That’s wight.  It’s wamble time.

1.  I stuck the Q-tip too far down my ear yesterday.  It hurt.  Brain damage, big time.  I can barely remember the square root of 1,987.  Barely.

2.  Anyone who leads off with a Q-tip tale clearly has nothing important to say.  Just come back tomorrow.

3.  Wait.  This might interest you.  Sweet potatoes turn to black char if you roast them too long.  Sweet, sweet char.  Sweet, sweet carcinogens.


4.  I didn’t show you just how much fitmixer product you GET with the Bootcamp.  Along with two containers of BCAAs, you get two huge SIX POUND bags of protein powder!!



Clara’s upright row needs help.  I tried correcting her – she got mad and sat on the bag.


5.  Making cold calls to unsuspecting people who don’t really want to buy whatever it is your selling (in my case – my personal training expertise) has got to be the worst job ever.  Pig sty cleaner-uppers – I don’t want to hear it.


Yes, you’re right.  That IS a cool phone.

6.  Wait.  The M&Ms! 


I bought these yesterday.  I ate a few while driving.  They were good.  Then my mind wandered off to cage fighting, then back to driving, then back to the M & Ms.  Was it the candy shell that tasted like mint or the dark chocolate inside?  8 M & Ms later, I had my answer.  The mint is on the inside. 


And now you know. 

7. “What kind of blog do you write, Lindsay?” Oh you know, a healthy living blog.  “So you talk about how to be healthy?”  Um, yeah. And Q-tips and M&Ms and stuff.  “Ohhhhh.”

8.  The plantar fasciitis in my left heel (that I thought had gone away) came back with a vengeance.  It has to be from teaching Step Aerobics.  Gah.  Maybe I’m too bouncy? 

9.  Travis buys these big tubs of peanut butter off of Amazon Ship and Save. 


We can’t eat this much peanut butter in the allotted time before the next shipment comes.  We now have 5 of these tubs. 

10.  Lindsay subscribes to way too many fitness magazines.  And reads Highlights – no shame.


She doesn’t have time to read one magazine before the next shipment comes.  We now have 4 of these magazines. 

11.  I just took a shower.  And let my hair air dry.  When I do this, and it doesn’t happen often because I’m smart (or smarter than I used to be), I’m left with a mess of frizz and I look like a scragamuffin. 

And this concludes your Wednesday Wambles.

You thought it was going to get better as you read down the page.



QUESTION:  Ramble to me.  Something that’s on your mind. 


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  1. I usually sit with my leg curled under me b/c its comfortable but then my foot falls asleep and hurts.
    I’ve had plantar fasciitis before and inserts in my shoes (along with some golf ball rolling) cured me right up.
    I love step class, I would love to take your class! I love bouncy.

  2. When my husband asks me what I’m thinking about when I get quiet in the car I’m always embarrassed to tell him because it it soooo random. It starts normal enough but usually ends up with me wondering what it would be like to fly. Anywhoooo…I usually go to bed with wet hair and end up with frizzy curlyish craziness on top of my head too that I tie back with 2 rubber bands and a head band and a but load of hairspray. Love your posts and randomness.

  3. Totally random; today, I farted during downward dog. It was silent so I could pretend it wasn’t me.

    Love your warbles (and your tat, you badass babe!)

  4. This was great! I totally relate to the M&M investigation. My dad and I held our own with the Christmas Cinnamon edition M&Ms. We couldn’t decide if it was the shell or the chocolate that was cinnamon-y. After about 50 or so M&Ms we decided it was the shell. :) I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes deep interest in things like that.

  5. Lindsay you are hilarious – your wambles make me laugh. It’s nice to take a break from serious work stuff and giggle about Q-tip blogging. Oh but doesn’t it feel good to use q-tips… when you DON’T shove it in too far.

  6. I heard that it’s better to use a bobby pin than a q tip to clean your ear! I couldn’t believe it, but then I tried it…totally true.
    Also, I kinda love half way burnt sweet potatoes. I just try not to think about the carcinogens :-P

  7. This post may have been about nothing, but as usual, had me giggling from start to finish. My favorite part was your hubby’s “sounds like a great post” text – HA!

  8. but the pain from a q tip doesn’t even come close to how good it feels the rest of the time, yes? it’s a fleeting pain, a warning of sorts, but you will continue… ;)

    *sigh* I am getting tired of saying I’m too busy, but dangit it’s true. :( I couldn’t come to blend, I forgot about fitmixer bootcamp (so now my busy is overloading my mind and I’m forgetful). I look forward to life calming down soon.

    there. that’s my wamble. :D

  9. I just laughed out loud. So fun!

    My random thought….I hate when you forget to take the meat out of the freezer so then you try to quick thaw it in the microwave and you end up cooking half of it and then throwing it away because it’s too tough. Yep…I’m that girl today.

  10. I can’t even count how many times i’ve stabbed my poor brain with a q-tip…that explains a lot, right? hehe

    A co-worker brought in some baby lemons and i’ve been putting them in my water bottle all week…and thus I have been drinking more water because it tastes way better. I have decided gone are the days of drinking plain water. I shall demand (of myself) lemon all the time now…

  11. That fitmixer camp seems so awesome. Lol. I can wait 12 weeks, I guess. Only one and a half days left of work for me this week!!!! Somebody left a nice pen on my desk. I hope I get to keep it because the only pen I currently have on my desk is a red marker. love the dark chocolate mint M&Ms!!

  12. first of all- I LOVE YOU.

    – I took a big spill while trail running about 4 weeks ago and got a huge cut below my left knee. As of today, there’s still a HUGE bump (like a goose egg) on it, though the cut has mostly healed. And it’s still sore.

    – I like to let me hair air-dry until it’s ALMOST dry, then finish it with the blowdryer. I rarely have time for that though. OH! and that reminds me- the blowdryers in the cottages at Chautaqua were amazing and dried my hair in about 3 minutes. We had the exact same kind at the hotel we stayed at the 2 nights before that. Seeing them in the cottages made me dance for joy. I need to buy one (it was a Hamilton Beach I THINK).

    – I was a late joiner to Fit Mixer Bootcamp. I CAN’T WAIT to get my shipment and own 12 more lbs of protein powder.

  13. This cracked me up! Basically my entire blog IS wambles. ;)

    Okay, so oddly enough, VIBRAMS corrected my plantar. I don’t even know how that works. Instead I have a bit of tendonitis in my left foot (on top), but the plantar on my right foot is gone.

    I LOVE STEP AEROBICS. LOVE. I used to go every Friday at my old job with another lady who was in her late 40s and used to do step when it was in its peak popularity. She and I would go gung ho and add 2-3 risers to the steps. I am not coordinated. So my rule: KEEP MOVING. I did a lot of basic right / lefts.

    Also, mint M&Ms? I’m hoping I don’t find those. Somehow I don’t think I could fit those into my bootcamp calorie / macronutrient requirements (though, I am having trouble getting as many carbs as I need … hrm. Is sugar a carb? ;)

    Happy Hump Day!

    PS You were going to be my “humpday blog love” post this week, but I haven’t had time to WRITE a decent post so I am putting it off until I get back from TX (so in 2 weeks). I’ll shoot you an e-mail with the post once I’ve got it written so you can check it over before I post it.

  14. I made yet ANOTHER Chobani yogurt-y/carb recipe this weekend. I clearly need an intervention!! I.just.can’t.stopppppppppppp!!! PS. I loved the dialogue above about Clara and the fitmixer bag. You’re so funny and cute (and so is she!)

  15. i love your wambles. I can relate to the q-tip… but dang it feels good at the time being. I’m obsessed with them.
    so the plantar, not good. Let’s get you inserts for those shoes, k?

    love you!