low sugar/Low Glycemic
  • Minimally processed
  • Plant based
  • Natural, whole food ingredients


Probar’s Fruition line meets all of these!  In fact, ALL of the Probar lines meet my requirements. 


Gluten Free Oats and Bran!!

 They also get ME through the day as well!  My favorite flavor?  PEACH.  SO, SO good and not too sweet!


Probar fueled our hike yesterday!  Laura –Strawberry, Me – Lemon, Heather – Cran-Raspberry


Thank you, Chris, for sending these!  They’re nearly gone – we need more! ;)


Probar is giving a box of Fruition bars to TWO lucky winners!!  YOU get to pick the flavor!


To Enter:

Leave a comment below and tell me which flavor of Fruition you’d like to try – head here for the list of flavors! 

Bonus Entry:

Tweet the following (then leave a comment telling me you tweeted!):

TWO winners will receive a box of Fruition bars from @theprobar!!  Giveaway today on @lindsays_list! #giveaway #blend2013

The two winners will be randomly selected on Thursday night – I’ll post the winners on Friday!  Good luck guys!! 

Be sure to check like Probar and Lindsay’s List on Facebook!!  You can also follow us on Twitter!

Now, I’ll race you to Friday!  Ready. Set. GOOOOO!


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    1. Strawberry sounds really good. I just started this natural kick. I drink a protein drink a day and have been looking for good tasting bars to get me through the day, kinda hard when you work in a grocery store and you are constantly hungry with food at you fingertips all day. Hope I get this so I can try them out and hopefully buy them.

  1. Oh gosh, it’s a cross between peach and blueberry! Probably blueberry! I loved this post. Great pics!

  2. I’ve never tried these bars before. I would love to try the peanut butter chocolate chip.

  3. Superfood SLAM sounds good.
    And great post :) i love it when you do the list posts

  4. Superfood Slam looks fabulous as it would help maintain my energy throughout the day with all those nutrients packed inside! Thanks so much!

  5. YUM (and thank you!)…I would love to try the SuperFood Slam or PB Chocolate Chip – they have way more flavors than I thought they did! Cool company too with great ingredients. Thanks sharing the wealth, friend! :D

  6. Koka Moka! Or Chocolate Orange! Oh heck, they all sound yum (except cherry – not a fan).

  7. Well I just realised I am a fool, I commented that I wanted normal Probar flavors, Dumb dumb dumb… Really I like berry flavors the bestest.

  8. ooh, how am I supposed to choose just 1???!!!! Since you said 1 I vote for peach.

  9. I’m pro Jesus! I am always trying to recreate bars that are nutritious for my little ones to like too, but am not always successful! I spent waaaay too much money for fresh cherries at the market this morning for my girls and me, so I’d like to try that flavor first ;). Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. I would like to try the lemon and especially the peach too. I have had any pro bars, but these look fantastic! Thanks.

  11. Chocolate orange sounds decadent! But we’d have to try peach first as that’s my son’s current fruit obsession. He also loves a good bar!

  12. Holy Moly you have the most beautifulest family ever. Not going to lie, that Chobanifit shirt probably looks better on Travis than on you. HAHA JK! Also, you back muscles are rockin’.

    I’d love to try Chocolate Orange or Cherry.

  13. I haven’t tried their “fruition” line, but think I would like them better than the Double Chocolates I have. I like that they’re so fewer calories (160 vs. 380!) I would first try the blueberry, then the strawberry, then the lemon, etc… :)

  14. Superfood Slam sounds amazing – packed with so many superfood fruits & veggies in one bar! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  15. Chocolate orange sounds good. I didn’t realize they were the same company that makes Halo bars. I really like those, although I can only find them at Whole Foods.