Don’t skip to the bottom for the giveaway.

I’ll get there – promise!

I first have to tell you what next week’s Tuesday Trainer theme will be!!

Watch my video to find out:

(pardon the shiny forehead.)

When you submit…

  • Tell us who you are! If you blog, tell us the URL!
  • Do the exercises correctly! I can’t post videos with improper form or sketchy descriptions.
  • Be yourself – let that personality shine through!
  • Anyone can participate.  I encourage ALL fitness levels to submit a video!

Video submissions are due next Monday, the 28th, at 8pm, EST!

Please have them to me before the deadline or you risk not being featured! Go here to learn how to upload your video.


That wasn’t so bad.

We’re all adults who have patience.

NOW we can get to the giveaway.

While I was out in Colorado, Molly from NatureBox contacted me and asked if I’d like to review their product (I, of course, said yes!  I LOVE to snack.  I could snack your face off!).  She mailed it to my NC address and so I had it waiting for me when I came home.  Which was a GREAT thing, seeing as how we had no food in the house.

Dried pears for dinner, anyone?

No really.  Dried pears on plates.  Eaten like those candy bars from Seinfeld.   Great episode.


Each NatureBox comes monthly and the all-natural snacks inside vary.  I love this idea because it’s a like a yummy surprise every month!!  For the April box, I received Peppery Pistachios, Zingy Currants, Smokey Pumpkin Seeds, Cranberry Jubilee (trail mix) and Dried Pears!!017

All of the ingredients – WHOLESOME!!  Foods that make the perfect clean eating snack!


My favorite?  The dried pears.  I love how they dried them with the core!  I’ll be honest – this freaked me out a little at first.  But they were SO SO good!


Henry liked the Smokey Pumpkin Seeds.  With a side of television.


He sits like that on his own.  Not dirt – tan lines from his sandals.  Enthralled by Transformers.

Want to get your own Naturebox?


To sign up, simply go to here!!  You can also SAVE 25% on your first NatureBox by using the promo code – REFER25!


Big thanks to NatureBox for offering one LL reader their very own NB!! 

**Open only to U.S. residents!**

To Enter:

Comment below and tell me what snack would they want to receive every month in a NatureBox.

Bonus Entry:

Tweet the following (then leave a comment telling me you tweeted!):

I want to win a @naturebox of my very own!  Giveaway today from @lindsays_list! #giveaway #cleaneats

The randomly chosen winner will be announced next Monday!  Best of luck, friends! 


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  1. i would take any kind of dried fruit add some almonds or cashews and i’m even happier.

  2. id love to receive nuts and seeds! i feel like i use them quite a bit and they arent particularly cheap…so that would be awesome just to get them in the mail every month. i love dried fruit too…cant ever go wrong with that-especially cherries, pears, or apples! mmm

  3. Freeze-dried strawberries and blueberries would be very unique and yummy for summertime too!

  4. I’d love the Heart Healthy Trail mix! I love trail mixes with cherries and dark chocolate!

  5. Pears are by far my favorite fruit (I’m eating a D’Anjou pear as I type!) so I’d LOVE to try the dried pears!!!

  6. I would want to receive different seasoned nuts every month in my nature’s box.

  7. I’d really like to get a variety of nuts delivered. I really like almonds but then I get stuck in a groove and get tired of them, a little forced variety would help!

    …or Target’s Red Fish but I don’t think that qualifies as healthy snacking…

  8. Fantastic giveaway! Everything looks soooo nummy! I’d have to say though that the tropical trail mix would be something I’d like to receive every month! I love me some tropical fruits!

    Also, I’m super excited about the TT theme! Should be fun!

  9. Tweeted!

    And I think you may have stumped me on this week’s TT!
    I have tried kickboxing twice and stunk at it. Plus, I’ll be away at Cub camp all weekend with my daughter…
    Let me think on it!

  10. Fun theme – there was a move in Tina’s bootcamp that totally reminded me of Tae Bo, I’ll have to try to fit in a quick video session to share that this week!! I’m curious if nature box ever does any veggie-based snacks (like Kale Chips)? I would love those delivered on a monthly basis!

  11. EVERYTHING in the May box!! But the fig and honey bars from March sound amazing as well :) btw – I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and love it!!

  12. I would love to try the cranberry jubilee and the dried pears. Both sound very interesting!!

  13. Oh, and your video is AWESOME! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to submit a video, but no way to film anything, which is why my What’s Beautiful Campain Page is still empty and I’m definitely out of the running for that one. :/

  14. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wish I had any expendable funds right this minute! I would do all I could to sign up. Unfortunately we’re in a position with a single income, I had to take the summer off since I wasn’t approved for financial aid to finish up my AA, and we’re in the beginning stages of financial counseling through a community program to FINALLY become home owners. FINALLY! At 32 with 3 kids, we’re just now feeling like we’re borderline responsible enough to be home owners. lol
    I would love to try the Peppery Pistachios or the Cranberry Jubilee from the April box. I love crunchy and spicy and if I can get sweet, salty and crunchy in 1 little bag, I’m totally gonna go for it. I hope I win, I’d love to try out their products and hopefully become a subscriber soon!

  15. Oh my! That all looks so good. I’ve never tried dried pears. Sounds yummy!

  16. YUM! Smokey pumpkin seeds for the win! I’d put those in my salads and snack on them for sure. :) Thanks for another fun giveaway, Lindsay (and woot! to the next TT – I want in on this one). ;)

  17. Tough one — I’d probably have to say trail mix (cherries jubilee sounds great) because my husband loves it so much. But (being selfish) I love dried fruit so I’m a little torn.

  18. Will they post to the UK? #hopefulface

    Peppery Pistachios sound divine, as do the pumpkin seeds. I love all nuts and seeds really, add a seasoning and I’m in heaven.

    Liking the theme this week will have to get thinking cap on. All your sun is in the UK for once!