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  2. I totally have that banana costume! I’m not lieing. I wanted to be finding one year during homecoming. Is it bad I still have it? ://

  3. Oh poor Clara does not look so happy in that banana suit! Is it weird to say I have worn a banana suit?! ha I worked at Jamba Juice in high school and had to wear it on the side of the street once, extremely embarrassing, yet kind of fun! ha

  4. One word to describe myself? Um…how about “Lindsay” ;)- I think we both know how awesome that word is hehe. And how do you clap with one hand? I keep trying to figure that out. Love the pics…now that I have instagram, I have a feeling I’ll be taking lots more random pics because I always have my phone with me!

  5. 1- Both my boys were natural and it is one of the proudest “me” moments ever!
    3- I did not pluck said “gray hair” this morning, it was a darker blondish color
    5- My dream to own a gym with my husband!!!

    It was like you were reading my mind!
    Have a great day!

  6. My word today? Thoughtful. For good and “bad” (I guess) reasons – just quiet and thoughtful. LOVE every.single.picture – and that song! And the banana costume (can I come over and try it out?! I’ve never worn one before). ;) …love you.