super duper short and sweet.  No spell checkign on my part.

I’m doing an “It’s the Weekend!” happy dance over here. 

It looks a lot like the moves at the 30 second mark in this video with more arm flailing.  (SYTYCD bound, I’m thinking.)

Anyway, here’s what’s making me happy:

1)  I get to see this girl and this girl and this girl tonight!  AND I getz to have a slumber party at Heather’s house!  We’re going to stay up way late…like 10pm.  Then she’s bound to make me a vegan something for breakfast!!


It won’t look anything like this.

2)  My brother-in-law started a blog!  He’s this AMAZINGLY talented actor/fiancé/almost new dad (who’s on a journey to get ripped before his wedding).  Give him a Twitter follow and a read!

3)  I’ve successfully stayed off my foot for 5 days in a row now.  A record in listening to my body (and Janetha).  (I did do a pool workout yesterday and an upper body workout this morning, but nothing high impact and minimal walking!  That’s progress right there.)


4)  It’s the weekend.  And that’s always a good thing.

5)  This girl is coming to see me end of July!  SQUEAL!!  (Anyone in the Asheville area want to join us??  Actually, you don’t have to live in the area – just fly here like she’s doing!)

Hope everyone finds time to unplug and pay attention to your family and friends this weekend. 

That’s my goal. 

That’s what makes me happy.


**I would LOVE it if you would go here, scroll to the bottom of the page and vote for “Day 1 – Lindsay”!  Mad props to anyone who helps me by voting, FB sharing, and tweeting!  Thaaaaank you!**

QUESTION:  What’s making you happy this weekend?  You aren’t allowed to comment unless you go vote. Winking smile


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  1. Can I just say that I am so unbelievably PROUD of you for staying off the foot for 5 days. I know how hard it is and I am just so happy you are listening to your body and doing the right thing. I know water exercise isn’t for everyone but kudos for you for still doing it and doing it with a smile. Love you!!

  2. JEALOUS that you get to hang out with all those fabulous ladies!! I would be doing a (one-footed) happy dance too! :) Good work keeping off that foot!!

  3. Good for you for staying off your foot. I know it’s soooo hard to do. I so wish I could crash your ladies night. Someday. :) I voted and tweeted of course. :) love ya! Hope you get some quality family time.

  4. I’ll vote for you! Off to do it now. Its great your making an effort to stay off your foot! Hope you guys have an unbelievable time!!! Which no doubt you will with all the lovely ladies! This weekend its Canada Day so I’ll be celebrating then and I’m having a girls night tonight :)

  5. I was just in Asheville last weekend with one of my best friends! I wish that I had realized that you lived there. We have a great time exploring the area and eating such yummy food. Lots to be happy about this weekend – Yay! Have a great one and voted for you too!

  6. Voted for you! Good luck!

    What makes me happy about this weekend, is that I’m doing something crazy! I’m about to go participate in what’s called the “Dirty Girl’s Mud Run” with some friends. I’m a little nervous . . . but it should be a good time. My husband is coming along to make sure this gets caught on camera. Eeek! I’ll have to post about it later.