I’m just so happy I could squeal.


I wasn’t even gonna blog today (took a nap instead) and this really isn’t a post post.

More like a praise report.

Some good, no GREAT, things are happening in my little world.

(Some not so great things too….like a cortisone shot this morning for me left heel –<-I typed “me”, almost changed it to “my”.  Decided “me” is cooler.  Nods head in geek satisfaction.)


This is praise report.

A big thank you to our Creator.


For some opportunities that are coming down the pipeline.  PAID opportunities that mean growth for this blog and my family**.

And beyond the obvious, I’m simply grateful for daily blessings.

Because they are VAST.



If you look for them. 


Over the hills and everywhere. 

Starting first….at the pool.

QUESTION:  Anything you’re particularly happy about today??   Any praise reports?

**I vow to tell you all about this little tease when all the details are worked out!  Me vows.


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  1. Hi Lindsay, I just headed over from seeing your comment on CotterCrunch. I also had to get a Cortisone shot in my left heel. I hope it went well and works for you. Ouch!

    I am enjoying looking around your blog and will definitely be back, just wanted to say hi.

  2. Haha, bursting out laughing at the “me”, I used to do that all the time in public, until I realized people thought I was serious and they looked at me like a complete oddball. I guess some people can’t be as cool as us ;) I’m really excited for you Lindsay!! I have no idea what your talking about haha, but I know you are meant for great things and I can’t wait to hear more about them!

  3. Oh Linds- I’m so happy and excited for you. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got coming your way. :) God is good. :) I so want to be at that pool with you and your cuties. :) hugs!!

  4. By the way I am shouting from the MOUNTAIN TOP that my hubby might have a job! YEAH!

    No more me being the main bread earner!!! (too much pressure!) No more stressed out hubby!

    It isn’t all final, so do some praying with me, but it sounds like it is getting close and should happen!!


  5. Yeah Lindsay!!!

    I am still laughing that I didn’t know what a nursing gown is/was. I nursed my youngest til she was 2 1/2. Apparently I wasn’t so modest as to cover up in a gown. :)

    I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

    Over the hills and everywhere, Go Tell it on the Mountain…. (song is in ME head now!!)

  6. YAY for naps! and yay for exciting new opportunities, I’m happy for you and cannot wait to hear more. well deserved.

    I am happy with my chef training class and all the awesome people I have met there. I am excited to get back in my kitchen to create!

  7. Love, love, love your infectious attitude!
    Can’t wait to hear your fab news!
    Me? I’m grateful that today’s the last day I have to pack three school lunches until September….

  8. This is so exciting! …I feel so full for you and glad to hear this news, Linds (you little pirate, you). ;) Love the “me.” At any rate, thank you for sharing God’s goodness and I can’t wait to hear the details. :D

    I am thankful for amazing times in God’s creation with people whom he loves and I learn to love and even for transitions back to “real life” – as hard as they are – because that’s where God’s called me to be. He is good!

  9. Truth: you wrote a comment on my blog last week about not feeling like God has forsaken me. That REALLY struck a chord with me. I did feel forsaken and I am really trying hard to turn that around and instead of questioning why just to accept. So my praise is that I think I am finally starting to see a pinlight at the end of my tunnel.

  10. YAY! Happiness going on for my friends makes me incredibly happy! So happy to hear there are some amazing things going on for you! Love you!

  11. You crack me up! So glad you’re living today blissfully, Lindsay! I’m thrilled for you. :) Can’t wait to hear about it.

    I finished my first 11-mile run yesterday. Two miles away from becoming a half marathoner. NEVER in my life did I expect to be able to do this. I’m over the moon. :D

  12. I am so grateful for the invitation to the pool that I’m about to receive from you. Adorable post. More adorable baby toes. xo

  13. Haha I love that you used “me” – makes you sound Irish or something ;). I’m so excited for you Linds! I can’t wait to hear about the opportunities in store for you! My praise report- I am just so thankful that God has given me a strong and healthy body that has been able to hike these gorgeous trails in the Smoky Mountains! I have seen so many people struggle with them, and I feel blessed that I can do them!

  14. Haha you’re so funny! Me likey this post. ;) Can’t wait to hear the details!!

    My praise report: Goodness, I’m thankful to the Lord for SO many things. But just recently, I was hired as a full time school psychologist for a local school district. And I’m so thankful for that job, because I know how difficult jobs are to find these days!

  15. I love that I can almost feel the squeal through your post. Can’t wait to hear what it’s about!

    I had a squeal worthy moment yesterday–I got my first random comment on my blog (meaning, not from a friend or my husband)! I just started it, so nobody really knows it’s there yet–but I love it and am having lots of fun writing posts. I literally jumped out of my chair when it happened! Yay!