In a society that tells me to self-deprecate, I gotta crow.

Even though I want to end most sentences, “Yeah, but I’m not really that ________ (smart, talented, pretty, skinny, fast, strong – insert your own positive adjective here), I gotta crow.

When I’m told to be overtly humble, I gotta crow. 

When it’s easy to compare, to cower down, I simply have to crow.


As with all of my shows, I’m learning SO very much in Peter Pan.  Like stereotyping Indians and pirates. 

Perhaps the most important lesson:  There’s a fine line that exists between boasting about oneself and being honest about one’s talents (aka, CROWING).

To boast = to speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself.

To be honest = to be genuine, sincere and unadulterated.

Simple.  Be honest.

Also, if you can do xyz, resist the urge towards false modesty.

If you post a pretty picture of yourself, own it! 


I think I’m pretty.

If you can run a 6 minute mile (and can really run it!), you can tell people that.

Without any add-ons at the end.


If you sew all of your children’s clothes from scratch, you can tell people about it.

And don’t say, “I sew my children’s clothes, BUT that’s only because we can’t afford to buy nice things from the store.”

Drop the “BUT”!!

That’s where the self-doubt lies.

We’re taught not to belittle others, to lift them up and congratulate.  Tell them that they’re important.

But we hardly ever do this for ourselves! 


I even think I’m pretty in this picture.


CROW!  Crow about what you can do, what talents you have. In a non-boastful way.

Be proud, but thankful.

Crow about God and all these gifts He’s given you.  Crow about what you’ve done with them.  Crow about how you’ve used them for good!

You can do it. 

Just let out a crow.

QUESTION:  Crow about yourself!!  What’s one thing you do well??  (And if you self-deprecate, I’ll cut you.  Over the internet.)


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  2. Wow I have SUCH a hard time with this. I don’t want to appear boastful or make others feel bad so I tend to avoid talking about my talents. I literally can’t even think of how to brag on myself without being overly pompous or without twisting it around so as not to make others feel bad about themselves.

    This is a post I need to ponder!

  3. This was such a great post. Why do women feel like if they say ANYthing nice about themselves, that they’re being arrogant or showing off?? We should be PROUD of ourselves! My crow is that I am a good singer :)

  4. First time commenting after visiting (err…stalking) your blog, Lindsay :) This is TRUTH and something I am really struggling with right now (which is why I need to crow like woah…also, can we talk about how amazing Sandy Duncan is, rolling and cartwheeling and handstanding all over the stage??). I definitely place the emphasis on the things I didn’t do instead of the things I did do in that hour, day, week, year, etc. I’m really trying to change it and this was a great reminder – I’ve lost 45 pounds, beaten cancer, am in a really time consuming grad program…I’m awesome! ;)

  5. It is so easy to focus on your faults…thanks for the reminder that our good qualities are worth mentioning too. Mine? I am a good teacher. I love my job and I really care about my students and feel like I am good at what I do.

  6. I’m a great motivator! I can always get people to do more than they think they can! I love seeing the surprised looks on their faces (and I always resist saying ‘I told you so’)

    Great post!

  7. LOVE THIS! I am not good at talking about myself or about how awesome I am, I really need to work on that! I am a great make-up artist!

  8. i love this post linds! i think it’s often hard for people to NOT compare themselves to others…so i def think it’s good to have self confidence! then you don’t feel like you are inferior to other people or something.

    my crow: i am pretty easy going and friendly, so i can usually make conversation with anyone! kids, old people, professors, artists, etc., even if they are from very different backgrounds.

  9. Love this post! I’m also trying to remove the word “just” from my vocabulary. As in “I JUST think…” or “I JUST feel…” What the? Why do I do this?

    I’m a pianist- and I’m good at it. :) (please don’t cut me)

  10. Love this :) At first I was like, is this post about birds? But then I got it :p Evidently I’m getting pretty good at creating fun recipes and photographing them for the blog. I’m over the moon with the love I got on Twitter today from Self Magazine! In response to one of my Tweets they (Self magazine) said: “Love it, great perspective! Also, nice blog – keep up the good attitude and sharing those delish recipes.” ♥

  11. Crowing is so UN-Canadian. We are just a humble, modest nation of people… love this post but this just goes against a lifetime of being taught that pride and self-promotion is sinful!

    I think you are pretty, too!

  12. Fantastic post! Thanks! As women we are so inclined to add the “but” to every positive comment we make about ourselves–thanks for pointing this out. I didn’t realize how ingrained adding disclaimers was until I started to think of things God has blessed me with and, sure enough, I tagged a “but” to every thought. My mind needed (needs) to be renewed!

  13. Yeah, you’re gorgeous!

    And I love summertime largely because of the fact that I can show off my legs – which I work really hard for and think they are amazing.

  14. LINDZ — you are pretty in that picture. I love this! I am the worst at humble-brags. I need to take ownership of my achievements even if they’re not “up to snuff” with what I want them to be.

  15. i love this post! it’s so true that we’re taught not to belittle others and rarely give ourselves that courtesy. so let’s see here…i’m an awesome mommy and i love that I’m super competitive – i think it’s an outstanding quality :)

  16. Beautiful, just beautiful. You have such a warm and kind heart and always bring such love into your words, I dig that about you!!

    Hmm what am I good at? I think I’m a damn good friend. Loyal, loving and kind. Yep, I’m a good friend and proud of it! :)

  17. Hahahah I love that you just said you would cut us, over the internet ;)….oh I love you. And seriously your curls are rockin’ in that picture! Hmmm…my crow? I will not let my depression get the best of me! I will always work hard to overcome it and be the happiest I can be :)

  18. Awesome post! I think I’m quite smart and tech-savvy and I often help my not-so-tech-savvy family. Guess that makes me a good (grand-)daughter, too. Thanks for the reminder!

  19. WTF?? Why did that pretty picture of you make me tear up?? I love this!! Someone called me humble the other day and I laughed so hard. I’m the first one to say that I think I’m great. I’m my biggest cheerleader, but I’m also a cheerleader for everyone I believe in. We have to show examples of self-love to inspire other people to love themselves, too. I just love your friggin’ blog. xoxo