…to describe how amazing this weekend turned out!

BLEND 2012 was a great success!  I feel SO blessed.


I want to give you guys a recap.


I really do.

Just not today.


You see, I’ve been off gallivanting for three days, while Travis has cared for our children.  I just can’t justify another moment spent away from them.

We need to “re-bond”.

I need a nap. 

Pajamas, cuddling and making some PB &J for dinner. 

Oh, and there will definitely be some brownies.  This Master Event Planner deserves some brownies.


BLEND recap to come on…..I don’t know when….but I promise it’ll happen!


QUESTION:  Favorite cake flavor…annnnnnnd GO!  <-me? Carrot Cake – had it at our wedding!

Come back tomorrow for a special Tuesday Trainer guest post from one of my favorite trainers! 

Edited to add – Sarah, from The Smart Kitchen, wrote an AMAZING, heartfelt recap of what sets BLEND apart!  Go read it!


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  1. My favorite cake flavor is my grandma’s homemade chocolate cake with her brown sugar sour cream frosting. To die for. :) Wish I was having it for my birthday this year but I won’t be seeing my family for my birthday and she is in the hospital. Boo!

  2. Brownies sound like a fantastic idea! My favorite cake flavor is yellow with chocolate icing.

    This was such a wonderful weekend and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I can’t thank you ladies enough for planning it. Let’s start the countdown for Blend 2013!

  3. There are NO WORDS. I can’t compare it to anything or say that it was “awesome,” because I describe my oatmeal or granola as awesome… and clearly Blend was so much more than that.
    Reading through people’s re-caps is bringing up so many emotions- I just can’t describe…
    Thanks so much for putting this together. You’re amazing. Phenomenal. Superwoman. Inspiring. I’m SO BLESSED to have been a part of this weekend. THANK YOU- LOVE YOU!!

  4. Honestly…I loved the lack of recaps this weekend.
    Don’t get me wrong – I was looking at Twitter and Instagram pictures and smiling as I saw them, but it truly looked like everyone was simply enjoying themselves and new friends – and not worrying about blogging all of it!
    But I still can’t wait for the recap! ;)

  5. Lovely Lindsay! I have no words to describe how thankful I am to YOU. That was seriously such an amazing weekend that I will remember forever. I cannot wait until next year. :)

    There is no amount of cookie dough nutty butter I could send you that would even begin to repay what you have done!

    Love love love love love love :)

  6. You are right..there are NO words! You are one of three people I want to give a big hug to right now for planning one of the best weekends of my life!

    I actually prefer plain ol’ white cake..with chocolate buttercream frosting!

  7. I love seeing all the tweets and instagram photos from BLEND. It looks like you all had an amazing time together. Congrats to you and everyone for putting together an incredible retreat. Definitely hope to make it next year!

  8. you are such a rock star. you planned the perfect weekend!

    I’m with you.. I need a nap before I recap all this bidniss. and the carrot cake was the best of the cupcakes, although I chose it last. weird, right?!

  9. WAHOO! So pumped the weekend went so well – as I had no doubt it would, Linds. :) God is good! What an amazing experience – can’t believe I actually had something planned on the same weekend but I’d love to join you somewhere in the west again next year! No worries about the recap – enjoy reconnecting with your family and know how much you are loved – GREAT work! :D

  10. I got a glimpse of it through the instagram, tweets, and FB page. Truly amazing linz. GLad you let me be part of it. Blessed indeed! Hug your little ones and enjoy family time. They must be SO proud of you! i am!