Well, we made it home!

And without any real problems (unless you count the “almost ticket” that Travis got – the SEVENTH time he’s been pulled over and not gotten a ticket.  The cop said “I’m feeling generous.  Happy Mother’s Day, ma’am.”  Knew I forfeited my uterus for a reason. 

We actually left Boulder around 10AM on Saturday morning because it was rainy and gloomy – drove all day and into the night and arrived in Franklin around 11 AM, Sunday morning. 

Now I just have to get my body (and the children’s bodies) back on North Carolina time. 

I’m giving us a week to get back into the swing of things.  Then shipping them off to military school if they aren’t back to normal.

Speaking of the military, today marks the start of the fitmixer Bootcamp!!image


I had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with many of the fitmixer crew at BLEND 2012, and let me just say, they were SO nice and down to earth!  They participated in each and every event, sponsored the Bootcamp that I taught and took the time to talk to every attendee.  I had already signed up for the Bootcamp before BLEND, but I was even more excited about it after meeting them.

So what exactly IS the fitmixer Bootcamp?  Watch this little video:

When you sign up, you receive HELP so that you’re not going at this alone.  For $150, you get:


  • Nutrition plan tailored to your own needs.
  • Communication with a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Expert.
      • Weekly conference calls
      • Commitment to daily calorie goal
      • Accountability to publish weight each week
      • Commitment to a daily exercise regimen
  • Support from other Boot Camp peers.

fitmixer really thought this through!  For $150, they’re basically giving you product, then showing you how to implement it into a 12-week training regimen!  That seems like a pretty good business model to me!

So I get a lot.  But I also have to do some things on MY PART to make it work.


One requirement – take Before/After shots.


Since I’m pretty open with my life, I figure I’ll just go ahead and show you the pictures.  These were taken 2 days ago.

My “Before”:




Gotta say – I’m pretty happy with the way my back is looking!  Secret = PULL-UPS!!

Another requirement that I’m not so thrilled about are the weigh-ins.  As you know, I tossed my scale a few years ago.  A number is just that, a number, and I have a tendency to let that number rule over how I feel about myself.  Stupid.  Now, I go off of how my clothes are fitting and how I feel during exercise.  My self worth isn’t tied into a number. 

So we’re supposed to weigh ourselves.  I totally understand why.  But I still haven’t decided if I’m going to adhere to that guideline (sorry, fitmixer guys).  I will definitely comply with every other requirement in this Bootcamp.  But I know myself well enough to be weary of the scale.  The last time I weighed myself was at my annual gyno appointment about 6 months ago. I was happy with the number and I think I’ve added some muscle since then – so for the initial weigh-in, THAT’S the number I submitted.

We’ll see how that goes….

This particular Bootcamp is FULL, but if you’re interested, the next fitmixer Bootcamp will start up as soon as this 12-week period ends (dates to come)!  I plan to give you guys a weekly update on how things are going, how I’m fitting these workouts in, and whether or not I like the supplements. 

I think this little challenge is exactly what I need after 3 weeks of vacation and no real direction as far as diet and exercise is concerned.  I want to make this clear – I am not looking to lose any weight.  Like I said, I don’t really know how much I weigh.  In fact, I’d be happy to gain a few pounds of muscle.


  • Improve my diet and eat more calories earlier in the day.
  • Maintain/increase lean muscle mass.
  • Learn how to incorporate BCAAs into my pre/post workout regimen.
  • Have FUN! 

I’m excited!  Reporting for duty…

QUESTION:  Have you ever adhered to a structured exercise program?  How did it go?


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  1. My goal: look like Lindsay when I’m done.

    But seriously. I want to eat cleaner when I’m done (read: less fat, more protein — and keep the 50/30/20 or a 40/40/20 balance) and figure out how to use BCAAs as well.

  2. i didn’t sign up for the bootcamp but i DID buy the bcaas in grape the other day! after blend you guys just sucked me in hahaha so they should thank blend for increasing their sales like WHOA! your back looks killer girl!

  3. Your “before” pictures are freaking fabulous lady. Your back is looking awesome. I’m with you on the scale thing. :) I could never adhere to someone else’s workout guidelines. I can’t even follow a marathon training plan for goodness sakes. Glad you made it home safely!!!!! :)

  4. I cannot wait to hear how it goes for you, sounds like an amazing program! I’d love to try it out!!! You already look great though!
    So glad you enjoyed your journey and that you made it home safely!!! :)

  5. This sounds great! I am definitely signing up for the next one. OH and I’m also for serious coming to Blend 2013. Even if I’m living in China. You guys had way too much fun. Congrats on throwing an incredible event!! And please get better soon :-)

  6. I’m doing the bootcamp too! It’s definitely going to be a fun and interesting experience. I’m not one who enjoys weighing myself because I know that I can let the number control me so while I’m going to weigh myself and submit it, I’m going to do everything within my power to ignore it…we’ll see how that goes. ;)

  7. I have to say honestly- I would KILL to look like your before shots!! And I would never have the balls to post mine (well, maybe if I looked remotely like you I would!)- you are awesome!
    I seriously considered the bootcamp, but I have problems with regimented programs, because I teach at least 4 spinning and 2-3 bodypump classes every week. It’s hard to build a work-out program around that, because on non-teaching days I usually do yoga, hike or REST. I love Fitmixer though and really want to support the company, so I might look into it a little further with the next bootcamp and see if I can work around it. I just need to do SOMETHING because I’m the heaviest I’ve been in years and just can’t get serious about it.
    And I wouldn’t weigh yourself. You’ll see changed visibly and feel them in your clothes! If you’re not into seeing the scale, then don’t feel like you have to!
    Glad you made it home okay. xoxo

    1. With you on the workout schedule/teaching classes thing! I taught twice today and don’t really have time for the fitmixer workout. I figure as long as I try to work them in when I can and stay active the other days, I’ll be fine!

  8. I wanted to do that program, but $150 seemed like a lot to invest in some new products, especially when I’ll have to start marathon training in a few weeks and, oh wait, I don’t have any income… Haha. I also think I’d be weary of the weighing in part, I’ve been avoiding the scale because it’s just not good for me.

  9. girl your back (and the rest of you, obvi) is awesome! i don’t think i’ve done a pull-up in my life, even when i actually tried. i’ve never done a totally structured program before but can see how it would definitely be helpful!

    and p.s. i LOVE your bikini! too cute!

  10. Eek? Your before pics are great! I practically had a meltdown before I sent in mine. I am in weight loss mode, so taking a pic in a sports bra and sending it into cyberspace really messed with my mind. Then I watched the intro video and totally felt better about it. I already love those ladies :)

  11. I seriously considered this, because my goals are floundering a bit right now, but I decided I have too much going on and I didn’t want it to be stressful. Maybe next time around, we’ll see. I need to sit down and map out my training goals though – I am terrible without a plan! :)